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    The REST of the story.

    Note: The current results are from the OLD database. Nothing new has been added yet.

      A Closer Look at MorphOS on the PEGASOS
      Author: Mike Bouma   Date Verified:
      Last Saturday I attended a MorphOS demonstration in Rotterdam. MorphOS is a PPC AmigaOS clone capable of executing many 68k and PPC classic AmigaOS software titles through seamlessly integrated emulation. This article takes a close look at MorphOS' current state of development and includes some recent screenshots of the PPC native Ambient GUI environment.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      AIAB - Amiga in a Box
      Author: James M Battle   Date Verified:
      AmigaInABox, is the essential download for all UAE freaks. To be brief, it is a 'snapshot' of my current Workbench setup on UAE. This isnt just any old 'snapshot' however, the archive has been painstakingly setup for immediate use - the main zipfile extracts into its own directories, requiring just a Kickstart Rom, and the WinUAE exectuable to run (oh come on, kickstart 3.0/3.1 roms arent that hard to get hold of! Theres Cloanto's "AmigaForever" for a start! Well, with AmigaInABox (AIAB) you can kiss all these knightmares away, practically everything you could ever need is here - already pre-configured - this is an AmigaInABox.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amiga X86
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Amiga x86 - The Product. X86 Amigax86 is the name of a product that combined product known as Umilator (formerly known as "Amithlon") emulation with the Amiga Operating System (v3.9). This was to be a standalone product release by Extreme Computing that combined all available programming done by Bernt Meyer, with license from Amiga Inc., and several other software developers to give you the following on a single CD product: Umilator Emulation Layer, Amiga OS3.9, Improved Graphics Drivers, Improved Sound Drivers, Improved Ethernet & Modem Drivers, and the list goes on.. ImageFX (Full version 3.x), Several high end games. A plethora of Amiga Utilities (both AmigaOS & x86-enhanced, even an AmigaDVD player which worked great...) More x86 enhancements for full functionality of notebooks & other space saving technology. (We were so close!)
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Patrick Jung   Date Verified:
      A site dedicated in amithlon. You can find the last news there, software recompiled for amithlon, support files . As well as forums for this magnificent software
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Amithlon - Answers to some frequently asked questions
      Author: Bernie Meyer   Date Verified:
      Answers to some frequently asked questions. Dated 6th 2002.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Announcing a new OS project: MorphOS
      Author: MorphOS team   Date Verified:
      A link to the first post on ANN announcing MorphOS:
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Classic AmigaOS Emulation - A Guide for WinUAE
      Author: Mike Bouma   Date Verified:
      As Amiga Inc is about to re-enter the computer arena with new AmigaOS4 powered desktop systems as well as with 3rd party embedded products utilizing AmigaDE technology pre-installed, there are a growing number of people who wonder what an advanced classic AmigaOS currently offers. This was an important reason for me to write a simple to understand WinUAE tutorial, so this would hopefully help interested people with setting up a fun and easy to use emulated AmigaOS environment on widely available mainstream Windows computers. This article also includes many WinUAE screenshots and information on acquiring and using freely available software.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Classics for UAE
      Author: Allan Lindqvist   Date Verified:
      Classic Amiga Games. This section contains games which I think will always be true classics. They are the most requested games and the ones that people start looking for immediately after getting UAE or Fellow. Therefore these games will always be ready for download here. The larger games will only be featured in the rotating games section, I find that this system works best for everyone.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      dfx:Amiga - PC floppy interface
      Author: dfx   Date Verified:
      Compatible with Amithlon, WinUAE, Classic Amigas, hopefully AmigaOne. There will be 2 options available: Dfx with Option 1 Classic Amigas to enable PC HD floppies as DF0: (requires KS3.0,020 or >) DFx with Option 2 Amithlon/WinUAE able to read and write Amiga floppies. How it Works: Pass thru PCB with 34Way Header on one side and 34Way Socket on the Other. Also Uses 5V power from the floppy connector which is also passed thru. The chip polls at 2 sec intervals to test for disk insertion. Hopefully Amithlon can make use of this feature so that when the Disk Requestor comes up it will auto read like a true amiga.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Info   Date Verified:
      A Pegasos information page. Site in Polish.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Interview: Nicholas Blachford, Eclipsis Project Manager, on MorphOS
      Author: Eugenia Loli-Queru   Date Verified:
      This weekend was the official launch of a brand new platform, by Genesi. New platforms are rare these days, so this one is something to watch out for. MorphOS is a fully 32bit, pre-emptively multi-tasking operating system for the PowerPC range of CPUs, and is included with each Pegasos motherboard sold. We have some information about the system, three screenshots, and we also talked to Nicholas Blachford, Eclipsis project manager about MorphOS.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Introducing MorphOS
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Introducing MorphOS. MorphOS is the first successful attempt to run Commodore's A1200, A3000 and A4000's operating system on a PPC processor and improved systems free of legacy Commodore hardware. It's based around the Quark microkernel and runs the OS within an emulation box providing a fast 680x0 emulation. A fully PPC native exec replacement provides ways to write native PPC programs running into the emulation box in a mixed mode. For consistency, we'll call the Commodore system 'ABox' from now on.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      MaxUAE is the Mac OS X version of UAE.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: MorLOUD   Date Verified:
      YAHOO Discussion list for all things Audio & Music related on the MorphOS Operating System.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: MorphOS   Date Verified:
      The target of the Quark microkernel is to provide modern functionality for a new OS layer and to run most amiga(TM) applications as efficiently as possible in a box enviroment without having old amiga(TM) custom chips available. The goal is NOT to run every single amiga(TM) game/demo ever written as this would forbid certain optimizations, but to run a large amount of the the current base of amiga(TM) application software.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: MorphOS   Date Verified:
      Homepage of MorphOS. A new Amiga compatible OS.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      MorphOS Full Features List
      Author: Morph OS   Date Verified:
      MorphOS Full Features List v1.1 11/12/02 by the MorphOS team. In both txt and pdf format
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      MorphOS in Detail
      Author: Nicholas Blachford   Date Verified:
      This document was written to describe MorphOS, how it came about, its workings, its current status and future plans. Special thanks go to bplan and the MorphOS developers for the great deal of assistance given.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      MorphOS News
      Author: MorphOS News   Date Verified:
      Homepage for MorphOS news, information, links, downloads and more.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: MorphZone   Date Verified:
      Your one stop source for everything Morph. News, Forums, FAQ's, Gallery, Polls and MUCH MORE!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Pegasos and MorphOS USA Demo
      Author: Daniel Miller   Date Verified:
      The NCAUG user group of Washington DC area graciously allowed me to demonstrate my Pegasos Betatester and bring all our members up to speed on the latest MorphOS developments. The meeting was in a special area of a public library in a nice wooded bit of McLean. The NCAUG flyer described the event as the "first known US demo of MorphOS.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Pegasos Gothenburg Show 2002
      Author: Pegasos Gothenburg Show   Date Verified:
      The Show - At the show the new Pegasos computer will be demonstrated. You will see the Pegasos running a variety of applications and different operating systems, including MorphOS and Mac-on-Linux. Several computers will be up and working for the event for participants to test. You can have a very close look at the hardware as well on software running on it to see what the machine can offer you.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Pegasos Power Computer
      Author: Pegasos   Date Verified:
      Welcome to the Pegasos Pages. Home page for the Pegasos MB. Information on the Hardware, Specs, April/CPU, Software, Events, Resellers, Downloads and more! (Site in English French and German)
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Pegasos-uk   Date Verified:
      Welcome to Pegasos UK Ltd. The official Pegasos/MorphOS Reseller for the United Kingdom. Here you can buy and find information and support related to the Pegasos computer platform and the MorphOS operating system. Feel free to explore this brand new site, suggestions are also welcomed as we want to make this site as friendly as possible for everyone, to achieve this the site has been optimized to be displayed on a resolution of 1024x768 on any browser, but it should be ok also in 800x600.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Welcome to, the official information source and sales channel for the North American continent for the Pegasos computer motherboard and MorphOS operating system, both created by Genesi SARL.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author:   Date Verified:
      Welcome to, the official information source and sales channel for the Australian continent for the Pegasos computer motherboard and MorphOS operating system, both created by Genesi SARL. List of Compatible hardware, specifications and compatible software can be found here.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Pictures of Morph at the 2003 CES
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      Pictures of Morph at the 2003 CES
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      The Comp.Sys.Amiga.Games FAQ
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      This document will hopefully answer some of the frequently asked questions so well that the questions stop becoming frequent, which will allow us to concentrate on discussing games instead of frequently answering frequently asked questions. Yes. If your question is about UAE, then the answer is definitely to be found in this FAQ! Read section 1. All of it! Thanks :-) And if you think it is okay to post binaries here, read section 4a! (quick answer: It is NOT)
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      The UAE Amiga Emulator
      Author: Mathias Ortmann   Date Verified:
      This page is dedicated to experimental WinUAE enhancements that may or may not make it into the main UAE distribution. The binaries provided here are beta material and not intended for consumption by end users. You should download them only if you are sufficiently familiar with UAE in general, have a working WinUAE installation and are willing to cope with buggy code.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Thendic   Date Verified:
      Makers of the Pegasos PPC computer runnning Morph OS, Smartcard readers, wireless solutions, and more. Located in France
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      UADE - Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator
      Author: Heikki Orsila   Date Verified:
      About UADE: UADE plays old Amiga tunes through UAE emulation and cloned m68k-assembler Eagleplayer API. UADE is Open Source compatible with Free Software definition. UADE is licensed with GNU GPL. This software would not have been possible for us to produce without the great Free Software model which allowed us to make use of years of hard work of the UAE team. Most of the thanks goes to their pioneering work to build the necessary infrastructure, especially Bernd Schmidt, the initiator of UAE project.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      UAE Amiga Emulator
      Author: Bernd Schmidt   Date Verified:
      UAE is a mostly complete software emulation of the hardware of the Commodore Amiga 500/1000/2000. UAE is written for Unixish systems; it is developed on a Linux machine but it should compile and run on any half-recent Unix-like operating system. It has also been ported to a wide variety of machines and operating systems, including DOS, Windows 95/NT, MacOS, RiscOS, BeOS and NextStep.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      UAE PPC for MorphOS
      Author: David Gerber   Date Verified:
      This is the MorphOS version of UAE. The readme file is included in the archive or there.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Samuel Devulder   Date Verified:
      Site with many UAE programs/files
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: SourceForge   Date Verified:
      UAE-X is a port of the famous Amiga emulator UAE to the X-Box platform
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Christophe Thibault a.k.a rOn   Date Verified:
      UAE-X is a port of the famous Amiga emulator UAE to the X-Box platform. Like the original UAE, this code is under the G(ay)PL license. You'll need the Microsoft XBOX XDK to compile it.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Unix Amiga Delitracker Emulator MorphOS port
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      A Delitracker Emulator Port for Unix Amiga and MorphOS
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Vesalia   Date Verified:
      German retailor. All the latest hardware and software
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Virtual Dimension
      Author: Virtual Dimension   Date Verified:
      Makers of the The English version of the video about the German fair "Amiga 2001". All spoken texts, with the exception of the survey, which has been subtitled, have been translated. The video's focus lies on AmigaOS4 and MorphOS: Ben Hermans from Hyperion and Gerald Carda from bplan tell us about their respective plans for the future and even the visitors get to state their opinions. Furthermore the 25-minutes-video contains a lot of information about the latest hard- and software, and there's also short report about the atari-park.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      Author: Thendic-France   Date Verified:
      Homepage for Thendic-France's Pegasos Duall G3/G4 Motherboard. Designed to run MorphOS.
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      WinUAE Download and Help
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      A home page for WinUAE devlopment and information. Links to MacUAE, ShapeShifter, Picasso96, DosUAE and more
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      WinUAE Home Page
      Author: UAE   Date Verified:
      WinUAE Home Page. If you want to support UAE, think about purchasing Amiga Forever, and helping a long-time Amiga software company (Colanto).
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
      WinUAE Turkey
      Author: n/a   Date Verified:
      AmigArt's page dedicated to instalation of the windows version of UAE. FAQ's downloads, links and more. GREAT!!!
      Admin: Edit Cat, Dead Link {coming}  
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