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    The latest patches/upgrades for your favorite software.

    Note: The current results are from the OLD database. Nothing new has been added yet.

      Amiga CD Legal Dumping Projekt
      Author: Amiga CD Legal Dumping Projekt   Date Verified:
      The purpose of this website is to dump Amiga CD, Amiga CDTV, Amiga CD 32 released games in a legal way. Hopefully this will help and encourage emulator authors to work or improve Amiga CD / CD 32 / CDTV support in current emulation software for PC and Amiga.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga Games Database
      Author: Angus Manwaring and Dennis Smith   Date Verified:
      Welcome to the Amiga Games Database. It's purpose is to provide Amiga games players with an informed but subjective opinion on a wide range of games. A vast amount of Amiga titles have been written, some of them more than a decade ago. We've all come across some awful software in our time, but for many of us, there's a surprising quantity of undiscovered classic Amiga games out there. The AGDB is here to help you identify them. Almost 900 reviews!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Patrick Jung   Date Verified:
      A site dedicated in amithlon. You can find the last news there, software recompiled for amithlon, support files . As well as forums for this magnificent software
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      AmigaOS SourceFORGE Ports
      Author: Diego Casorran   Date Verified:
      Compendium of Open Source projects precompiled for the AmigaOS platform. Also with developer tools/info, all is here you can do it! support us! Support the community!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Martin McKenzie   Date Verified:
      Welcome to the CAD-Technologies home page; Official worldwide distributors of Impulse's Imagine software for the Amiga. We are dedicated to bringing the best of 3D to everyone who wants to expand, play, or just check things out. We do so at a price that might make you say, "Hey this can't be the really cool stuff, it doesn't cost enough". When Impulse began making 3D software in 1985, computers could barely make one cool looking rendered image in a day. But with the advances that have been made in hardware, 3D on the "HIGH END" is available to all users.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Elbox Download Page
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Get the latest versions of software for Elbox products.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      FreeLists - YAM
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Listing of message boards for YAM. YAMOS mailing list - The mailing list for YAM Open Source developers & YAM mailing list - Support mailing list for users of YAM (Yet Another Mailer), arguably the best e-mail client for AmigaOS.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      GVP-M Online
      Author: GVP-M   Date Verified:
      THIS IS THE WORLD WIDE WEB HOME PAGE OF GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS - M INC. The once GREAT makers of EVERYTHING Amiga. Several items are still in stock! Software support on site!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      OctaList is a mailing group for the OctaMED music program which is currently available for the Amiga and will soon be released for the PC.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
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