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25-26 Apr 20:
The First Commodore Los Angeles Super Show. Chatsworth CA, USA

6-7 Jun 20: Amiga 35th - A celebration of the past for the future. Santa Clara, CA, USA
12-13 Sep 20: Flashback 20/20. feat. Amiga 35. Hilversum, Netherlands

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AMIGA 2020 - A documentary film by Steven Fletcher
Hardware: Checkmate 1500. Amiga 3000 inspired modular Amiga/PC desktop computer case


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We don't print the news. We only show you the BEST places to find it!!

  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Welcome one and all to AACtrl, yet another Amiga online magazine. Below is this weeks news which is updated every week, if your a Quaker or Doomer check out our TCP/IP Server Address. Have fun.
  Author: ACP   Date Verified:
  The biggest Polish Amiga news site and amiga stuff trade board.
  Author: Amig@club   Date Verified:
  Dutch news, information and download site.
  Amiga Arena
  Author: Amiga Arena   Date Verified:
  Amiga Arena - you thought it was gone but the Fire goes on! German site with news, tools, links, PD games and more!
  Amiga Blast
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Amiga Blast. The First Italian Web Magazine. Since 1995.. Many Tutorials. Interviews. Looks old.
  Amiga Club Augsburg
  Author: Amiga Club Augsburg   Date Verified:
  German language Amiga news page. News, information, forums, links, downloads and more!
  Amiga Ezine
  Author: Amiga Ezine   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the First Amiga Ezine. Subscription is FREE to everyone. Every Sunday from November 14th subscribers will recieve FREE of charge amigaEzine in their Electronic mail box, it give you information on all thats happening on the Amiga scene including: Exclusive iInterviews, games and hardware news and round ups of the weeks top stories.
  Amiga Flame
  Author: Amiga Flame   Date Verified:
  One of the best places on the net to get the latest information on the Amiga gaming scene!! "The best games site in the world" - Amiga Format. "The prime source for Amiga gaming news" - Amiga Survivor. "The grestest source of information on Amiga games" - Amiga Computing"
  Amiga Future
  Author: Andreas Magerl   Date Verified:
  German (and english) print mag, newspage, interviews, cheats, and some other interesting items!!
  Amiga Impact
  Author: N.E. G.V.G. SARL   Date Verified:
  All the news and resources for the French-speaking Amiga community!
  Amiga Information Center
  Author: Amiga Information Center   Date Verified:
  Up to date Russian Amiga news and informaton site!. REALLY NICE!!! News, links and much more!
  Amiga Magazin
  Author: Amiga Magazin   Date Verified:
  Good amiga info/link page. In German
  Amiga Master
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Slovenian Amiga internet magazine Well, Slovenia is beautiful, but when it comes to computers, there is only one - PC. Yes, there is even one outlet that sells Mac software and hardware here and no official stores for Amiga. That means no hardware and no software, not even old and ugly games. We have to order everything from countries such as Germany and UK. It is very hard to promote Amiga in Slovenia, because even if we do, there is hardly a place one could get the machine except in adds of used hardware. Very few Amigas live in Slovenia. In fact, so little of them that I will start to call them endangered Species. Of course there weren't any magazines for Amiga at all, until Amiga Master came along.
  Amiga Monkey
  Author: Amiga Monkey   Date Verified:
  News, Forums, how to's, files and much more. Our site is here to help you will you Amiga cravings, be it either new or old offerings we will provide it. Instead of saturating our visitors with hundreds of irrelevant news items and advertisements, Amiga Monkey will attempt to only distribute substantial articles. Our site will expand to be a fully featured Amiga Community Portal where you can come to enjoy all of the best aspects of what the Amiga computer and its users, past, present and future, can offer.
  Amiga Network News (ANN)
  Author: Christian Kemp   Date Verified:
  One of the BEST sites on the Web to find out what's happening with the Amiga!!! News, rumours, thought provoking discussion and MORE!!!
  Amiga News Australasia
  Author: Amiga News Australasia   Date Verified:
  A monthly newsletter dedicated to keeping Australian Amiga users up to date with local and international Amiga news.
  Amiga Nutta
  Author: David Flaherty   Date Verified:
  'The number one site for all the latest Amiga games news'
  Amiga Oasis Games & News
  Author: John Porter   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the Amiga Oasis Games & News Homepage. News, Reviews, Games, Downloads, Aminet Charts, Cheats, Tags, Links and more!
  Amiga plus
  Author: Amiga plus   Date Verified:
  News, hardware and software reviews, games, general computer news. In German
  AMIGA Power
  Author: Amiga Power   Date Verified:
  French Amiga News portal. News, links and more!
  Amiga special
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  News, links, information and more. Site in German.
  Amiga Update
  Author: Brad Webb   Date Verified:
  An occasional newsletter. Welcome to the archive site for "Amiga Update". "Amiga Update" exists to provide news and clearly labeled, entertaining rumors on a timely basis. We have two target audiences - Amigans with limited resources for obtaining Amiga news, and users of other computers who have some interest in the Amiga. Because we publish with no set schedule, we can have an issue available whenever there's fresh news to report. Updated!!
  Amiga Update
  Author: Brad Webb   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the archive site for "Amiga Update". "Amiga Update" exists to provide news and clearly labeled, entertaining rumors on a timely basis. We have two target audiences - Amigans with limited resources for obtaining Amiga news, and users of other computers who have some interest in the Amiga. Because we publish with no set schedule, we can have an issue available whenever there's fresh news to report. Since we use only standard text, "Amiga Update" can be read using any computer and operating system, with no additional software. If you're aware of information you think "Amiga Update" should report, let us know at
  Amiga User International
  Author: David Ward   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the AUI site. Home page of the now defunct Amiga User International magazine. To save you time and money I have deliberately not gone for fancy graphics. The pages are updated on an irregular basis and are fairly simple and therefore easy and quick to read. I hope you enjoy them.
  Amiga-Aktuell International
  Author: Carsten Schroeder   Date Verified:
  The international Amiga infotainment magazine. Several languages!
  Author: webmaster   Date Verified:
  German news and information site. Lots of articles!!

  Author:   Date Verified:
  One of the BESt sites on the web to get uptodate Amiga information!! Forums, Amiga link directory, newsticker and more!!

  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  German Amiga news site. Links, aminet and more

  Author:   Date Verified:
  Amiga news and information site. (Site in Polish)

  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Foreign language Amiga/Computer industry news site.

  Author: Wayne Hunt   Date Verified:
  Earth's premier source of Amiga information!!! What else could I add??
  Author: Amig@lien   Date Verified:
  German news site. News, events, forum, links and more!
  Author: Stefan "Syke" Falk   Date Verified:
  "Your Source for Amiga 3D gaming news". Very Nice Site!!! News, Forums, Downloads, Features and more.
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Das unabhängige Freeware-Diskettenmagazin für den Amiga®, gegründet 1990. Site in German
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  German Amiga news page. Archives, Events, Forums and more. Updated regularly.
  Author: AmigaN@tion   Date Verified:
  Good Amiga info news page. Updated!. Non-english
  Author: AmigaPage   Date Verified:
  Italian Amiga news page
  Author: AMIGAplus   Date Verified:
  Since 1991 AMIGAplus is one of the leading print magazines worldwide with 11 issues per year in 4c: Latest reviews, previews, reports, tutorials and interviews. Including bimonthly readers' CD-ROM, and additionally a big website.
  Author: Guvenc Kaplan   Date Verified:
  A GREAT site for Amiga news and information.
  Author: AmigaRulez   Date Verified:
  Amiga news site, message board and more
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Austria's First Amiga Online Magazine. Site in Austrian and English. News, downloads, links and more!

  Author:   Date Verified:
  The "un-official" place for all things pertaining to the Amiga SDK!! Great site!!
  AmigaWorld. The Friendly Chatroom
  Author: AmigaWorld   Date Verified:
  Amiga World is the friendliest IRC chat room on undernet for Amiga users and general chat. This is a fun and friendly place to chat free on the Internet. We're always happy to see new faces, and will gladly answer ANY questions you might have about Amiga's and/or the chat room. Please feel free to ask the OP's any questions or log any complaints you might have with them. Always try to remember, this is a fun and friendly place to chat on IRC, let's all try to keep it that way.

  Author: DaveyD   Date Verified: 2015-02-01 The all-round Amiga website that offers the Amiga community everything under one roof. Not just news. Features such as forums, classifieds, chatroom, polls, internet radio, newsletters, web directory and anything else that will benefit the Amiga community.
  Author: Harv Lasera   Date Verified:
  The AmigaZone, founded in 1985, is an online resource, community and oasis for Amiga computer owners, users and lovers, world-wide. It can be accessed using any terminal program or Telnet client, (if you like a BBS style interface) and we also have a fast and slick web interface you can use with any web browser! The Zone has dozens of message bases, over 100,000 downloadable files, (our file library is bigger than Aminet and goes all the way back to 1985, the year the Amiga Computer was born!) an Amiga Usenet newsfeed, Amiga Fidonet echoes feed, "QWK" mail and news downloading capability, CD ROMs online, fourteen Amiga mailing lists and much more!
  Author: n/a   Date Verified: 2015-02-01
  << Archived Link >> Welcome to the AmigaSoc UK home pages. AmigaSoc are dedicated to supporting Amiga users, developers, and retailers in the UK (and where possible, the world). As far as our website is concerned, we aim to provide a comprehensive suite of online Amiga-related services. Whether you\'re looking for your local user group, Amiga dealers, after some sort of second hand Amiga kit, or are having a spot of bother with your machine, we\'ve got the lot!
  Date of Archive: 2001-06-01    
  Author: Amitopia   Date Verified:
  Great site for Amiga news and information. Lot's of good artices and interviews!!! Publishers of the Amitopia Magazine Issue for the Scandinavian Amiga user.
  Amiverse Today
  Author: Amiverse   Date Verified:
  News, Forums, Downloads, Media Archive, Gallery, Web Directory, FAQ's and more!
  Amy Resource
  Author: Danelon Luca   Date Verified:
  iL primo CD-Rom italiano tutto dedicato ad Amiga. Site for the Italian CD-Rom Amy Resource.
  Annuaire Amiga Francophone
  Author: Sebastien Jeudy   Date Verified: 2015-02-01
  ANNUAIRE AMIGA FRANCOPHONE is The List of the french speaking Amiga Users around the World - France, Belgium, Swiss, Quebec. Join the hundreds of Amigans since July 2000 and find contacts in your region. ---- ANNUAIRE AMIGA FRANCOPHONE est l’Annuaire des Amiga stes francophones travers le Monde France, Belgique, Suisse, Quebec. Rejoignez les centaines d’Amiga stes inscrits depuis Juillet 2000 et trouvez des contacts dans votre region. (French)
  Author: Bitplane   Date Verified:
  An Italian-Amiga only printed magazine. Good web presence. Italian only!
  Author: CyberComm   Date Verified:
  Dutch Internet Service Provider.
  Czech Amiga News
  Author: ExiX   Date Verified:
  One of the BEST sites on the net to say up to date on all the latest Amiga news!!
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Alternate OS information page. Amiga, Linux, BSD, BeOS, Open Source, Java and more. Site in Italian
  Fat Agnus
  Author: Bilbo   Date Verified:
  Online disk magazine. Site in Polish.
  ftpd - a ftp server for AmiTCP
  Author: Magnus Lilja   Date Verified:
  ftpd is a pretty straight port of a standard ftp-server from UNIX. You can get it from Aminet (Aminet) or download this file. The latest version is ftpd 1.4. ftpd is freely distributable.
  Fun Time World
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  We publish in germany games like aqua (german version) puzzleBOBS from Nexus development and frogger/softcinmear! News, information, downloads forums, links and more. Site in German. Updated!
  jp media
  Author: jp media   Date Verified:
  Welcome to our Web magazine for Amiga users -- Amiga News Australasia Web Edition. OLD!!!
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Kefren shuts down! Due to the lack of support of several people and the lack of general interest by the community, Kefren will be "shut" down. The site will not disapair however, because it will stay here to be my personal homepage. If anyone thinks that i'm doing the wrong thing here, let me know!
  Author: Keyframe   Date Verified:
  Welcome to Keyframe Magazine Online Headquarters. Keyframe Magazine is a high-end publication for LightWave, Cinema 4D, BodyPaint 3D, Inspire, Aura, and Video Toaster enthusiasts. We print only the most useful tutorials, product reviews and industry news.
  Lightwave World
  Author: Lightwave World   Date Verified:
  Lightwave Enthusiasts Everywhere! Are your renderings leaving your creativity a vapid hole of anti-matter? Are your plug-ins plugged up? Are your 3-D's turning into a lot of 3- don't s? Well, look no further because Lightwave World will jump start your hypervoxels, illuminate your metanurbs and pump up your polygons until you find your x/y axis rotating smoothly again. Lightwave World by designer Thomas Clark provides you and your creative muse the resources you need to complete your projects but without the stress and frenzy.
  Nick's Cd's Compilations Website INC
  Author: Nick   Date Verified:
  Updated news page. Still under construction.
  OBLIGEMENT - magazine amiga-
  Author: OBLIGEMENT   Date Verified:
  Online French Amiga magazine
  Quantum Leap
  Author: Andrea Gaviraghi   Date Verified:
  Daily news site. Italian updated daily.
  Author: Carl Read   Date Verified:
  This page contains the archive of the Amiga diskmag "ShareWorld Magazine #9", released in April 1998. It was originally put together by James Boyd of BeatBox fame. Thank's James. ShareWorld is the popular diskmag produced by Carl Read,relating to all things Amiga,but especially shareware/public domain software.It also contains articles contributed by readers,ranging from Amiga stuff to stories and artwork (uses the tried-and-tested Magnetic Pages system).
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Ihr wollt ein unterhaltsames, informatives, spannendes, aktuelles, hammerhartes, gnadenloses Ultimativ-Amigamagazin? Dann seid Ihr hier VOLLKOMMEN... falsch. Site in German.

  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Real people helping real people. GREAT amiga news amd commentary site. Updated!
  The Commodore Castle
  Author: Eric Drexler   Date Verified:
  The one and only HEBREW website for the Commodore community in Isarel. From the classic 64 to the latest DE development. News, FAQs, and lots of info. Check it out! (Site in hebrew)
  The Crypt
  Author: Webmaster   Date Verified:
  Long running Amiga related computer magazine. Various articles and interviews.
  VooDoo AmigaNews
  Author: Ivan Teskera,VooDoo   Date Verified:
  A very good Croation Amiga news site. Links,downloads, hardware information
  Author: Electronic Teacher, Golem, LocalePL…   Date Verified:
  Polish Amiga software developers
  What's Hot On The Amiga Magazine Archive
  Author: WHOTAMA   Date Verified:
  Hello and welcome to the Geocities mirror of the What's Hot On The Amiga Magazine Archive, from here you'll be view on-line all the contents of the whota.lhas that are currently available here. But now only available at this site, you can download the whota.lhas as I've had the chance to send them to the Aminet for quite a while now. What's Hot On The Amiga Magazine Archive can still be found at Sonic. The current issue of WHOTA is whota510 and in this issue you'll find all the latest news on Total Amiga, WOASE, MorphOS and Tao. In this issue's News In Brief, you'll find some news from AROS and little bits and pieces of serious and games related news.
Number of web sites found:  72

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