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    Need to get on the web and do stuff?

    Note: The current results are from the OLD database. Nothing new has been added yet.

      AList Mailing List Home Page
      Author: Jesse McClusky   Date Verified:
      What is AList? It is a mailing list server for the Amiga. VERSION 0.4 IS HERE!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Hkan Parting   Date Verified:
      AmiComSys or Amiga Communicator System is an Internet application for the Amiga OS. If you are not an Amigan you may see who is online and send messages on this home page. Lonely days on the net is a thing of the past. With AmiComSys you always will have company while you are surfing. AmiComSys is an AMarquee client program which you use to communicate with other people on a tcp/ip-net - e.g Internet. At the same time it make it easier to find people's IP-addresses, for use with for example Internet gaming, and homepages. You can see if your Amiga buddies are online, or why not find new friends? Instant messages can be exchanged with the people online. These messages pops up on the screen. You can also send files to your friends, with the SendFile feature.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Magnus Lilja   Date Verified:
      AmiFTP is a ftp client for use with AmiTCP 3.0b2 or higher (or AS225r2/I-Net 225/mlink), you also need AmigaOS 2.x or higher. The GUI is a font-sensitive ClassAct-gui. Features of AmiFTP - Has a font-sensitive ClassAct-GUI, Works with AmiTCP, AS225r2, I-Net 225, Miami and mlink, Easy to use, Multiselection of files when up/down-loading, Directory cache which caches the latest 10 directories and MUCH MORE!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga Apache Server project
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Welcome at the Amiga Apache Server project! Here you can find the latest version of the Amiga Apache http server and information about the project. The Amiga Apache http server project is completely runned by volunteers. The porting is done by Jeff Shepherd, who contributed the networking code to the Ixemul.library project and did the latest port of Apache 1.3.4. Rdiger Kuhlmann has contributed to the latest Apache 1.3.3 version.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga Back Orifice Client
      Author: Surround Page   Date Verified:
      "Back Orifice is a powerfull windows manager, is provided to possibility virtual controll by network of windows 95 and 98 clients, don't use for illegal thinks. Use only if you accept this terms!"
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga Security page
      Author: Robert Davis   Date Verified:
      A page dedicated to keepinf the Amiga safe in the net.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga Web Server (AWS) Home
      Author: ZenMetal   Date Verified:
      Welcome to the home of the "Metallic" distribution of Amiga Web Server (AWS) which was originally created and developed by Mike Meyer. The Amiga Web Server (AWS) is a lightweight, multithreaded web server written specifically for the Amiga, designed for both quick performance and low system impact. It is currently in beta test. The distribution directory is available at the same site as the CNet Amiga and AmiFTPd distributions. Special thanks to Mike Meyer, the original programmer and maintainer of AWS, for allowing us to continue his work where he left off.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Irmen de Jong   Date Verified:
      *** NEWS ***I've decided to cease support & development of AmigaPython. Please let me know if you're interested in taking this job. You'll also become the new owner of the AmigaPython homepage. *** Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for rapid application development, as well as for use as a scripting or glue language to connect existing components together. Python's simple, easy to learn syntax emphasizes readability and therefore reduces the cost of program maintenance. Python supports modules and packages, which encourages program modularity and code reuse. The Python interpreter and the extensive standard library are available in source or binary form without charge for all major platforms, and can be freely distributed. Python is Stichting Mathematisch Centrum Amsterdam (Netherlands).
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Magnus Lilja   Date Verified:
      What is SSH anyway? In short, SSH is a new remote login protocol making the connection secure. If you want to know what SSH in general is go to the home of Ssh and follow the links from there. SSH on the Amiga? Yes! Of course! AmigaSSH is based on version 1.2.26 of ssh and version 3.12 of napsaterm. I have integrated parts of ssh into napsaterm. I have also created z.library which contains the compression-routines (from z-lib 1.0.4). At the moment I have napsaterm with ssh-support and ssh-keygen up and running.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Matthias Bcker   Date Verified:
      Features: The main reasons to switch from any other FTP-client to the freely available AmiTradeCenter should be: parser for standard ftp-URL, let you change the directory and file permissions on certain servers (CHMOD)!, reorder and edit downloadbatch before and during the transfer!, separate dir-history and statistics for every server!, Additional execution of scripts on certain events!, upload a complete dir-tree to a ftp-server!, mirror complete servers on your harddisk!, acoustic signals for every action!, tetris for long downloads!, nice cps history!, aminet charts!, rate files!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Oliver Wagner   Date Verified:
      One of the BEST IRC programs for any platform. Ton's of features!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: AmiSAT Froums   Date Verified:
      OpenAG port for AMIGA. Amiga Audio Galaxy Port
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      AmiSSL page
      Author: AmiSSL   Date Verified:
      AmiSSL is an Amiga port of OpenSSL. It's a library that makes it possible for Amiga programmers to write programs that use SSL (f. ex. web browser authors would use it for HTTPS). Note: Version 1.x of AmiSSL does not work with IBrowse v2.2! AmiSSL v2.0 should be appear at the same time as IBrowse v2.3
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: AmiTrix   Date Verified:
      Makers of AWEB-II, Amiga link and SCSI-TV. Devoted to producing Amiga hardware and software
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      AmiWorld On-Line
      Author: Emanuele "SpawnPPC"   Date Verified:
      AmiWorld On-Line - The BEST Italian Amiga WEB Magazine
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Arnes & Amiga
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Amiga friendly ISP located in Slovenia.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Welcome to BenderIRC. This is the BenderIRC Homepage. BenderIRC is an Amiga-Only IRC-Client. Bender offers you any common IRC command and a free designable GUI. This means you can make BenderIRC to look like Opus Magellan or WB 3.0 Gadtools, or Reaction. It`s full resizeable and uses custom fonts on request. Bender comes with a package of seperate DCC tools, to be independent from future changes and to offer you the option to use your own DCC routines or exchange the DCC-tool with a speically adapted version for a specific remote client. Bender brings you a full featured IRC Bot and a seperate scripting language.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Charon page
      Author: Charon   Date Verified:
      Charon is a download manager, plain and simple. You can use your browser to download files, but they don't have enough options to finetune the process. In order to have full control over downloads, you need a download manager: something designed for that specific purpose. This Charon, unlike mythical Charon who transfers souls of the dead over the river Styx to the underworld, transfers files over the Internet to your HD. MANY FEATURES!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Envoy 3
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Amiga Envoy is the only networking software specifically designed for Amiga computers. It allows you to access resources like files and directories on connected Amiga computers as if they were on a local disk. Naturally, this also includes removable media support. Printing over the network is also a feature of Amiga Envoy. A single printer can even be accessed by multiple Amiga computers simultaneously.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author:   Date Verified:
      The Web Design Directory is a huge collection of links relating to web design and development. Complete with a dedicated AmigaOS category. is a world community for web developers promoting the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      The professional TCP/IP stack for your AMIGA. Genesis is a state-of-the-art TCP/IP stack for the Amiga computer. Combining ease of use with advanced features, rivaling those found on competitive systems, Genesis offers built in dialup Internet connectivity and/or local area networking.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Ian Chapman   Date Verified:
      Go Fetch! is a specialised FTP and HTTP client for the Amiga, which is designed to download a queue of files in the background. So why use Go Fetch! over other FTP clients? Go Fetch! uses Fire & Forget technology, unlike other FTP clients. It can be used to automatically retrieve files from hundreds of servers with little or no user interaction. What's more it can automatically resume files, once you go online, and continue to download them, whilst you get on with other tasks. This makes it very easy to retrieve files over a long period, by going online, when you need to instead of waiting hours for your download to finish. Go Fetch! also supports the HTTP protocol which means no separate program is required for HTTP downloads
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Kevin Preece   Date Verified:
      Welcome, this is the official support site for Gui-FTP, my file transfer program for the Amiga that implements the internet File Transfer Protocol. Gui-FTP runs on any Amiga running at least Kickstart 2.04 and suitable TCP/IP software. AmiTCP, Miami, Termite or any other TCP/IP stack compatible with AmiTCP V3.0 may be used. The main features of the program are: Graphical user interface. An ARexx port that can be used for unattended or batch transfers, or to control Gui-FTP from another program. A 'phonebook' of your favourite sites, your ten favourite of which can be put in the menu. And MUCH MORE!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Hardware patch for the vmc isdn blaster
      Author: Michael Boehmer   Date Verified:
      On this page, a hardware patch for the vmc isdn blaster is presented. This patch corrects some of the bugs in the PALces, which lead to strange effects when one tries to use the hyperCOM 3i expansion module.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Richard   Date Verified:
      HIP is a command line program which processes include directives embedded in HTML documents
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Home of Alynx
      Author: ALynx Guestbook   Date Verified:
      ALynx is a ASCII-Web-Browser for Amiga / (AmiTCP | MLink | AS225) which is a port of Lynx version 2.4-FM.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      hserv 13.4
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      It is a HTTP 1.0 ARexx server, very configurable and funny. Hserv was born as an example in rxsocket.library archive, but it become so large and cute that I decided to release it as a stand alone application.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      HTTPResume page
      Author: HTTPResume   Date Verified:
      Welcome to HTTPResume page! If you have been downloading a huge file and the connection broke, don't despair. Just download HTTPResume and if the server supports resume, you're ready to go. Since number of these servers is increasing daily, your chances to quickly complete interrupted download are pretty good.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      HTTX - HTML to formatted TEXT converter
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Features -- Full word wrap of text, Full support for all types of lists with indentation, ANSI conversion (with optional optimized output) of HTML styles and separators, Support for HTML, NHTML and Win'95 entities, 7BIT conversion of HTML/NHTML/Win'95 entities (eg. "" -> "(c)"), Support for alignment (center and right) of text (headers and paragraphs) and separators. And MUCH MORE!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Stefan Burstroem   Date Verified:
      As many of you will know, IBrowse has been without a proper home on the web for a while, until now. Obviously, this website is a bit minimal at the moment, but we are planning to address this situation soon. We are currently busy preparing IBrowse 2.3 (68K) for release - as yet we have no indication of a firm release date, but good progress is being made and we are doing our best to get IBrowse 2.3 ready for release a.s.a.p. In the meantime, for those of you who are not already aware of it, you are invited to join the mailing list - see the boxout below for details.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Tom Parker   Date Verified:
      Jabber is an instant messaging system, similar to ICQ or AIM, yet far different. It is open source, absolutely free, simple, fast, extensible, modularized, and cross platform.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Kai's ARexx scrips
      Author:   Date Verified:
      Arrex scripts for Yam, Ibrowse, AmIRC and other AREXX scripts
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Lithium Software
      Author: Lithium Software   Date Verified:
      Authors of Freedom Call - Monitors information on internet calls. Freedom Translator Client API - This program is a API to use with the most important programs on amiga, like, email, irc, browsers, text editors to translate selected texts. ICQ Spoofing, Amiga Back Orifice Client - a powerfull windows manager, is provided to possibility virtual controll by network of windows 95 and 98 clients. Freedom ICQ Pager - Send ICQ Pagers to uin ICQ users, use supported protocol from mirabilis server, (from, nickname, subject, body, email) and Surround.h (C Include)
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Jean-Franois PIK   Date Verified:
      LS-FTPD is a daemon who will transform your amiga in a FTP server. It will make your amiga accessible by all machines over the world each time you are connected! A daemon is a program that launchs each time someone tries to connect your machine; then when the connection closed it ends and sleeps until someone wakes it up. It is launched by inetd the super daemon who launchs every other daemons. Site in French and English
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      MCC Mailtext
      Author: Olaf Peters   Date Verified:
      A MUI custom class especially designed for displaying electronic messages. Newsflash (23.7.2001): MCC Mailtext and the sourcecode have been released as OpenSource. Check out SourceForge if you like to get involved!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      MDR Interfaces LTD
      Author: MRD Interfaces LTD   Date Verified:
      Makers of Inet-Dial Status - An advanced HOME SERVER for the AMIGA computer, configurable for "dial-up", "dial-in" (registered users), automatic mail retrieve and send, www and remote computer connection. INET DIAL includes NETFS for local and Internet networking between Amigas. INET DIAL automatically mounts remote drives (including those on a Local Area Network) so that they appear on your machine just as if they were physically present, and MDR Machinery Control - AMIGA Software to control machinery using the MDR Control Interface protocol.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Miami TCP/IP
      Author: Holger Kruse   Date Verified:
      Miami is a new TCP/IP protocol stack to access the Internet by modem, cable modem, ISDN modem, or to access local networks by Ethernet/Arcnet. All you need to get connected to the Internet is already built in to Miami (PPP/SLIP, dialer, modem control, TCP/IP kernel,...).
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Rdiger Kuhlmann   Date Verified:
      mICQ is a very portable text-mode ICQ clone - it is known to compile under Linux, BSD, AIX, HPUX, Windows, AmigaOS and with restrictions BeOS. Originally written by Matthew D. Smith, a great part of mICQ has been rewritten by Rdiger Kuhlmann, in particular the support for the new version 8 of the ICQ protocol that became necessary, the internationalization, the file transfer and some restructuring of the code.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: MYSQL   Date Verified:
      MYSQL - The worls most popular open source database. Download the Amiga version.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Neal's Java Page
      Author: Neal Ziring   Date Verified:
      Java is an object-oriented programming language promulgated by Javasoft (a part of Sun Microsystems). I've been programming in Java since it was first released to the public, and teaching the language on-and-off for about three years. You can find out more about me on my professional page.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      NetConnect 3
      Author: Active Technologies   Date Verified:
      NetConnect 3 is the latest version of the award-winning NetConnect package from Active Technologies. NetConnect 3 is the easiest and most comprehensive Internet compilation for the Amiga to date, and is designed to enable any Amiga user from novice to expert to get onto and use the Internet. NetConnect 3 is Based around 12 commercial programs (including Octopus, dock bar manager), and is worth over 170 if bought separately. NetConnect 3 gives you all you'll need to get the most from the Internet on your Amiga, and includes the latest version of the award-winning applications Voyager and AmIRC from VaporWare. With the Genesis Wizard, you can connect to the Internet in a matter of minutes. It's ideal for both an Internet or local area network connection.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      NightSpeed Productions
      Author: NightSpeed Productions   Date Verified:
      NightSpeed Productions is dedicated to the proposition that the Amiga computer was the most advanced computer of its day. Long before there was the word ""multimedia"", there was the Amiga computer. Various WWW utilites
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Nordic Global Inc
      Author: Nordic Global Inc.   Date Verified:
      Nordic Global Inc. are the producers and distributors of various AmigaOS software packages. This web site is the official support site for all our software. Our software is distributed as shareware, i.e. a demo version, is freely available for download, and a full version is available upon registration. Our Amiga software includes:AmiWin, Dayton, Miami (Deluxe and SSL), ppp.device, ReOrg and more.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Official AmigAIM Website
      Author: Richard H. Poser II   Date Verified:
      Introduction to AmigAIM. AmigAIM is a client to connect to America Online's AIM service, it is currently limited to what has been devined about the system from careful research of the AIM system by the author and others. AmigAIM allows links to be opened in Amiga web browsers by using either OpenURL.library, or by setting a custom script in External Preferences. Current ongoing research includes, but isn't limited to chat modes and file transfer capabilities. Server stored buddy list routines have been worked out, and are being looked at for a future release. File transfer capability has been figured out, and I have code that can handle it, but that will take some time to add to the current system.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Official AWeb support page
      Author: Amitrix   Date Verified:
      Amitrix's Aweb support page.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Patches for Kaffe
      Author: Matthias Hopf   Date Verified:
      Kaffe is a free virtual machine (like Sun's JDK) featuring Just In Time compilation for many architectures. For more information you may take a look at its homepage: This directory contains all patches for the Amiga versions. Some patches are more general and apply to other architectures as well. In general the patches were included in the following kaffe distribution. When information about a patch is available, you will find it in the according .readme file.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, filtering web page content, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious junk. It is based on the Internet Junkbuster.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Privoxy - Home Page
      Author: Privoxy Developers   Date Verified:
      Privoxy is a web proxy with advanced filtering capabilities for protecting privacy, filtering web page content, managing cookies, controlling access, and removing ads, banners, pop-ups and other obnoxious Internet junk. Privoxy has a very flexible configuration and can be customized to suit individual needs and tastes. Privoxy has application for both stand-alone systems and multi-user networks. Privoxy is based on Internet Junkbuster (tm).
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: RobinC   Date Verified:
      What is it? RC-FTPd is an amiga developed ftp server. It is not based on any other ftp server, and has been written totally from scratch. It contains an integrated MUI gui, and is relatively simple to use (a lot easier than any of the competition at any rate ;-). Plus scrips for AmIRC and DOpus5. PLEASE REGISTER!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Rebol   Date Verified:
      Introducing the REBOL Internet Operating System... First there was email, then the web, then instant messenging. Now there is REBOL/IOS... IOS lets people work together in real-time from anywhere in the world. It transforms physically separated groups into productive, unified teams by providing a direct, secure, and responsive environment for collaboration and sharing . By Carl Sassenrath (One on the creators of the original Amiga OS)
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Sebastian Bauer   Date Verified:
      SimpleMail is a new mailer for the Amiga classic platform but it is intended to be as portable as possible so there speaks nothing against a MorphOS or even Windows version. In the current state, SimpleMail is an alpha version but it is very stable however as we try to implement every feature so that it works and go then on to the next one. However, SimpleMail grows very fast and with your help it can overgrow YAM soon. You will always find the latest versions (which are not necessarily placed in the AMINET) here. Here is also a FAQ, please read it carefuly!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      SLIPCall homepage
      Author: Thomas Egrelius   Date Verified:
      Welcome to the SLIPCall homepage! SLIPCall is a dialer for AmiTCP. Features: Requires Kickstart 2.04 or higher. It's a Commodity. Nice GUI. Supports new 3.0 features (newlook menus...) Style Guide compliant. Completely font-sensitive. And MUCH MORE!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: SMSMaster   Date Verified:
      SMS (Short Message Service) is part of the GSM and PCN standards which allow up to 160 characters of text to be sent or received by a mobile terminal (cellphone). This is similar to using the phone as a text pager. The SMS message is sent to an SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) belonging to your mobile network. This is a computer which stores the message until it can be delivered to the recipient. Messages can be sent to the SMSC either direct from a mobile phone (SMS MO- Mobile Originate), or via a dial up connection using a modem and a computer.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      STRICQ v2 Beta Support
      Author: Douglas F. McLaughlin   Date Verified:
      The Amiga version of ICQ. Fully an Amiga program. Not a Unix/Linux port. Supports all Modern Amiga TCP/IP stacks. Author is an independent developer. Supports most of the main features of the Mirabilis client: On/Offline and status change notification, Direct server messages, Mirabilis System Messages, Personal information storage and retreival, UIN search. URL, Web Pager, and EMail Pager messaging, Direct client to client messaging, Direct client to client Chat, Direct client to client File Transfer and more
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Ultima Thule Software
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Ultima Thule Software is a small group of people dedicated to development of high quality software for the Amiga line of computers. We have been dedicated to Amiga development since late 1992, and will continue to be so as long as there's a viable market for our products. Makers of THOR. A powerful offline reader which supports a wide range of offline formats for Internet and BBS usage, WebTV - a viewer program for a fairly recent phenomenon on the World Wide Web - web cameras and LOADS MORE!!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Kato   Date Verified:
      Unity alias Zorro1200 is an Autoconfig(TM) board for Amiga. It makes it possible to use Melody1200 and other expansions initially done for A1200's clock port for ZorroII/III Computers. A special property is variable bus speed. It's possible to run expansions nearly as slow as in A1200 but it's even possible to go up to twice that speed known from old Zorro boards like Melody-Z2 or Prelude.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Use the Mailing Lists   Date Verified:
      For over 6 years, VaporWare has lead the way in Amiga(tm) Internet application development. A world-wide collaboration of the most experienced and talented Amiga(tm) programmers makes sure your Amiga(tm) is always up to and beyond standards in today's Internet applications, in every respect from Web browsing over Mail and News to IRC. Makers of the Voyager WWW browser, AmIRC, AmTelnet, AmTalk, Amiga NCP (Pison/Palmtop link), MetalWEB (WYSIWYG HTML Editor), mFTP II, MicroDot II (Mail/Newsreader) and NetInfo.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      WebMaker support pages
      Author: Andreas Rossbacher   Date Verified:
      The Amiga HTML Edit Tool. Amiga users have waited a long period of time for a HTML Editor. But it was worth it cause WebMaker ist now available. If you are interested you can read the Introduction. Here is a short list of the features: Uses the features of MUI 3.x., Drag and Drop inside the documents. You can place a picture by dropping it on the place in the document, Supports HTML 2 and 3 Commands and a few NetScape Extensions.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Welcome to the official Amiga Samba page
      Author: AmigaSamba   Date Verified:
      the Definitave giuge for configuring Samba on the Amiga. Step by step instructions to show you how to network an Amiga with a PC!! GREAT SITE!!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Welcome to the official Amiga Samba page.
      Author: Samba   Date Verified:
      The definiative source for information on Samba for the Amiga, A wonderfully done site containing a Installation Guide, FAQ, Mailinglist, Download Section, Technical Info and SAMBA Filesystem Information.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Welcome to the official AWeb Open Source project
      Author: Aweb Open Source Project   Date Verified:
      Welcome to the official AWeb Open Source project. "Developers: you are strongly suggested to join this project if you want to help further development of AWeb, instead of starting something on your own." Yvon Rozijn, original author of Aweb
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      WWW program/info page
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      A lot of good networking/WWW information. Plus some other stuff thrown in.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      YAM 2.4 -Dev
      Author: Yam 2.4 Dev   Date Verified:
      The BEST E-Mail prgoram for the Amiga. PERIOD!!! This version is currently in development, and may not work perfectly. The yamos development team wishes you to know that this is completely beta-ware and will NOT take any responsibility for any damage done by this compilation, nor will they support any questions regarding the new features in these versions.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      YAM Official Support Site
      Author: Marcel Beck   Date Verified:
      'Yet Another Mailer', one of the most popular e-mail programs for the Amiga. Home of the latest Amiga and open source version
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      ZenMetal Software
      Author: ZenMetal Software   Date Verified:
      ZenMetal Software is a partnership formed to further develop CNet Amiga. Creators and upkeeprs of Cnet Amiga and AmiFTP'd.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
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