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    Looking for some Amiga info? Are you into Homebrew? True hacking? Like electrons? If so you may find it here!

    Note: The current results are from the OLD database. Nothing new has been added yet.
      Author: n/a   Date Verified: - The Computer Graphic Portal. Welcome to, the 1st Information Portal for Computer Graphics Related Content.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Chip Directory
      Author:   Date Verified:
      This site contains: Numerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pinouts and lists of chip manufacturers, manufacturers of controller embedding tools, electronics books, CDROM's, magazines, WWW sites and much more.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Clockmeister's Amiga Page
      Author: Clockmeister's Amiga Page   Date Verified:
      Contains Schematics and scanned manuals for the A590, A1060, A500, A2000, A1200, A4000 and info on the DKB MegaChip 2000/500. Plus A1000 hacks.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      DCR Software & Hardware
      Author: DCR   Date Verified:
      On my homepage I am offering my software and hardware projects for the Amiga computer system. You are able to download the software and the construction manual of my hardware at no cost. If you own an Amiga you are damn right on my homepage. Maybe you'll find some things of interest. MAS-Player - Hardware-based MP3-Player, Bibelforscher - A program to research the bible, ZeroIQ Demo - These are some short music videos for simple minds, Amigo Computer - A little manual on how to build your own self-made computer, Games - Some games called: "Flying Eagles", "Four in a row" and "Calculate". Commodore C64 - To getting your Amiga's C64 emulator busy you will find my favorite games which I programmed for the Commodore C64.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Embedded Software Development Tools - 68K, ColdFire, CPU32 Family
      Author: Green Hills Software   Date Verified:
      Green Hills Software. Makers of various embedded Software Development Tools for the 68K, ColdFire, CPU32 Family. PC only. ;-(
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author:   Date Verified:
      You need information about electronics?? Look no further!! WOW!! is a web site, which is dedicated to offer information on electronics found from the web. Every link in this site is carefully chosen and handpicked. was originally born from Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Info Pages. All the information found from there can now be found here. The content of this site is continuously renewed so that new and useful information is available to electronics professionals students and hobbyist.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author:   Date Verified:
      The Web Design Directory is a huge collection of links relating to web design and development. Complete with a dedicated AmigaOS category. is a world community for web developers promoting the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Hardware link collection
      Author: Carsten Raas   Date Verified:
      100's of links
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: JSP Customer Service Center   Date Verified:
      Your technological advantage company. Since 1988, top quality home and business computer services, IT management and products. Top 5% Generation-X site, online since 1995. Welcome. Lots of electronic parts and kits. Amiga and Commodore chips for sale.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Montek Electronics
      Author: Montek Electronics   Date Verified:
      We are Canada's best online source for Electronic kits, gizmos and gadgets. We have electronics kits for students, hobbyists, DJs, VJs, audiophiles, guitarists, the security conscious, the budding spy and more. Thet sell refurbished A1200's. Nice site!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Nucleus Electronics, Inc.   Date Verified:
      Nucleus Electronics, Inc. makes the Personal Editor, a professional video editing and single frame animation controller for the Amiga line of computers. It is primarily designed to function with the NewTek Video Toaster and performs many types of video editing including full support for the Toaster's DVE and CG functions.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Redmond Cable
      Author: Redmond Cable Corp   Date Verified:
      So you never thought you would run into someone who, outside your user group, knew what AD Pro, Video Toasters, Flyers, Parnet or GVP image F/X stuff was used for, eh? Not only do we know what that stuff is but we excel at supplying cables that give you the ability to use those terrific, I mean isn't it...well let's see, how about VISCORP computers. Well, whatever their called this week, we have the cables. YES THEY DO!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      SCSI Bus Termination / Terms - Definitions
      Author: ibm   Date Verified:
      Great page on the rules of SCSI
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: VERNALELEM   Date Verified:
      Due to a recent large quantity purchase, we're making Motorola 68060 CPUs affordable within the Amiga, Atari, and video editing markets -- they're even cheap enough to pick up a spare. Save hundreds by buying directly from us.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
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