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    Links to the world of Commodore other old systems and computer History!

    Note: The current results are from the OLD database. Nothing new has been added yet.

      Amiga Computers
      Author: David Coughran   Date Verified:
      This is a collection of legends, folklore, and [mis]remembered stories about the Amiga, its creators, and its history.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga History
      Author: Gjoran   Date Verified:
      Nice page with the history of the Amiga.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga History
      Author: David Coughran   Date Verified:
      This is a collection of legends, folklore, and [mis]remembered stories about the Amiga, its creators, and its history.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga Lorraine: finally, the "next generation Atari"?
      Author: John J. Anderson   Date Verified:
      CREATIVE COMPUTING VOL. 10, NO. 4 / APRIL 1984 / PAGE 150. As the 1984 Winter CES drew to a close, people began to ask me, "Well, what was the hit of the show?" Hard to say. Overall, the show was short on blockbusters, at least in the realm of microcomputers. Commodore introducedd its new machine, the 264 (see the related sidebar and "Commodore's Port" for more information on this development). Atari and Apple were playing their cards close to the vest, and had little to report this time around. New software was in abundance, but with the possible exception of Relax from Synapse (about which you will read more in an upcoming issue), nothing really knocked me off my feet.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga The Online Israel User-Group Network
      Author: n/a   Date Verified: 2015-02-01
      << Archived Link >> Welcome to our user group web site. Our Amiga user group (Full name: Amiga Online Israel User-Group Network) is the only one of its kind in Israel. Though the numbers of Amiga computers in Israel is pretty small (due to bad marketing on the account of Commodore Computer and its importers and marketers in Israel) we believe that with the introduction of the Amiga OS 4.0 and 5.0, and with our help in spreading the news and persuasion, the Amiga could really become a hit in Israel like it was in Europe. Good source for history and information.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga: Live Another Day
      Author: Olin Wread   Date Verified:
      (Editor's Note: This is our latest installment of our ongoing series of opinion and technical articles from our readers. In this story, Olin Wread gives us the history of one of the computing industry's GUI pioneers) Amiga History
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga: The Computer That Wouldn't Die
      Author: Paul Wallich   Date Verified:
      The IEEE spectrum article on the Amiga. Professional publication doing a pofessional article!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Brief Amiga History
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      1982-1984. Founded in 1982, Amiga Corporation is best known for the Amiga Computer that it developed for Commodore Business Machines. Before creating the groundbreaking graphics powerhouse, however, Amiga was an innovator in the field of both Atari 2600 hardware and software. A link off the Atari 2600 developer pages.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Andre Kaesmacher   Date Verified:
      A site dedicated to the "never released" Commodore C=65. (If this machine had shipped it would have changed the world!!)
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      CBM Gallery
      Author: Peter Smets   Date Verified:
      About Us.. This site mostly is a one-man project so let me introduce myself. I'm FRaNKy and I live in Belgium not far from Brussels in a town called Asse. Since 1982 I've been using C64's after my dad got one for using MultiPlan and I played my games on it. When dad got his PC (a Schneider XT) the C64 was mine and quite fast I was playing around in Basic but mostly still playing games. Then I got my A500 and many Amiga's followed, the C64 was pushed to the back and honestly I didn't do much on it anymore. After starting out as a mailswapper in the Amiga scene I quitted that after being leader of (Crux &) Bad Karma and running my BBS Doxology. Not losing contact with the scene I decided to re-enter it on my first love - the C64 - at the Mekka & Symposium Party 2000 when I joined Role. Since then I've been active as an editor for the diskmags Rock'N'Role and Arachnophobia (published together with Spiders Crew) and doing some graphics work.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Commodore History
      Author: Gary Oberbrunner   Date Verified:
      The original posting of this came from Gary Oberbrunner. This was re-posted by Na Choon Piaw in 1989 and recently (Aug '98) re-posted again by Bjrnar Bolsy. On Monday March 2, RJ Mical (=RJ=) spoke at the Boston Computer Society meeting in Cambridge. Fortunately I was momentarily possessed with an organizational passion, and I took copious notes. I present them here filtered only through my memory and my Ann Arbor. My comments are in [square brackets]. What follows is a neutron-star-condensed version of about three and one half hours of completely uninterrupted discussion.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Commodore Information Center
      Author: Commodore Information Center   Date Verified:
      This site provides links to other sites that support the classic Commodore 64 and 128 computers, and a collection of related articles from newsletters. See "Newsletter Article Archive." GOOD!!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Commodore One Reconfigurable Computer
      Author: Commodore One   Date Verified:
      The Commodore One computer is a 2002 enhanced adaptation of the Commodore 64 -the most sold of any computer model (Guiness book of World Records) While retaining almost all of the original's capabilities the Commodore One adds modern features, interfacing and capabilities and fills a sorely needed gap in the hobbyist computer market. The estimated price will be only $200 USD.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Commodore Scene
      Author: Allan Bairstow   Date Verified:
      The UK's Premier magazine for the C64, C64c, SX64, C64GS, C128, C128D & C128DCR. Commodore Scene is a quality Bi-monthly paper magazine, professionally printed, written and run by enthusiasts and beginners FOR enthusiasts and beginners alike. Each issue comes with a full colour wrap around cover with all internal pages in B&W. There is a regular 4 page section called 'geoTELEGRAPH' which is dedicated to GEOS users. Site is WAVE friendly. Links to New & used hardware & software from all around the world.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: CommodoreOne   Date Verified:
      A web page for Jeri Ellsworth homebrew CommodoreOne. A homemade C=64 meets Amiga computer. I got a chance to meet her and see a demonstration of her system at Amiwet 2001. Wonderfl person!! If I could have bought one a CommodoreOne right there I would have!!! What I saw blew me away!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      CommodoreOne Overview
      Author: go64   Date Verified:
      CommodoreOne Overview. Here is a General Overview of the features of the Commodore One as of 1/21/2002. Some features may change slightly as development progresses. What it is: The Commodore One computer is a 2002 enhanced adaptation of the Commodore 64 -the most sold of any computer model (Guiness book of World Records) While retaining almost all of the original's capabilities the Commodore One adds modern features, interfacing and capabilities and fills a sorely needed gap in the hobbyist computer market. The estimated price will be only $200 USD.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Commodre Gallery
      Author: Commodore Gallery   Date Verified:
      ****GREAT****From places near and far, the computers and accessories of Commodore Business Machines have made their way into my humble home. These digital wonders are my favorite toys, being both my chief hobby and greatest passion. You may want to check out the Canonical List of Commodore Products for more information on the myriad of Commodore products before proceeding. And so, without further adeau, I welcome you to join with me in the wondrous exploration of these awesome machines.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      CommodreOne Mirror Site
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      CommodreOne Mirror Site.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Convergence International
      Author: Convergence International   Date Verified: 2015-02-01
      Welcome to Convergence International, the user group for non-Wintel platforms. Convergence International\'s mission is to promote and provide information on alternative non-Wintel computer platforms, allowing people to make an informed choice about what hardware and operating system is best suited to their requirements. We believe that if a time comes when one single platform is the only one in use the computer industry will suffer. Without competition there is stagnation, and no one platform can hope to be best suited to every application. While there are alternatives development is spurred on by competition, and people are free to choose the platform which best suits their needs.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Delphi Commmodore Section
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Welcome to COM COM! This is the Commodore Forum Staff. We're here to help you. If you have questions or problems, please contact us.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Eelke's Amiga History Age
      Author: Eelke Blok   Date Verified:
      A very nicely done page about the history of the Amiga!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      History of the Amiga
      Author: Manos Monstantiniadis   Date Verified:
      Detailed History of the Amiga Starting in 1982 to 1996
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Iron Feather and Towne Club
      Author: ironfeather   Date Verified:
      Iron Feather and Towne Club have released a 140 minute video dedicated to the COMMODORE 64 underground scene of the 1980's and early 1990's.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Jay Miner Interview
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Jay Miner Interview Pasadena, September 1992.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Jos. Bring your C64 into the 21st century
      Author: Jolse Maginnis   Date Verified:
      Jos is a new Operating System for the CMD SCPU and CommodoreONE. Small 16-bit Pre-emptive Multitasking Microkernel, TCP/IP, PPP, GUI, webserver and LOTS more OS.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Lee Felsenstein and the Homebrew Computer Club
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      A legend in the history of computers. Creater of the "Tom Swift Terminal"
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Obsolete Computer Museum.
      Author: Tom Carlson   Date Verified:
      OVER 100+ "obsolete" computers in this personal museum. Pictures, information, specs and more!! Great!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      After only a few months of activity, you have been thousands of people to visit our new pages and we are proud of the numerous messages and encouragements you've sent us. Now we need you ! This site is opened to anyone willing to participate by writing an article for the magazine, creating new questions for the quiz, adding more information to the museum, pointing us errors and mistakes, finding us a new host server or anything that will help this site getting better. So, don't hesitate, if you want to participate, contact us !
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Ruud's Commodore Site
      Author: Ruud   Date Verified:
      This site contains all kind of information about hardware and software related to the older Commodore computers like the KIM, PET, CBM, VIC-20, C64 and C128.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      The Commodore Castle
      Author: Eric Drexler   Date Verified:
      The one and only HEBREW website for the Commodore community in Isarel. From the classic 64 to the latest DE development. News, FAQs, and lots of info. Check it out! (Site in hebrew)
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      The Deathbed Vigil and other tales of digital angst
      Author: Dave Haynie   Date Verified:
      A story of the days surrounding the bankruptcy of Commodore Computer, some of the people involved in making the Amiga systems, and where it all went wrong (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!)
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      The Joe Forster/STA homepage
      Author: Joe Forster/STA   Date Verified:
      This is the homepage of Joe Forster/STA, the author of The Star Commander - the ultimate DOS shell that can handle the image file formats of C64 software emulator, CCS64, Personal64 and VICE. And more programs and utilites for the C=64.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      The secret weapons of Commodore
      Author: Cameron Kaiser   Date Verified:
      They were the secret weapons! The unrealized phantasms of technological wonder! The ravings of mad geniuses made flesh and locked away in caverns of dust never to see the light of day! The demons that Tramiel forgot, to come tapping at their door even as the winds of oblivion beckon and spit! What Is This Archive?, or, An Excruciatingly Lengthy History of Commodore The horrifying tale of the behemoth from its origins in the blackest nethermists of time, to its agonising struggle against the slavering maw of destruction!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      The Vintage Computer
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Specializing in the Mail-Order Sales of Pre-Owned Commodore 64/128, Atari and Texas Instruments Home Computers: Hardware, Software, Peripherals and Speciality Items at a very reasonable prices.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Vintage Computer Festival
      Author: VCF   Date Verified:
      The mission of the Vintage Computer Festival is to promote the preservation of "obsolete" computers by offering people a chance to experience the technologies, people and stories that embody the remarkable tale of the computer revolution. Through our event and the Vintage Technology Cooperative Resource Center--our publicly accessible archive of computer hardware, software and literature--we promote interest in researching and documenting the history of the computer. Above all, we promote the fun of playing with old computers.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      What is a Commodore Computer?
      Author: Reid C. Swenson   Date Verified:
      A Look at the Incredible History and Legacy of the Commodore Home Computers. There are many individuals who have probably never heard of the Commodore home computers and are unaware of their incredible legacy and the tremendous impact which they have had upon the evolution of computers. Some of the younger generation who are too young to remember the 1980's may still not have seen or heard much-- if anything-- about Commodore computers and likely have very little sense of their significance. (GREAT!!!!))
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Listing of old the magazine Commodore Format, links, collectors notes, demos and more
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
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