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Looking for some Amiga technichal info? If so you may find it here!

  Amiga Hints
  Author: Robert Davis   Date Verified:
  Lots of Amiga Hardware hints, tips and links!
  Amiga Platform specifik information and files
  Author: Lars Jessen   Date Verified:
  ***WOW Incredible source for of Amiga information *** General Information: Rom Kernal Reference Manuals, Native Developer Kit, Other AmigaOS dokumentation, Amiga Assemblers, Amiga C Compilers, Other Amiga Compilers, Amiga Development Tools. Sources and tutorials: Amiga Assembler, Programming page, Amiga C programming page, Amiga links. Schematics and diagrams: A4000 Schematics.
  Amiga Schematics and Manuals
  Author: 4wd   Date Verified:
  Scanned schematics and manuals for the A1000, A2060, A2065, A2232, A3000, A500, A501, A600, A1084, A1701, A1902, A2002 and the CD32.
  Amiga USB Central
  Author: Michael Böhmer   Date Verified:
  Purpose of this page. This page is intended as an collection of useful information for all who want to implement USB to the Amiga hardware. It will focus primarily on hardware issues. If you know other sources of information on USB on the Amiga, please feel free to contact me. If you are interested in the hardware part, if you want to develop drivers for USB devices, please feel free to contact me. If you know other people working on USB hardware projects, please feel free to contact me.
  Amiga's in Home Automation?
  Author: Jim Hines   Date Verified:
  This article is not to promote the Amiga in anyway, nor do I work for Amiga Inc. It is also not meant to be a comparison with other systems, although a few comparisons may be used to make a point. I am simply a more-than-happy user who wants to share my experiences with using the Amiga in a home automation (HA) environment.
  AmigaOne, latest news, links and information
  Author: Sigurbjörn "Sibbi" B. Lárusson   Date Verified:
  The AmigaOne news/links and info page is an attempt to gather all information regarding the AmigaOne in one place, including hardware specifications, hardware support, Linux and OS 4 installation and any other relevant tidbits. News which affect the AmigaOne are also posted there, and registered users can discuss them by leaving comments.
  Apollo A1240 and A1260 crash fix
  Author: Dave   Date Verified:
  The apollo accelerator cards for the Amiga A1200 are very good cards but on certain revisions of motherboards will refuse to work. The main problem boards are the Rev 1 D.4 and Rev 2B. To make these accelerators work a small modification needs doing to the motherboard. Exactly how involved this will be really depends on your motherboard and the revision of Budgie installed on your motherboard.
  Apollo turboboards for A3000/4000
  Author: Glen   Date Verified:
  Do you have an Apollo 4040/4060 or a 3040/4060 and having trouble with it ? I had, and found virtually NO help on the net, and only ONE page actually containing anything useable at all, please visit it for more info, you find it here
  Big Book of Amiga Hardware
  Author: Ian Chapman   Date Verified:
  One of the BEST places on the web to fing information on just about EVERY AMIGA and device pertaining to it!! GREAT!!!!!
  BlizzardPPC overclock place
  Author: Giorgio Signori   Date Verified:
  GREAT site to find articles, beachmarks and information about overclocking your PPC.
  Building an A3000 into an ATX case
  Author: Daner   Date Verified:
  I have here described as exactly as I am able to how I did when I built my Amiga 3000 into a standard atx tower case. I leave no quarantees whatsoever that the same project will be a success for anybody else and I take no responsibility for damages on any equipment for anyone that tries to follow my example.
  CatWeasel MK3 PCI Linux Drivers
  Author: Dirk Jagdmann and Michael Stickel   Date Verified:
  This driver accesses the SID and joystick features of the CatWeasel MK3 PCI by Individual Computers. If you want to use the floppy features please use Michael Krauses Floppy CatWeasel Driver. If you are an SID expert and can help in improving our SID player or if you are an expert in patching software like sidplay, sidplay2, resid, vice, ec64, Frodo etc. and you want to add support for the CatWeasel SID driver into this software please contact me and let me know.
  Chip Directory
  Author:   Date Verified:
  This site contains: Numerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pinouts and lists of chip manufacturers, manufacturers of controller embedding tools, electronics books, CDROM's, magazines, WWW sites and much more.
  Clockmeister's Amiga Page
  Author: Clockmeister's Amiga Page   Date Verified:
  Contains Schematics and scanned manuals for the A590, A1060, A500, A2000, A1200, A4000 and info on the DKB MegaChip 2000/500. Plus A1000 hacks.
  Collection Notes from Dave Haynie
  Author: Dave Haynie   Date Verified:
  What you have here is the first set of documents from old Commodore that I managed to assemble. This is definitely a work in progress, and it doesn't progress fast. Much of the Amiga stuff was done on Amigas, but unfortunately at different times. So I didn't necessarily still have the programs necessary to read and convert some of this documentation to ASCII and/or the portable document format (PDF, Adobe's Acrobat format, as close as you're likely to get to a universal format).
  Contents of directory hard/hack: Selfmade hardware
  Author: Aminet   Date Verified:
  Aminet's Selfmade hardware directory listing! Need I say more?
  CyberStorm MKII Upgrade Page
  Author: Bill   Date Verified:
  NOTE ** archived copy from *** This page exists because of the problems I came up against when trying to upgrade my Amiga A4000T from a 68040/40MHz Cyberstorm MKII from Phase 5 to a 68060. I emailed Software Hut where I ordered my 4000T/CSMK2 almost 2 years ago, but all they wanted to do to help me was to sell me a MK3 board. As a college student, I don't have that kind of money, and I thought it a silly solution since MK2 boards were also sold with 060s on them. So I emailed Phase 5's support email address, as found on their web site, as the MKII owner's manual says "In case of an upgrade of your MK II 040/40ERC ERC [why the double ERC I don't know] to a 68060 processor, which we are quite prepared to do for you..." on an insert for the 040 version of the board.
  Dave's Amiga Hardware Page
  Author: Dave   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the Amiga Hardware Resource and Overclocking page. This site is constantly updated. Visit regularly for the latest Amiga hardware and overclocking ideas and experiences. This site is optimised for Amigas using Ibrowse or Aweb at 1024x768 resolution. Pages on this site may look untidy at lower resolutions. This website is proudly compiled using the KISS principle! GREAT SITE!!!! Lots of links!!!
  DCR Software & Hardware
  Author: DCR   Date Verified:
  On my homepage I am offering my software and hardware projects for the Amiga computer system. You are able to download the software and the construction manual of my hardware at no cost. If you own an Amiga you are damn right on my homepage. Maybe you'll find some things of interest. MAS-Player - Hardware-based MP3-Player, Bibelforscher - A program to research the bible, ZeroIQ Demo - These are some short music videos for simple minds, Amigo Computer - A little manual on how to build your own self-made computer, Games - Some games called: "Flying Eagles", "Four in a row" and "Calculate". Commodore C64 - To getting your Amiga's C64 emulator busy you will find my favorite games which I programmed for the Commodore C64.
  DIY A1200 Tower guide
  Author: Stefan Öggemar   Date Verified:
  Why build an A1200 Tower? I built my A1200 tower because I needed more room, the standard A1200 case was so filled with stuff that it got overheated all the time. Well today I haven't got that problem anymore. As almost every A1200 owner I want to use several harddrives and a CD-ROM drive to, but there isn't enough room in the standard case. And with more than one harddrive and turboboard you need a more powerful PSU than the standard one.
  Extreme Amiga 600 Upgrading
  Author: webmaster   Date Verified:
  This site tells the story of me and a friend of mine trying to upgrade an Amiga 600 to the max. Why would you want to do so? Well, hard to explain. It's a freak thing. So if you don't like the Amiga or even don't know what it is, if you've never experienced the wish to do something crazy, well then you better stop reading now. This project was completely irrational -- and therefore one hell lot of fun!
  FAQ about MODS
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Floppy Replacement
  Author: Tom Parker   Date Verified:
  The floppy disk drive in older amigas are starting to wear out.Those which do not, or at once stage, did not have a hard drive, are particularly effected. The amiga floppy drive is fairly rare and expensive, although, Graham Chui at Comp Karori still has stock as I write this (6/3/01). For those that can't get a real amiga floppy, you can use a PC floppy drive. Now before you get excited, you can use a High Density drive, you won't be able to read or write High Density disks with it. Anthony Hoffman has done the conversion and has the following to say:
  Hardware Book
  Author: Joakim Ögren   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the Hardware Book. Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions. GREAT!!!!
  homepage of Pontus Fuchs
  Author: Pontus Fuchs   Date Verified:
  Completed projects/products: KeyC1200 PC-keyboard-adapter for the A1200. KeyC3000 PC-keyboard-adapter for A2000/A3000. BananANI CallerID for sweden (in swedish). BananaPlay Old but quite good modplayer. pcmser.device PCMCIA-modem driver for the A1200. truesound.device Driver for the mp3-decodercard "Truesound" card from NSM.
  How to make the Phase 5 CV64/3D ScanDoubler work in the A2000 / A3000 video slot
  Author: Stéphane Guillard   Date Verified:
  Phase 5 (German manufacturer of superior quality Amiga hardware extensions) was making, a few years ago, a graphics board called the CyberVision 64/3D (based on the S3/Virge chipset). This board came without a scandoubler (a system which would enable viewing 15 KHz original screenmodes on the >31 KHz monitor connected to the CV64/3D). Such a system was proposed as an option : the CV64/3D Scandoubler. Here it is, sitting in the A2000 video slot : The board was able to run in Zorro II (Amiga 2000, 3000, 3000T bus technology) and Zorro III (Amiga 4000, 4000T). But the scandoubler module was only made to fit the specifically enhanced video slot of the A4000/4000T, and would not even mechanically fit in the A2000/3000 video slot.
  How to Tower an A4000
  Author: A4000 Tower   Date Verified:
  Welcome ! Let the links below guide you from desktop to Tower !
  My A1200 PCMCIA Reset Fix
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  A short 'how to' on fixing the PCMCIA reset problem with the Gayle chip in the A1200
  Official AmigaOS 3.9 FAQ
  Author: Greg Donner   Date Verified:
  This FAQ is meant to provide answers to frequent questions regarding OS 3.9 and it's usage. I welcome all suggestions/feedback to this site. Constructive criticism is also accepted. Please note, however, that due to the large amount of e-mail I receive daily from the OS 3.5 & 3.9 mailing lists, as well as e-mail to me directly, I may not always be able to add as many entries as some would like. These pages are intended as a means of answering the most common questions or those pertinent to most OS 3.9 users
  Author: Kelvin   Date Verified:
  Personal Homepage. Info on upgrading the A1200 PSU. As we all know, the power supply that is given with the A1200 is, well, underpowered (to say the least). Here is a project that converts a standard AT PSU into on that an A1200 can use.
  Overclocking the CyberStormPPC
  Author: Wouter Lamée   Date Verified:
  Over the years I have gathered quite a bit of hardware. Maybe I'll add a detailed list later, but right now I'll focus on what currently is the heart of my A4000T: A brand new CyberStormPPC with 233MHz PowerPC 604e and 50MHz 68060, produced by DCE, the company that took over the production of these and other cards from Phase5.
  Overclocking the Phase 5 boards
  Author: Dave's Amiga Hardware Page   Date Verified:
  The Cyberstorm PPC is a dual processor PPC604e / 68060 card clocked at 200 MHz and 50 MHz respectively, although there are other variants using different speeds. The Cyberstorm MKIII is identical, though without the PPC chip and associated circuitry. MKIII users can therefore, ignore any references to the PPC in this discussion.
  Project: Amiga Remake:
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  This project want's to create an enhaced Amiga 500 clone computer, first using the original custom chips from an original one, and in the future, from VHDL cores. The project starts from the electrical design, and ends on the PCB desing.
  Rebuilding an Amiga 1200
  Author: webmaster   Date Verified:
  a pictural on rebuilding a Amiga 1200
  rob's amiga pages
  Author: Rob   Date Verified:
  Information on Amiga file transfers - floppy, cable, ethernet and robsoft.
  SCSI Trade Association
  Author: SCSI Trade Association   Date Verified:
  Who Are We? The SCSI Trade Association (STA) mission is to help educate OEM's, resellers and information technology professionals about SCSI, one of the industry's most widely adopted I/O interfaces. The STA also helps shape the future of SCSI to ensure performance and compatibility.
  The Big Old Chip List (Amiga Custom Chips)
  Author: RCR   Date Verified:
  Way back in 1989, when I worked for one of the many CBM divisions, I kept a paper that had a list of custom chips that I ran across in my work. The list got a lot of requests and kept growing. When CBM went under I moved the list over to AmigaGuide. It is a simple idea. It is a AmigaGuide sorted by the chip name and its function. Within that there is information on the full chip name, CBM Part Number and Machines used in. The guide covers machines from A500 to A4000T (and AA3000/A3000+) and CDTV(II) to CD32. OCS to AAA chipsets. Cards such as Gemini & A2631.
  the world soft
  Author: william sawyer   Date Verified:
  the site I always wanted to have
  Tips & tricks for the GVP-m G-Force 2040/2060 accelerator board
  Author: Stéphane Guillard   Date Verified:
  Tips & tricks for the GVP-m G-Force 2040/2060 accelerator board (also known as TekMagic 2060/060) -
  Tom-D-Tek's AMIGA Hack Page
  Author: Tom Weeks   Date Verified:
  If you are a red boxxing, pHrAcK wanna-B, this is NOT the place for you... This area is dedicated to AMIGA hardware hacks that appreciate the finer points of creating/modifying hardware systems; for people who KNOW and wish to learn... not for war dial'n, cell phone hack'n kids! >8v/ MANY, MANY hardware hack resources. LOTS of REPAIR/TECH TIPS!!!!
  Using the A3640 in an A3000
  Author: Oliver Knorr   Date Verified:
  The A3640 is Commodore's 25 MHz 68040 board used in the A3000T-040, A4000/040 and A4000T. Originally it was designed to fit in the desktop A3000, too (hence the name). Unfortunately, this did not work as good as expected. Several problems were found, so Commodore never recommended the A3000 installation of the A3640 officially.
  Watercooling the Cyberstorm PPC
  Author: Steve Giovenella   Date Verified:
  For quite some time now, PC overclockers have been exploring new techniques in cooling their hardware. One popular technique is watercooling, in which the traditional heatsink and fan is replaced by a watercooling "block". This block is attached to the chip being cooled in a similar manner to the usual heatsink and contains ducts in which the cooling fluid passes through. An inlet and outlet tube is attached to the block. These tubes run via a pump to a radiator outside the computer's case. The idea is that the fluid passes through the block, cooling the chip and is then passed through the radiator, which cools the fluid in an endless cycle.
  Welcome to Marcel DeVoe's Amiga Web Page
  Author: Marcel DeVoe   Date Verified:
  I am an Amiga aficionado and love my A4000D (Desktop) computer. After getting requests on various projects that I and my nephew have done (especially overclocking) on our mostly similar Amigas, I decided to put up these pages to answer most of the questions (and also so I won't have to keep emailing and posting over and over again to various newsgroups, especially comp.sys.amiga.hardware ;-) But mostly I have also created these web pages dedicated (by many requests) to what seems to interest Amiga owners the most with their systems, OVERCLOCKING. In this day, upgrading is imperative, especially the NEED for SPEEED.
  Welcome to the Bill's Hacks, Inc. home page.
  Author: Bill Toner   Date Verified:
  Bill's Hack Page
  Welcome to the official Disk2FDI project page!
  Author: Vincent & Sonia Joguin   Date Verified:
  Disk2FDI is a utility running under DOS to create Formatted Disk Image (FDI) files from actual floppy disks. Please note that it will NOT work under Windows NT, 2000, and XP. It is the first program to allow Amiga-formatted disks reading on a standard PC, although it requires 2 disk drives to work. This was previously thought to be impossible. Disk2FDI is also able to create standard ADF files that can be directly used with Amiga emulators, ST files that can be directly used with Atari ST emulators, and IMG files from PC disks.
  _int2 & _int6 for the A3000 & A3000T
  Author: vgr   Date Verified:
  GREAT PAGE for A3000/T tech. information. How to install the missing _int2 & _int6 line. Pictures and more!!
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