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  Author: 100%AMIGA   Date Verified:
  The Amiga's only Monthly CD Based Magazine. Each and every issue of 100%AMIGA features full multi-media presentations of the latest reviews, news, tips and tutorials. Don't just sit there and read it. "See It, Hear It. Experience It". Most readers of 100%AMIGA are subscibers, but you can get a trial issue of our great CD Magazine now, but why when nearly 90% of people who buy a trial issue come back and take a full years subscription.
  Amiga Future
  Author: Andreas Magerl   Date Verified:
  German (and english) print mag, newspage, interviews, cheats, and some other interesting items!!
  Amiga Information Online (AIO)
  Author: AIO   Date Verified:
  AIO caters for all sorts of Amiga users so we include games/utilities reviews, news, articles, interviews, letters, adverts and more. Each issue is displayed in a unique GUI which has been specially made to view AIO and can be seen nowhere else. It uses features like 256 colours, rescaling of pictures, automatic downloading of files reviewed plus much more! Download the latest issue (Issue 61, July 2002) AIO is read in over 40 countries. If you have written any reviews, articles or have a press/news release that you would like us to publish then please email them to the address below. We are also interested in seeing your work like title screens, music or programs you have written that you would like us to review.
  Amiga Minus
  Author: Slawomir Wilk   Date Verified:
  The one and only polish Amiga e-zine.
  Amiga Survivor
  Author: Amiga Survivor   Date Verified:
  Hello and welcome to the all-new Amiga Survivor website. What is It? The magazine is now under new ownership and has a whole new team of writers as well as an experienced Graphics designer and Webmaster. Great Magazine!!!
  Author: Tim Janssen   Date Verified:
  Welcome to Amiga Reviews - a site devoted to the Amiga, its games and magazines that have reviewed them. Here you can find more than 390 reviews in HTML which originally appeared on paper from 1988 to 2000. If you ever wanted to know how a particular Amiga game scored in gamesmagazines, check out this site. All reviews originally appeared in magazines like Amiga Format, CU Amiga, Zzap and Zero between 1988 and 2000.
  Author: AMIGAplus   Date Verified:
  Since 1991 AMIGAplus is one of the leading print magazines worldwide with 11 issues per year in 4c: Latest reviews, previews, reports, tutorials and interviews. Including bimonthly readers' CD-ROM, and additionally a big website.
  Author: AmigaScene   Date Verified:
  De AmigaScene is het Nederlandstalige computerblad voor de Amiga computer. Onze doelstelling is dan ook om Amiga gebruikers in Nederland en Vlaanderen te voorzien van Nederlandstalige Amiga informatie. Ons blad verschijnt 1x per twee maanden en bevat dan ongeveer 40 pagina's met informatie. De AmigaScene is een uitgave van Stichting Amiga Nederland en is gevestigd op het volgende adres: (Home page of AmigaScene. A Amiga published magazine located in the netherlands. Amiga news, links, software, polls and much more!)
  Author: Amitopia   Date Verified:
  Great site for Amiga news and information. Lot's of good artices and interviews!!! Publishers of the Amitopia Magazine Issue for the Scandinavian Amiga user.
  Author: Amiga Computer Group   Date Verified:
  The website for the swedish printed magazine Azine. Site in Swedish
  Author: Bitplane   Date Verified:
  An Italian-Amiga only printed magazine. Good web presence. Italian only!
  Jurassic Pack
  Author: Jurassic Pack   Date Verified:
  Welcome To JP Online, The Website Of Jurassic Pack - The Lost Diskmag. JP is a grammalogue/shortening for "Jurassic Pack" which is the name of our computer scene related magazine, a so-called diskmag, for the Amiga computer. (It is no pack nowadays - although its name indicates the idea - but still 100% a diskmag!) If that does not interest you, you should not stop reading this homepage though! You might find some interesting things for you like graphics and musics for example.
  Author: Jason Compton   Date Verified:
  The Innovative News Source For the Amiga Community. Makers of Catalyzer. ImageFX is the engine. Your Amiga's tank is full of gas. Catalyzer for ImageFX is a project-based approach to learning how to create professional-looking effects with one of the Amiga's most powerful tools. This tape is the Catalyzer.
  Micro Mart
  Author: Micro Mart   Date Verified:
  Micro Mart launched in 1985 as a fortnightly magazine, Micro Computer Mart became a weekly publication, due to readers demands, in 1991. It is the only national weekly computer-trading magazine in the UK and aims to bring informative editorial to the intermediate/experienced home and small business user. Click here for contact details.
  Power Amiga
  Author: Team PowerAmiga   Date Verified:
  PowerAmiga is site of russian electronical magazines.
  RAM Magazine
  Author: RAM   Date Verified:
  RAM Magazine was an Amiga printed magazine from 1995 to 1996. We've decided to create PDF versions of this magazine and upload all here. --- De novembre 1995 à juillet 1996, les Editions La Chaise, association basée à Arbas (31), ont édité un fanzine dédié à l'Amiga. Format A3 plié en quatre, parution bimensuelle, jeux de mots vaseux autour des trois lettres R, A et M, ce fanzine crée par BiBi, Lavi et l'Ours aura marqué les esprits. --- Site in French and English
  The Amiga magazine list
  Author: Claude Müller   Date Verified:
  The almost complete AMIGA Magazines List. Since I've got my Amiga back in 1988 I've been looking for Amiga-magazines on newsstands all over the world. I mostly bought German Amiga-magazines, but when I was on vacation I perhaps got a bit ""computer-homesick"" and looked for other Amiga-magazines. I have found many, mostly on airports, but also at really funny places where no-one would expect to find an Amiga-magazine. I found lots of mags. I guess most Amigafans don't know or at least haven't seen most of the mags I mention in this list. However, the list is not complete. I do not have any Amiga-magazines from the Netherlands (there was one). Also if there should have been any African or South American Amiga-magazines (I doubt it), I didn't find them.
  The New Amigan
  Author: Bill Griffin   Date Verified:
  "The New Amigans" is currently America's no.1 Amiga printzine. And we are now going on our second year and still gaining more readers. From our website, you can order back issues, T-shirts, and subscribe to our magazine. The pages of t.N.A. are filled with the latest news, reviews of oldies but goldies and new software, editorials about both the classic and the next generation Amigas. The latest Sabrina-OnLine comics are within, as well as different tutorials. And we also have a "Help Desk." column.
  Author: Bill Griffin   Date Verified:
  Homepage for the NEW AMIGANS. A monthly Amiga news and information magazine by Bill Griffin.
  Total Amiga
  Author: SEAL   Date Verified:
  Brilliant Amiga magazine (non-commercial) by SEAL. South Essex Amiga Link is (surprise, surprise) an Amiga user group based in South Essex, England. SEAL was formed in April 1998 by Mick Sutton, who has been working very hard as the group's chairman ever since! Even though SEAL is not yet three years old we have become one of the most active and best known Amiga groups in the UK.
  Various Amiga Magazine Index
  Author: Young Monkey   Date Verified:
  Nicely done index page for reviews and articles on varios Amiga related magazines. NewTekniques, newtekpro, Video Toaster User, AC's Tech, Amazing Computing (US&UK) Amiga Domaine Public (France), Amiga Info, Amiga Informer, Amiga News (France), Amiga Survivor, Amiga World, Amiga World tech Journal, CU Amiga and Scientifican Amigan and several other magazines,
Number of web sites found:  21

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