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AMIGA 2020 - A documentary film by Steven Fletcher
Hardware: Checkmate 1500. Amiga 3000 inspired modular Amiga/PC desktop computer case


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This software I didn't quite know where to put it!?!

  Amiga Software Archive
  Author: Mark   Date Verified:
  Welcome to my Amiga Software Archive! I would like to take a moment and tell you why I am posting this software. I am not trying to post pirated or illegal software but software that you cannot purchase anymore from Amiga, Inc. I am a long time fan of the Amiga and as an owner of two Amiga 1000s and one Amiga 2000, it was very hard to find drivers and system software for my computers. Since Amiga, Inc. does not support these machines anymore I had to find the software for them on the Internet. Now I am not faulting Amiga, Inc. for not supporting these machines because they are very old however I also think Amiga, Inc. should allow drivers and original system disks (Kickstart/Workbench 1.0 to Kickstart/Workbench 1.2) to be freely copied since they are really no use to Amiga, Inc. anymore. TONS OF SOFTWARE DRIVERS AND DISK IMAGES!!!!!
  Arexx Scripts
  Author: Ron Goertz   Date Verified:
  I enjoy programming, but don't have the time to program in C. Instead, I've turned to ARexx, where I can automate tasks and get my applications working together. Included in this site are several ARexx scripts I've developed, including scripts for creating calendars (both print and HTML), working with dates, re-loading recently used documents, parsing error lines, creating AmigaGuide "family trees," and more. Author of FW Calendar and HTLM Calendar
  Author: Bebra   Date Verified:
  Ihr Partner für AMIGA und PSION Produkte. Site in German
  Darkage Software
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Software retailors located in Italy.
  Delsyd Software
  Author: Delsyd Software   Date Verified:
  Keeping the world safe from windoze since 1998

  Author:   Date Verified:
  We feature a huge selection of discount priced new and old software, computer games and educational programs. We invite you to browse our affordable selection for dos, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows 98 users. We still have a huge selection of Commodore 64 software and c64 games and hardware. We still have Commodore 128 and Amiga games, programs and accessories as well. We also have Apple 2 software and Macintosh software. We still support CDTV, CD32, Vic-20, and Atari and some other platforms. We sell many different cables, printer ribbons and other accessories and supplies for old and new computers. We can also special order many other computer software and hardware products at substantial savings for you. All of our products are authentic originals! We also have a computer history section which may interest you.
  Author: PROJECT-AMIGA   Date Verified: 2015-02-01
  << Archived Link >> Ziel dieses Projektes ist es eine Ausstellung in Frankfurt/Main oder Umgebung der öffentlichkeit anzubieten. Dies ist ein sehr Ergeiziges Ziel und man währe nicht im Traum auf die Idee gekommen sowas sich als Ziel zusetzen aber waren nicht die Leute um dem Amiga auch alles Träumer die unsere Freundin gebaut haben? Also hat sich Salva und der Andreas sich drauf und dran gemacht dieses Ziel zu erreichen der erste Zufall wollte es nicht anderest als das sich ""Wilfried Häring"" eh. Commodore Support und M&T Author unter anderem Amiga OS 2.0 sich von seinen Amiga Sachen trennen wollte.
  Date of Archive: 2004-08-19    
  Ringard' Production
  Author: Brice Allenbrand   Date Verified:
  Author of Fractal Pro, Pandemonium, Flam, Calc E & Pi, BigNum.library, Kill Prime, Dico020, New Avail, Cheatcodes, Big Brother. (Site in french)
  Author: Chris Haynes   Date Verified:
  What is Scalos? First of all, Scalos is NOT a replacement OS, although the name suggests otherwise. It is a desktop replacement for the Amiga. Want to see some of the features of Scalos? Simply click here. It is used instead of Workbench or Directory Opus Magellan. The original Workbench gets older every day and is being left behind by other desktop systems. Scalos's original author, Stefan Sommerfeld, decided that there had to be something new, and so Scalos was born. Scalos's goal is to integrate a lot of additional functionality and an enhanced look without losing any of the look-and-feel we all love about the real Workbench. Yes, Scalos is like Directory Opus Magellan, but comparing these two isn't really fair. Scalos provides much better emulation of the real Workbench ("the Workbench experience"), and you won't notice any difference at first appearance. Because of this, we can't include a screenshot (look at your current Workbench for one!). Up to now Directory Opus Magellan just provides more functions.
  Author: Shoah   Date Verified:
  Shoah are a group of Amiga developers, dedicated to producing quality Amiga software. The current Shoah group has been in existence since 1994 and has produced a wide range of software, ranging from games to utilities. Authors of SFMV -Shoah Full Motion Video Animation Software. GRIME Viewer - An OS Friendly GRIME Map Viewer. WordMania - A WordSearching-PatternMatching-AnagramFinder! GIF Examiner - Examin The Contents Of GIF Files. HTML Map Maker - Generating HTML source for graphical navigation maps (Like the one's on these Web Pages!) Smart CardZ - Klondike For Non-AGA Machines. LightSpeed -Two Player Lightcycles Game. And more
  Staggy's Misc Software Download Pages
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Software Download Pages. This page is committed to providing you with quality software. Neither will you find any rubbish on this page, nor will you find illegally distributed software (pirated software / warez). In case of difficulty shift-click on the archives! Plenty of files!!! Educational, Games, Webtools, Pictures, Modules & misc.
  Star-Light Software
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Star-Light Software are a public domain company for the Amiga computer, based in Leeds, England. We have a large collection of software available through mail-order (cheque or postal orders only).
  The Faces of Mars
  Author: Patrick Henz   Date Verified:
  Faces of Mars are developing CD-ROMs for the Amiga platform - Faces of mars 2001, Formula 1 Manager enhanced, PSV Eindhoven Manager, Amiga Toons, Lights over Mars 2.0, neo B4s voyages, Almost Real, Brave New World, Videotracker 2.0, Racing, Scorpius, Paranoia and more!!
  The Nth Dimension - The Amiga Coverdisk Archive
  Author: The Nth Dimension   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the best archive of Amiga coverdisks on the internet! These coverdisks contain all sorts of game demos, utilities, music etc. that you cannot find anywhere else, including Aminet. Please browse the archives and have fun! Everything is in the .adf format, so you can use them on a real Amiga or an emulated one. CU Amiga - Amiga Action - The One - Amiga Computing - Zero - Amiga Format - Other Coverdisks - Links!
  VECRAM - alternative software
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  A transfer tool for the VecRam is now available for the Amiga. The VecRam is a programmable cart for the Vectrex console, enabling development of home brew games and transfer of other software to the machine.
  Welcome to the ruppzuck pages
  Author: Michael Rupp   Date Verified:
  Creator the TAWS - : A pure JavaScript-Simulation of the Amiga Workbench. Surely not to miss…
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