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Not quite the glamorous world of the web applications. Just down and dirty communication.

  AList Mailing List Home Page
  Author: Jesse McClusky   Date Verified:
  What is AList? It is a mailing list server for the Amiga. VERSION 0.4 IS HERE!!!
  Amiga TN3270
  Author: Richard   Date Verified:
  TN3270 is a specialized subset of telnet used to communicate with IBM mainframe computers through special servers. Although probably most useful to those, such as myself, that must use the big blue boxes for a living, there are occasional tn3270 services scattered about the net, (and even as web tn3270:// url's) which are available to the public at large, including many college and university library catalogs.
  AmiTEL Home Page
  Author: multimania   Date Verified:
  Videotext terminal emulator (Minitel/Prestel) . Site in French
  Author: aphaso   Date Verified:
  Hello traveler. Welcome to the site of Apocalypse Hard- and Software - the communication and software specialist. Authors of X-Phone - MUI based telephone software with answering machine, NListtree - A MUI custom class which provides you with an easy way of displaying list entries in a sorted form, elCID is a modular communication snooper for snooping every serial device if it is in use or not, Localizer is a localization tool using MUI. It is capable of managinging multiple projects with multiple translations and Revisor is a util for creating version/revision files for C and ASM. Site in German and English.
  Arnes & Amiga
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Amiga friendly ISP located in Slovenia.
  Author: Kim 'B' Heino   Date Verified:
  BBBS is a fullfledged BBS system which incorporates all of your needs for setting up your own BBS. BBBS contains full Internet and Fidonet support. Fidonet messages and Internet news and email are embedded together with a versatile WWW-based, offline and online message reading system. BBBS is easy to customize to suit every need imaginable. It is configurable also from the user's point of view. There are hundreds of 3rd party utilities available, mostly coded with BBBS's C-alike script language.
  ChatBox Home Page
  Author: Jeffrey D. Webster   Date Verified:
  ChatBox is an IRC client written by Jeffrey D. Webster for the Amiga computer. Some of it's features include: It's fast, No fancy graphics, just plain functionality (check the screenshots), ClassACT GUI, A powerful ARexx port, with an extendable command set, Event trapping (/ON hooks)
  Author: Olaf Peters   Date Verified:
  What is ConfUMS? ConfUMS uses the internal functions of the ums.library for editing the `ums.config'. This is done so transparently that once you have started using ConfUMS, you may never take a look at your `ums.config' again. Well, okay, user-, alias- and netgroups-maintenance is not possible right now, but will be added soon. ConfUMS v1.1a will remain the last release to support old v10 of UMS-Server. ConfUMS v1.2 requires at least v11 to run as its vastly enhanced functionability arises directly from improvement of the UMS-Server. A public beta version of UMS v11 has recently been released.
  DayDream BBS Homepage
  Author: Mattias Nilsson & Antti Häyrynen   Date Verified:
  What is DayDream BBS? DayDream BBS is a powerful conference based BBS program, programmed 100% in assembler, and is therefor one of the fastest BBS programs for the Amiga today. DayDream has been under development for several years and has finally come to a state of being a complete BBS solution. Some of it's features are listed below. DayDream has got extensive support from door developers all over the world and can today offer doors doing almost anything you'd like it to. Some Features: Blinding fast. Easy to use. Maximum security. Fully configurable. Multinode support. Suberb doorsupport. Great filetransfer support. Basic utilities included in distribution. Cheap. And much more!!
  Author: Andreas Tetzl   Date Verified:
  Dial is a comfortable phonebook program that can dial the numbers via Modem or DTMF tones over your speaker. It has a nice Magic User Interface, a search function and Call-by-Call support (Germany).
  Easily Connecting Your Amiga?
  Author: Dick Baker   Date Verified:
  This page is specifically for a PPP account with Netcom in the United States.This page can be adapted easily for other providers.
  Author: EggDrop   Date Verified:
  This is the Amiga port of Eggdrop, one of the most advanced IRC bots around. It has been under development since December 1993 and is still regulary updated. Features: completely different channel user lists like having a seperate bot for each channel, complete channel protection, customizable via config file: permanently store a ban list with comments, etc and MUCH MORE!!!
  Freedom Call
  Author: Freedom Call   Date Verified:
  Features: * Realtime integration with Miami 2x, 3x, deluxe dialup; * How many Internet's calls you made; * The wholeness of time on line; * Time on line average; * Cost of any call; * Cost average; * How many disconnections you made; * How many times the line fell off; * How many times your computer was reseted during a connection; * Phone, date and duration time of larger connection; * Phone, date and duration time of smaller connection; * Monthly control of connection's time limit; * First and last call in the selected consultation; * First and last date in the selected consultation; * Control of remaining time in the present month; And MUCH MORE!!!
  Hardware patch for the vmc isdn blaster
  Author: Michael Boehmer   Date Verified:
  On this page, a hardware patch for the vmc isdn blaster is presented. This patch corrects some of the bugs in the PALces, which lead to strange effects when one tries to use the hyperCOM 3i expansion module.
  Author: Jean-François PIK   Date Verified:
  LS-FTPD is a daemon who will transform your amiga in a FTP server. It will make your amiga accessible by all machines over the world each time you are connected! A daemon is a program that launchs each time someone tries to connect your machine; then when the connection closed it ends and sleeps until someone wakes it up. It is launched by inetd the super daemon who launchs every other daemons. Site in French and English
  MegaList - a filelist creator for the Xenolink BBS
  Author: Magnus Lilja   Date Verified:
  MegaList is a filelist generator for use with the Xenolink BBS. It is capable of generating Amigaguide-compatible filelists. The latest version is MegaList 1.32. Enforcer hits are removed, and systems with more than 2GB of files are handled well. This version has been uploaded to Aminet(comm/xeno/MList132.lha).
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  USR Message modems Manager. Messplus allow you to let the modem answering incoming calls while your away even the Amiga switched OFF. Although Messplus is very intuitive to use, we recommand to read the Important Notes in amigaguide documentation to learn some particularities of modem operating mode. In fact, Messplus is two different programs depending on the GUI you want to deal with. The screenshot comes from the MUI version. Messplus is an absolute postcardware : Every major new version will be released after reception of 50 postcards. Therefore if you like Messplus, participate to our World Postcard Championship :-)))
  MndKiller Systems Inc. (MKS)
  Author: mks   Date Verified:
  Author of Mindkiller BBS - An extremly powerful bulletin board system for the Amiga platform. And MindSID - Very accurate SID player with a nice gui for the Amiga and Linux platform.
  ParBENCH V3.2a
  Author: Graner Sound Multimedia Studios   Date Verified:
  ParBENCH© Version 3.2 is the definitive collection of utilities and install scripts for setting up a ParNET between 2 Amiga® computers. This disk contains all files needed to connect 2 Amigas® VIA their parallel ports or to connect an Amiga® to a CDTV® to use as a CD-ROM drive. Included in the collection are a slew of utilities to enhance the operation of ParNET such as: NetKEYS -- allows you to use your host mouse and keyboard on the client machine! (can be used to add mouse/keyboard control to the CDTV® too!). NetCHAT -- Allows 2 way communication between ParNETed machines. NetPATCH-- This patch makes ParNET work correctly under WB2.0.
  SG's Homebrew Computer Club
  Author: Stéphane Guillard   Date Verified:
  Welcome in Stéphane Guillard & family Web space. Author of AmiVNC - An experimental VNC server for the Amiga, sKulpt W3d - sKulpt aims at being (someday J ) the modern reincarnation of the ancient but beloved Amiga 3D modeling and ray tracing software Sculpt Animate 3D / 4D. Warp3D software render driver and more!
  SLIPCall homepage
  Author: Thomas Egrelius   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the SLIPCall homepage! SLIPCall is a dialer for AmiTCP. Features: Requires Kickstart 2.04 or higher. It's a Commodity. Nice GUI. Supports new 3.0 features (newlook menus...) Style Guide compliant. Completely font-sensitive. And MUCH MORE!!
  Author: SMSMaster   Date Verified:
  SMS (Short Message Service) is part of the GSM and PCN standards which allow up to 160 characters of text to be sent or received by a mobile terminal (cellphone). This is similar to using the phone as a text pager. The SMS message is sent to an SMSC (Short Message Service Centre) belonging to your mobile network. This is a computer which stores the message until it can be delivered to the recipient. Messages can be sent to the SMSC either direct from a mobile phone (SMS MO- Mobile Originate), or via a dial up connection using a modem and a computer.
  Author: Use the Mailing Lists   Date Verified:
  For over 6 years, VaporWare has lead the way in Amiga(tm) Internet application development. A world-wide collaboration of the most experienced and talented Amiga(tm) programmers makes sure your Amiga(tm) is always up to and beyond standards in today's Internet applications, in every respect from Web browsing over Mail and News to IRC. Makers of the Voyager WWW browser, AmIRC, AmTelnet, AmTalk, Amiga NCP (Pison/Palmtop link), MetalWEB (WYSIWYG HTML Editor), mFTP II, MicroDot II (Mail/Newsreader) and NetInfo.
  Welcome to the official Amiga Samba page.
  Author: Samba   Date Verified:
  The definiative source for information on Samba for the Amiga, A wonderfully done site containing a Installation Guide, FAQ, Mailinglist, Download Section, Technical Info and SAMBA Filesystem Information.
  WWW program/info page
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  A lot of good networking/WWW information. Plus some other stuff thrown in.
  YAM Official Support Site
  Author: Marcel Beck   Date Verified:
  'Yet Another Mailer', one of the most popular e-mail programs for the Amiga. Home of the latest Amiga and open source version
  Author: Neil Williams   Date Verified:
  The Supreme God Of Bulletin Board Software. The Greek God Zeus came down to Earth in any form he chose. This myth inspired the name of our BBS package. With a little work, your BBS can take any form you wish to give it. ZeusBBS is the most versatile BBS Package available.
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