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(Not a classified section. Go to Amibench or eBay!!) A listing of Companies/Individuals who you can directly purchase from. Have your credit card handy…

  16/32 Systems
  Author: 16/32 Systems   Date Verified:
  16/32 are one of the oldest Atari supporting companies around since 1991. We started with a PD Library and grew into a full time retail outlet supporting Atari, Amiga and PC. Now I have gone back to my roots and will keep supporting Atari whilst I work at my new job. This web site is divided in to 2 parts; 1). This area will be a general resource and information about Atari, Amiga and in general. Divided in 3 parts each ill contain links and info on all types of subjects 2). The Sales Catalogue. This is available through the links in each section but they go to a Online Web Sales Area (which again is still progressing). The catalogue is a programmed using Actinic which seems very easy to use... I hope. It is fully functional but you can obviously check by email or phone. Any credit card transfer is secured through Actinic 128bit protection and Zen.
  ACT -- Albrecht Computer Technik
  Author: A.C.T.   Date Verified: 2015-01-30
  A.C.T. was founded in 1994 by Marc Albrecht. The main target was to develop and support Amiga audio hard- and software. while the former business areas (support and service for various computer platforms) remained important to guarantee financial flexibility. In 1996 the partnership with SEK'D and the official continuation of development for "Samplitude Amiga" widened up the product range and A.C.T. became market leader for audio hard- and software on the Amiga market. also the Prelude sound card. ewewwwe
  Date of Archive: 2006-10-18    
  Author: Airsoft   Date Verified:
  Airsoft Softwair is the developer of first class applications which are mainly for Amiga computers. The products include such popular programs like Akiko (Win32), CD32 Games Install Kit, NewInstaller, Rainboot or the compilation CD-ROM Best Of Airsoft Softwair Gold Edition but also many Freeware programs and little tools. Airsoft Softwair has been supporting the Amiga community with fine software for over 6 years now and we are still enthusiastic about the Amiga like we were on the first day. Our future products will most likely also support the new AmigaOS4 but also alternative operating systems such as MorphOS and AROS.
  Alex & Co.
  Author: Alex & Co.   Date Verified:
  My name is Alex Santa-Pinter. I have proudly served our local Amiga community since February 1990. I have been lucky to be associated with Oklahoma's longest running professional Amiga outlet. This is especially important considering the sometimes strange market of this computer platform. hardware, software and magazines.
  Amiga City
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Official dealer since 1987. Site in English and French. Located in Belgium.
  Amiga Deals
  Author: Amiga Deals   Date Verified:
  We are a small family run business based in South Wales in the United Kingdom. We have been selling mainly Amiga products via mail order for more than 10 years. We specialize in second user Amiga games hardware and software. We now also sell Nintendo 64 games and equipment.
  Author: Amiga   Date Verified:
  This site has always been dedicated to Amiga Games and still is! We have just added even more products, so take a look around, and please join our mailer. To make it even more convenient for you our customer we have now intergrated our other site Amigautils into this site! Now you can do all your Amiga shopping in one place. We Guarantee that we are 100% Amiga. You will not find any PC, MAC or any other *platform games on this site. We have been trading in the Amiga games market for several years, and decided that we wanted an online store totally dedicated to the Amiga Games market.
  Amiga Innovations
  Author: Amiga Innovations   Date Verified:
  Amiga Innovations is an Amiga dealership located in Perth, Western Australia. We stock both hardware and software for the Amiga range of computers. We also offer service and repairs to all makes and models of Amiga. Please browse our site to see what else we have to offer
  Author: Amiga   Date Verified:
  Welcome to Amiga We have created this site just for the Amiga Owner. So take a good look around, we are sure you will find something you like. Use the SEARCH SITE button if you are looking for a specific Amiga Product. Please take the time to join our mailer, we can then keep you upto date with new products. Just about EVEYTHING!!!
  Amiga Super Bit
  Author: Amiga Super Bit   Date Verified:
  Amiga Hardware and software dealer. Located in Lorca, Murcia.
  Author: AMIGA UTILS   Date Verified:
  FORE-MATT Home Computing is a Mail Order Software Retailer specialising in Amiga software. We started in January 1996 as an Amiga PD library (which we still do!) and have grown to be the largest Amiga Software stockist in the UK. Our Amiga products boast an extensive range of New and Used Commercial Software on Disk and CD for the Amiga and CD32 with a sprinkling of peripherals including magazine back issues. Sadly with the Amiga now firmly in the retro category we are now building up our mainstream titles. We can accept orders using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and UK cheque/postal order. Retailor of Amiga software (HUGE CATALOG OF SOFTWARE!!!), joysticks, and various odds and ends.
  Author: Amigadeals   Date Verified:
  The used Amiga Store llocated in the UK. Hardware, software, games, books, CD-Roms and more!

  Author: AmigaJoystics   Date Verified:
  Welcome to, a site dedicated to. Amiga Joysticks!. Amiga joysticks to suit everyone! Amiga Joysticks also work with the Atari - Amstrad - Vic20 - C64.
  Author: Amigaland   Date Verified:
  Amiga, Mac, PC, Psion dealer loocated in Switzerland
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  al dertien jaar hét adres voor Amiga hard- en software!

  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  German Amiga online shop. Just about everything for the Amiga. Page in German.
  Analogic Computers
  Author: Analogic   Date Verified:
  Support for the Amiga and Atari line of computers. Repairs & upgrades, parts and software.
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Home of the BoXeR in the USA and the penetrator card. Hardware and software sales in Santa Monica CA.
  Anything Amiga
  Author: Sales   Date Verified:
  The best place to buy quality new and used Amiga products in Australia!!! We have been around the Amiga since the late eighties and have been supplying quality Amiga items since 1992 .............
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Amiga hardware and software, Casablanca and more. Located in Switerland.
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  French Amiga online shop. Hardware and software. Page in French..
  Author: AS-Webshop   Date Verified:
  German retailor of hardware and software. GREAT selection!!
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Hareware and software. Located in Portugal. Page in Portugal.
  B&S Digitronic
  Author: Info   Date Verified:
  Hardware and Software.
  Author: Bebra   Date Verified:
  Ihr Partner für AMIGA und PSION Produkte. Site in German
  Author: Sales at BS   Date Verified:
  One of the BEST places to purchase hardware and software for the Amiga. Period!!!
  Centsible Software
  Author: Centsible Software   Date Verified:
  17 years of service. Celebrating our 4th year on the web! Software/Hardware accessories for the Amiga, Commodore and PC. Over 4000 software titles in stock!! We guarantee the lowest price on software! Purchased all of Paxtron's inventory. Lots of hard to find items!!! GREAT COMPANY!!!
  Classic Amiga
  Author: Classic Amiga   Date Verified:
  Hardware and Software. Located in the UK. Lots of stuff!
  Commodore Computer Center
  Author: CCC   Date Verified:
  We sell Amiga and C64/128 computers, hardware, software, disk drives, monitors, printers, ribbons, mice, joysticks, cables, hardware covers, blank disks, old books and magazines (Amazing Amiga, CU Amiga, Amiga World, Amiga Format, Commodore, RUN, Compute's Gazette, Ahoy! and dieHard), etc. If we don't have what you want in stock and it is available, we will special order at no extra charge.
  CompuQuick Media Center
  Author: Compuquick   Date Verified:
  Your Amiga's home on the internet. There have been only two constants in the Amiga World, the Amiga Community and Compuquick Media Center. We are and have been America's leading source for all Amiga related hardware, software and peripherals... now serving the Amiga community for the past 11 years. (Amiga affiliated since 1987) Please take a moment to look through our Online Catalog. Remember this, if you don't see it listed, call us anyways because we are sure to have it. RECOMMENDED!
  Computer City
  Author: Computer City   Date Verified:
  Hardware and Software. Amiga, Apple, PC and Playstation. Located in Rotterdam. Page in Country's language
  Computer Connection
  Author: Computer Connection   Date Verified:
  Video dealer located in Modesto, CA who supports the video side of the Amiga. Toaster, Lightwave, Aura, Flyer and the Amiga One. Hardware and software.
  Computer Connection
  Author: CompAmiga   Date Verified:
  Who is Computer Connection? We started out in Tracy, Ca. in May of 1988. The Amiga was hot and the Video Toaster was to follow. We grew quickly and moved to Stockton in June of 1991. We have been working hard to stay alive for the new coming of the Amiga and we plan to be here for more exciting times. We have a lot planed for our new systems and re-released/new software titles from our old friends as a new life begins.
  Computer Games Plus
  Author: Computer Games Plus   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the Computer Games Plus online gaming store! We sell only NEW games! Instructions, box and all! We are a Southern California based mail order computer games store. We started by selling Atari 2600 carts mail order in 1984, and we have sold nearly all entertainment systems since then. You can order from us with confidence. Any questions? Feel free to email us at computer games plus. Our catalogs presently cover Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Super Nintendo, 3DO, Game Gear, Gameboy, Amiga, Atari ST, C64, VIC-20 and Atari 8-bit. You can order via phone, mail or email, and find out exactly how to do so on our Ways To Order page. If you'd like to let us know what you think of our online gaming store, please send us your comments via our Feedback page! And again, thanks for visiting!
  Computer Magic
  Author: Computer Magic   Date Verified:
  Hardware, software, CD-32 and CD-TV. They do repairs. Loacted in Bologna Italy. Page in Italian.
  Computer Surplus Outlet
  Author: Computer Surplus Outlet   Date Verified:
  A good place to buy new and used computer items
  Author: DataKompaniet   Date Verified:
  Hardware and software. Located in Norway.
  Digital Arts
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Located in Bloomington, Indiana, Digital Arts is the largest and oldest dealer of NewTek video and animation products. With customers ranging from government agencies, the military and universities to local video producers, cable companies, television stations and professional animators, we have the knowledge and experience to help you put together the system to meet your needs, plus, the ability to provide the support you want after the sale.
  DreiEinHalB Computer
  Author: DreiEinHalB   Date Verified:
  Hardware amd software for the Amiga and PC. Located in Germany. Page in german.
  DV Direct
  Author: DV Direct   Date Verified:
  If it is hot in the digital content creation market, you will find it at DV Direct. We have an extensive selection of products to choose from, we are constantly adding new vendors and we stay on top of our market so we can get products that others do not. You are shopping at a store where the vendors come to us to represent their products due to our knowledge and expertise. That is definitely to your advantage.
  Author: Eternity   Date Verified:
  We are specialiced on Amiga for many years and therefore we have a lot of experience with the large variety of all Amiga hard- and software available. We want to keep in contact with Amiga users and still keep on developing new products to show the capabilties of this great Computer. They are shown on exhibitions like Computer98 - held in Cologne/Germany, Infomedia in Belgium or lately on Home Electronics World. You can always visit our shop in Frechen (near Cologne) or ask special AMIGA related questions and get support via E-mail or via ourhotline.
  Author: EXTREME AMIGA   Date Verified:
  ExtremeAmiga website is now online! We are proud to bring a true Amiga Dedicated site from Extreme Computing. Same great prices, and so much more than Extreme Computing alone could offer! Extreme Amiga has it all! Check it out and let us know what you think. Specializing in Amiga Software, Hardware, Amiga Apparel, Dinkware,, Print Media,,,Accessories and more.
  Extreme Computing
  Author: Extreme Computing   Date Verified:
  Always thinking outside the box. Carring a complete line of computer products for the Amiga, Linux, Mac & pc. Located in Clackamas, OR. USA
  Author: Eyetech   Date Verified:
  Amiga hardware and software. TONS of items!!! GREAT SITE!!
  Eyetech's AmigaOne Dealer List
  Author: Eyetech   Date Verified:
  The following is a list of dealers who have advance ordered AmigaOne boards for demonstration and familiarisation. Other dealers can apply to join the program subject to minimum techincal and commerical requirements as the end user boards are released.
  FORE-MATT Home Entertainment
  Author: FORE-MATT   Date Verified:
  We specialize in affordable entertainment for old and new platforms. Amiga systems, hardware, peripherals, Software and more! Located in Swindon, UK
  Forefront Technologies
  Author: Forefront Technologies   Date Verified:
  Forefront Technologies, Inc. is a computer consulting and retail sales Pennsylvania based corporation. Forefront specializes in providing sales and services to individuals and small to medium sized businesses. We understand businesses of that size have special needs. They must focus on their own core-competency to grow their business and can not be distracted by technology. Forefront's philosophy of providing high-quality, high-value, affordable services in an easy to understand and no-hassle manner is a perfect fit. Retailor's of the AmigaOne
  Author: Future-Vision   Date Verified:
  Computer - Hardware & Software, Internet-Services. Amiga, PC & Mac. GOOD SELLECTION!!! Mail order only. Located in Germany
  FWD Computing
  Author: FWD Computing   Date Verified:
  We are dedicated at this time to support of the Amiga. Look to us for quality software by regular mail order, phone orders (765-473-8031) or by fax at 765-472-0783. We are gone many weekends to computer shows selling Amiga and Linux software. Best days to catch us if you need to talk are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from noon to 7 P.M. Central time, and from 9 AM to 12 Noon on Friday. Friday thru Monday we are often gone. WE HAVE O.S 3.9 AND AMIGA 3.1 ROMS FOR SALE!
  Gadget Computer Bt.
  Author: Gadget   Date Verified:
  Amiga hardwae and software. Located in Hungary.
  Génération Amiga
  Author: Génération Amiga   Date Verified:
  Hardware and software. Located in Belgium.
  Author: GGS-Data   Date Verified:
  Hardware and software. The last Amiga dealer located in Sweden.
  Author: GTI   Date Verified:
  GVP-M Online
  Author: GVP-M   Date Verified:
  THIS IS THE WORLD WIDE WEB HOME PAGE OF GREAT VALLEY PRODUCTS - M INC. The once GREAT makers of EVERYTHING Amiga. Several items are still in stock! Software support on site!!
  Author: HiSoft   Date Verified:
  Former long time Amiga Software developer. Now sells windows/mac items. Still some Amiga related items of the site.
  Hofmann Computershop
  Author: Hofman Computershop   Date Verified:
  Hardware and software dealer for the Amiga, PC and Mac. Located in Germany.
  IHC - Squeaky Sam's
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Based in Michigan, serving the world's Heritage Computer needs, in a second century. New and old dealer for Amiga, Commodore, Apple, Atari, and Mac
  Intrinsic Computer Systems
  Author: Intrinsic Sales   Date Verified:
  Our Goal at Intrinsic Computer Systems U.S.A. is to provide affordable expansion for the Amiga Computers by offering a range of products from various sources that ICS U.K has assembled and are not available for sale in U.S.A., Canada, Latin America & South America at this time which will allow the Amiga to use the more affordable PC accessories such as CD-rom drives, hard drives either in a stand alone Amigo Tower or by being linked to a Windows® running PC Clone to use as an expansion tower.
  Author: JSP Customer Service Center   Date Verified:
  Your technological advantage company. Since 1988, top quality home and business computer services, IT management and products. Top 5% Generation-X site, online since 1995. Welcome. Lots of electronic parts and kits. Amiga and Commodore chips for sale.
  KDH Datentechnik
  Author: KDH   Date Verified:
  Amiga, Mac and PDA hardware and software. Site in German and English.
  Kiwi Multimedia
  Author: Kiwi Multimedia   Date Verified:
  Amiga, Apple digital video dealer located in Denmark.
  LiveWire Systems
  Author: LiveWire Systems   Date Verified:
  Welcome to our Amiga porta!! Welcome fellow Amiga enthusiast. We like to keep things simple, hence a small website which purpose is to convey the Amiga infomation you want! You'll find current Amiga products here, some of which are difficult to purchase here in Canada. We strive to keep our prices fair. If you have any questions or purchase inquiries, please email us. Please visit out our online store with secure online ordering, accepting cash (local purchases), cheque, money order, Visa and Paypal payments.
  Author: Merlancia   Date Verified:
  Amiga Sales- Welcome to Merlancia Industries, the nation's premier Amiga retailer, developer, and distributions firm. We stock all current Amiga products, as well as many older products that are not available anywhere else. We can repair any Amiga product. Loacted in the USA
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Multi Media Service -
  Mr. Hardware
  Author: Russ Norrby   Date Verified:
  'Mr. Hardware Computers' is a fully authorized Amiga International dealer. We can accomodate all of your Amiga needs, including educational sales, expert repairs, both in and out of warranty, and all special promotions. We are also an authorized NewTek Toaster/Flyer dealer. 'Mr. Hardware Computers' sells all models of the Amiga computer from game machines, including CD32, to professional video editing systems. If you have any questions about upgrading your Amiga or Video Toaster system, please contact Russ Norrby for a reliable inexpensive system. Amiga Dealer since 1985. Come see our large listings online. We even run our business on Amiga Computers. Located in New York, USA We sell Internationally We are the owners of SBase4 Pro formerly SuperBase We make mouse and keyboard adapters that will work with kvm's. Owners of "Pc on a Card" to fit in your Classic Amiga computers. (Great Site!)
  Multimedia & Design
  Author: Multimedia & Design   Date Verified:
  Amiga and CD32 Hardware and software. Plus PC, Sony PCX items. Site in German

  Author:   Date Verified:
  We feature a huge selection of discount priced new and old software, computer games and educational programs. We invite you to browse our affordable selection for dos, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and Windows 98 users. We still have a huge selection of Commodore 64 software and c64 games and hardware. We still have Commodore 128 and Amiga games, programs and accessories as well. We also have Apple 2 software and Macintosh software. We still support CDTV, CD32, Vic-20, and Atari and some other platforms. We sell many different cables, printer ribbons and other accessories and supplies for old and new computers. We can also special order many other computer software and hardware products at substantial savings for you. All of our products are authentic originals! We also have a computer history section which may interest you.
  Pernat Hard & Software
  Author: Pernat   Date Verified:
  Amiga and pc hardware and software. Page in German.

  Author:   Date Verified:
  Amiga hard and software retailor located in Autstia. Lot's of items!!
  Power Computing
  Author: Power Computing   Date Verified:
  Your one stop shop for just about eveything Amiga!! Towers, accelerators, software, video, addons, storage and much more!!!
  Randomize, Inc
  Author: Randomize, Inc   Date Verified:
  Retailors of Amiga-wares (Amiga clothing and accessories) and hard and software and Apple video hard and software.
  Author: Relec   Date Verified:
  Software dealer. Site in French.
  Author: RetroSystems   Date Verified:
  RetroSystems. Everything old is new again. This isn't about the same dull computers you can buy anywhere else. It's about art and fun. Turning a vintage game console into a full computer that can play any PC game is cool. Taking the original Amiga 1000, with it's funky keyboard garage, and customizing and supercharging it to be a fast Linux or Windows box that can also be faster than any other Amiga 1000. That's cool too. Grab a slice of your history and make a statement. Take that corporate machined blah computer off your desk! Buy the whole system or just the parts to do it yourself. Plus likns to all the BEST case mods on the net!!!
  Author: RIKSDATA Systems AB   Date Verified:
  Computer Dealer located in Stockholm. Selling PC hardware, software and the new AmigaOne.
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Distributors of Aminet and tons more software!!!!
  Author: Schöder   Date Verified:
  Hardware and software, PC systems and digital imaging. Site in German
  Author: SL-Diffusion   Date Verified:
  Amiga software and hardware. Site in French with WebShop Votre Specialiste Amiga France - Vente par correspondance de logiciels et materiels Amiga. Site en francais avec WebShop.
  Author: SOFT3   Date Verified:
  Located in Bologna, Italy. Retailors of the AmigaOne, hardware and web design.
  Software Hut
  Author: Software Hut   Date Verified:
  Company Info --Mission Statement: To serve the AMIGA community with the largest collection of AMIGA software and hardware at affordable prices. GREAT COMPANY!!!
  Author: Startup-Sequence   Date Verified:
  American Amiga repair company. Bench rate is $35.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. Most repairs are $35.00 plus parts. Turnaround is usually about 2 days from reciept of your item. We service Amiga and PC Hardware. THANKS! On September 1st, we will have been in business for 1 whole year! :) We have gained several new customers this past year. We appreciate your continued business. All prices on this page are 10% off during August and September. David & Eldor.
  Author: Colin Wenzel   Date Verified:
  Amiga dealer located in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia. We do currently have a varierty of used Amiga (classic) Hardware in stock.
  Synapse Computers
  Author: Synapse Computers   Date Verified:
  Synapse Computers commenced trading on June 26, 1992, and originally the only computer type we supported was Commodore's Amiga range. Our initial intentions were to provide every possible level of support to Amiga owners - ranging from sales of hardware, software, and accessories, to repairs and servicing, upgrading, etc. In fact, we strive to do just about anything for our customers, and if we can't directly help we always try to refer our customer to a more suitable establishment for their needs.
  Systems for Tomorrow
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Software for the Amiga and Atari computers and the Atari video game system.
  T.S. Computers & Video
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  T.S. Computers carries a wide variety of hardware and software components. We can provide our customers with the latest in pro video hardware from Sony, Panasonic, JVC and others. T.S. also carries the latest in 3D and graphic software from NewTek, Eyeon, Adobe, Macromedia and others, including the products of Sonic Foundry. And yes, we still support the Amiga platform as well. Repairs of Amiga, Alpha and PC Systems!
  The Computer Bargain Stores
  Author: The Computer Bargain Stores   Date Verified:
  Discount software, old software, old computer games and necessities for windows95 & 3.1, dos programs, commodore software and computers, amiga software and accessories, macintosh, atari and apple 2 -- a huge selection of collectible software and fascinating items at incredible prices!
  Author: TRANS DATA SYSTEMS   Date Verified:
  Retailior of Amiga and C64/128 computer hard and software.. Located in California, USA.
  Unitech Electronics Pty.Ltd.
  Author: Unitech   Date Verified:
  Unitech Electronics Pty.Ltd. Celebrating 23 years in Business! Hardware and software! VERY NICE SITE!!
  Author: Vesalia   Date Verified:
  German retailor. All the latest hardware and software
  Virtual Works
  Author: Virtual Works   Date Verified:
  PC-MAC and AMIGA Harware and software. Loctaed in Italy. Page in Italian
  Weird Science
  Author: Weird Science   Date Verified:
  The UK's premier site for Amiga software (and hardware)
  Author: WordBench   Date Verified:
  Retailor of Amiga hard and software, books, Video & CD-Rom Training and more.
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