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  • Big Old List of *EVERY* Custom Amiga Chip and Chipset Name I Could Find (20 Feb 24)

    Over the years I have been to THOUSANDS of sites and I never found one that had ALL the chips in one place. This is MY attempt to create a quick and dirty list that does. And yes it contains LOTS of mistakes but it's a start right?

    Feel free to make comments and I will be more than happy to update this WORK IN PROGRESS. Enjoy!


    Source Name Type Chipset(s) Released? Description Comment?
    * AAA Chipset AAA No Advanced Amiga Architecture Comment
    * AGA Chipset AGA Yes Advanced Graphics Architecture Comment
    + Angus Chip - Graphics OCS-ECS Yes 'Address GeNerator UnitS'. Blitter, copper, DMA circuitry (Address Generator) Comment
    ! AMOS Chip - System AAA No 'Advanced MOtherboad System' controller. A suggested single chip implementation of the Acutiator Motherboard Control system Comment
    +* Akiko Chip - Graphics AGA - CD32 Yes Chunky->Planar conversion & serial (on CD32) Comment
    + Alice Chip - Graphics AGA Yes Successor to the Agnus Comment
    +* Amber Chip - Graphics Yes Flicker Fixer gate array Comment
    * Andrea Chip - Graphics AAA No Agnus/Alice analog Comment
    ? Anni Chip - Graphics SAGA Yes Improved Alice DMA chip Comment
    $ Ariel Chip - Graphics, Sound & I/O AA+ No Successor to the Angus/Alice/Paula Comment
    ? Arne Chip - Audio SAGA Yes Boosted Paula audio chip Comment
    / Beauty Chip - ? CDTV No Used in CDTV II. never released Comment
    + Bridgette Chip - Graphics AA+ Yes Successor to the Denise/Lisa Comment
    $ Bt101KPJ/121KPJ Chip - Sound Walker No Digital / analog audio converters used w/some clones (Walker card (Bt101KPJ), Access, InsideOut, BoXeR and A5000 / A6000) Comment
    +*% Budgie Chip - Memory Yes Connects the trapdoor expansion port for Zorro II-like expansions and controls additional Fast RAM. Comment
    +* Buster Chip - System Yes Expansion bus controller Comment
    * Fat/Super Buster Chip - System Yes 3000 and 4000 lines use Super Buster for bus control and arbitration of both Zorro II/III subsystems Comment
    + CIA Chip - System Yes Responsible for, or take part in various I/O functions such as the serial, parallel, joystick & mouse ports Comment
    + Daphne Chip - System No Either a very early name for Denise, or an early version of what eventually became Denise Comment
    $ Debi Chip - Graphics AA+ No Successor to the Video DAC for the AA+ Comment
    + Denise/Super Chip - Graphics No Color palette, sprites, video output: Display Adapter (Daphne) Comment
    + DMAC/Super Chip - System Yes Disk IO controller Comment
    * ECS Chipset - Full Yes Enhanced Chipset Comment
    ! EPIC Chip - System AAA No 'AAA' proposed implementation of the Acutiator Expansion Controller is the Expansion Pipeline Interface Controller. Comment
    +*# Gary Chip - System Yes System Glue Chip, miscellaneous control circuitry Comment
    * Fat Gary Chip - System Yes Upgrade for the 32-bit A3000/T and A4000/T. Comment
    +* Gayle Chip - Disk I/O Yes Provides the 2.5″ IDE/ATA interface Comment
    / Grace Chip - System CDTV No Used in CDTV II. Comment
    @ Hombre Chipset - Full No A complete system in two chips. First chip was the CPU chip and contained a RISC integer core, a blitter, a 3D colour rendering engine, audio, a CD interface, a peripheral interface, a bus interface and controllers for display and system memories. The second chip was the video data path and contained line buffers, a colour lookup table, etc. Comment
    ? Isabel Chipset - Graphics SAGA Yes Upgraded Lisa video chip Comment
    &$ Kelly Chip - Graphics No Would have been the A3000+'s/AA3000's RAMDAC (digital video memory to analog RGB converter chip) Comment
    + Kickstart Chip - System Yes Responsible for holding the core of the Amiga operating system, (loosely consider as the kernel) Comment
    *~ Linda Chip - Graphics AAA No AAA Chip - Provides a line data buffer not found in the old chip set. Buffers display data on a line by line basis to allow higher effective display bandwidth for higher resolution displays and at the same time permitting a degree of compatibility with old software. Comment
    + Lisa Chip - Graphics AGA Yes 'AGA Denise' Comment
    *~ Mary Chip - I/O AAA No 'AAA Paula' Replaces the old PAULA chip. Responsible for floppy disk control, audio, uart, interrupt generation, pot, and mouse control. Comment
    *~ Monica Chip - Graphics AAA No 'AAA Denise' Graphics Chip (see HCS) Replaces the old DENISE chip. This chip processes all display data including Sprite information. Comment
    $ Nathalie Chip - System Hombre No One of two chips that made up the Hombre chipset Comment
    $ Nathaniel Chip - System Hombre No One of two chips that made up the Hombre chipset Comment
    * OCS Chipset - Full OCS Yes Original Chipset Comment
    + Paula Chip - I/O Yes Audio, floppy, joystick & interrupt circuitry: Ports and Audio (Portia) Comment
    + Portia Chip - System No Either a very early name for Paula, or a very early version of what eventually became Paula Comment
    ! RACE Chip - Memory AAA No 'AAA' Ram, AMI, and CPU/Expansion controller. Is a suggested single chip implementation of the CPU/RAM control device. Comment
    +* Ramsy Chip - Memory Yes Ram controller with DMA Comment
    % Ranger Chipset - Full Ranger No A prototype computer that was supposed to be the second generation Amiga chipset prior to ECS. Comment
    ! SAIL Chip - System AAA No 'AAA' Synchronous Amiga Interface with Latch device. Is a single Chip implementation of the Amiga Chip Controller for use with the AAA Chip bus subsystem defined by the Andrea Chip. Comment
    * Super DMAC Chip - I/O Yes SDMAC (A3000/T) provides DMA and bus interface for integrated WD33C93A SCSI controller. (used w/Ramsey) Comment
    $ Super I/O Chip - Disk Walker No Component of the Walker. managed E-IDE, EPP (Enhanced Parallel Port), serial port, MIDI and high-density PC floppy drive. Comment
    + Toni Chip - I/O Walker No Used in Walker. system bus controller, including DRAM & possibly controlling the FIDO serial ports and other I/O. Comment
    $ Video DAC Chip - Graphics Yes Transform digital signals from the Amiga into analog signals for the monitor (triple 8 bit) Comment
    * Vidiot Chip - System OCS/ECS Yes A hybrid integrated circuit that works as digital-to-analog converter (DAC) for the OCS/ECS Comment
    ^ 6500 Chip - I/O CDTV Yes CDTV keyboard controller Comment
    ^ 6525 Chip - Disk CDTV Yes CDTV CD-ROM controller Comment
    ^ 6554 Chip - I/O CDTV Yes CDTV front panel controller Comment
    $ 7883/78835 Chip - Audio CD32 & CDTV Yes Filter and converter audio digital/analog 18 bits. They are present on the CD32 (LC78835M) and the CDTV (LC7883M). Comment
    * 8727 DMA Chip - Disk Yes Used w/A2090(A) ST-506/SCSI controller. provides DMA mgmt. for Konan DJC-002 (ST-506) and WD33C93 SCSI controllers Comment
    * 390562 Chip - Graphics Yes 'Hedley Controller' 390562-01 was used in the A2024 high resolution monitor and controlled the frame buffer Comment


    Short Name Full Name Description Year Released? Comment?
    OCS Original Chip Set Used in the earliest Commodore Amiga computers and defined the Amiga's graphics and sound capabilities. 85-90 Yes Comment
    RCS Ranger Chipset Unreleased prototype. intended to be the second-generation Amiga chipset, prior to ECS. 86-87 No Comment
    ECS Enhanced Chipset Minor improvements over the original chipset (OCS) 90-92 Yes Comment
    AGA Advanced Graphics Architecture Third-generation Amiga graphic chipset. A1200/4000 92+ Yes Comment
    AAA Amiga Advanced Architecture Intended for the next-generation Amiga multimedia systems. replaced by Hombre (prototype: Nyx) 92 No Comment
    HCS Hombre Chipset Intended as the basis of its next generation game machine called CD64 and a 3D accelerator PCI card. 93 No Comment
    AA+ Advanced Architecture+ Last classic compatible chipset. They planned to release it in 1994 for low end Amiga computers along with AAA. 94 No Comment
    AA+ Access Advanced Architecture+ Access Adopted by Mick Tinker (Access) next gen AGA but was never completed 97 No Comment
    SAGA Super AGA It greatly enhances Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) & is compatible. From the creators of the Apollo/Vampire line of accelerators & stand alone systems. 17+ Yes Comment


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    ! (**Note PDF***)
    These are but a few of the HUNDREDS of sites where you can find information about the chips.

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