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25-26 Apr 20:
The First Commodore Los Angeles Super Show. Chatsworth CA, USA

6-7 Jun 20: Amiga 35th - A celebration of the past for the future. Santa Clara, CA, USA
12-13 Sep 20: Flashback 20/20. feat. Amiga 35. Hilversum, Netherlands

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Listing of future or past shows & conventions.

  2003 Consumer Electronics Show
  Author: CES   Date Verified:
  The World's Largest Annual Tradeshow for Consumer Technology! The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the showcase for the who, what, where and why of the consumer technology industry. At CES, international visionaries in content media, delivery and hardware illustrate new business models and new consumer applications made possible by technology. Held in Las Vegas Nevada, USA
  Alt.WoA 2003
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Information on the "upcomming" Alt-WoA 2003. "Watch this space" for more information.
  Alternative Party 2003
  Author: Alt Party   Date Verified:
  ALTERNATIVE PARTY 2003 - 10th-12th January 2oo3 - Held in Gloria Helsinki Finland. The second biggest computer party in Finland
  AMIGA 2001
  Author: Amiga2001   Date Verified:
  AMIGA 2001 is the traditional AMIGA-fair in Cologne/Germany, held first time back in the beginning of the 1990s. Held in 2001 from 17th to 18th November at MediaPark 6 in Cologne, 20 exhibitors and over 2000 visitors expected.
  Amiga Computer Group Gothenburg (ACG Göteborg)
  Author: Andreas Loong   Date Verified:
  German Amiga Website. The files from WOASE has finally been encoded and distributed to the mirrors. Check them out here!
  Amiga+Retro Computing 2002
  Author: Jens Schönfeld   Date Verified:
  AMIGA + RETRO COMPUTING 2002 takes place on december 7th and 8th, 2002 at the Eurogress Aachen, Germany. The main focus of the show will be on Amiga-related products. The biggest highlights will surely be the new mainboards "Amiga One" and "Pegasos". The title "Retro Computing" does not mean that this is a nostalgia meeting or even a fleamarket for old computers. Just the opposite. The exhibitors will show that the technologies of the homecomputers of the 80s are still improved today, and that they're still available as new products in the 21st century.
  Amiga-St Louis
  Author: Bob & Diana   Date Verified:
  Welcome to Amiga-STL Home of the Gateway Computer Shows. Thanks for attending Amiga2001. We had a great time seeing everyone again. We introduced some new products at the show, as did several companies. Later we will post some of our information for you to view. Especially our newest project. Although it is not directly Amiga oriented, I'm sure you will agree that with time we will be able to work on converting this product to Amiga.
  Amiga: The A-Expo Review
  Author: Nicholas Blachford   Date Verified:
  I haven't been in the Amiga scene for quite some years now as I have long since left for the shores of planet BeOS. However I recently had the chance to re-enter the Amiga World at an Amiga show in the South-East of France when I went to meet a potential employer - after being "discovered" on OSNews! You'd think that a computer which hasn't shipped in years would have a small dwindling community. If you thought that well, you'd be wrong. This show dwarfs the BeOS BeGeistert shows I go to in Germany. Yet, Begeistert is for all of Europe and held every 6 months, this was just one French Amiga show and they are held around Europe nearly every week.
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Presented by Nova Design, Inc., this show brought together developers, resellers and other exhibitors of Amiga and Classic platforms together in an east coast venue! We had AmigaDE, AmigaXL & Amithlon, WinUAE, Classic Gaming, MAME, Vintage Computers and more!
  Author: Ron Schwartz   Date Verified:
  The Show within a Show at Computerfest®. August 24-25, 2002, Hara Arena, Dayton Ohio. Thanks to everyone who participated or attended this year! See the photos from Amigafest 2002!
  AONE - Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event
  Author: Amigabg   Date Verified:
  AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event will take place on the 21st of September, which is a Saturday. The event will last between 12 – 17 and the premises where we will hold the event is called Kajutan ("The Cabin" in English). At this event, which we call "AONE Gothenburg 2002 Fall Event", the first new Amiga computer in ten years will for the first time be seen in Sweden. We see this as a scandinavian kickoff for the new Amiga!
  Benelux Amiga Show
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Highlights from the 2001 show. Interviews, Photos and more.
  CeBit Australia 2003
  Author: Hannover Fairs Australia Pty. Ltd   Date Verified:
  CeBIT Australia is Australia’s premier Information and Communications Technology (ICT) exhibition, where exhibitors from Australia and overseas showcase their products and services to a business visitor audience of ICT purchase decision makers. A sister event of CeBIT Hannover, the world’s largest and most successful ICT exhibition, CeBIT Australia 2002 made its debut in Sydney in May 2002 and immediately set the standard for ICT exhibitions in this country. 6 – 8 May 2003, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour
  Cloanto at World of Amiga 2002
  Author: Cloanto   Date Verified:
  Pics from the WOA show 2002
  Ottawa Amiga Show
  Author: AmigaShow   Date Verified:
  On Saturday November 9, 2002, the user group will be hosting the second Ottawa Amiga Show. Once again, the show will be held at the Routier Centre, 172 Guigues Street, in the market of downtown Ottawa, Ontario. With all of the interest in alternative operating systems, this is an excellent opportunity for the public to see the latest offerings from Amiga, Inc. This includes the AmigaOne, the first new hardware for the platform since 1993, and the binary portable Amiga Digital Environment (DE), currently available for Microsoft Windows, x86 Linux systems, ARM and MIPS processors.
  Pegasos Gothenburg Show 2002
  Author: Pegasos Gothenburg Show   Date Verified:
  The Show - At the show the new Pegasos computer will be demonstrated. You will see the Pegasos running a variety of applications and different operating systems, including MorphOS and Mac-on-Linux. Several computers will be up and working for the event for participants to test. You can have a very close look at the hardware as well on software running on it to see what the machine can offer you.
  Picture report of the Benelux Amiga show 2001
  Author: Mike Bouma   Date Verified:
  Date 4 July 2001 - Amiga`s CEO Bill McEwen and Amiga`s CTO Fleecy Moss have done their best this last year to inform every Amiga user around the globe about Amiga`s big plans. They demonstrated new Amiga technologies and presented new projects with their partners at various Amiga shows held across Europe, the US and even Australia. For the 23rd of June Fleecy Moss and Amiga`s major AmigaOne partners also planned to present the new AmigaOne computer in my own home country the Netherlands. The Benelux Amiga Show was being held in Rotterdam and I was curious to see how many Amigans would show up as it was years ago when such a big Amiga-only event was planned for the Netherlands. I was amazed that over 400 visitors visited the show! So were the organizers (Dutch computer shop ComputerCity and the Dutch Magazine AmigaScene). They may want to look for a bigger building for next year`s show. :)
  Planeta Amiga 2001
  Author: Planeta Amiga   Date Verified:
  Lagre Amiga/computer show located in Italy.
  Sacramento Amiga Computer Club (AmiWest)
  Author: Chuck Washburn   Date Verified: 2015-02-01
  Founded in 1986, The Sacramento Amiga Computer Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to users of the Amiga family of computers. Memberships are available to all who have an interest in the Amiga personal computer. Our purpose is the dissemination of information about, assistance to the users of, and promotion of the Amiga computer. Membership is open to anyone and everyone who has an interest in the Amiga. Major supporters of Amiwest.
  The Benelux Amiga Show
  Author: The Benelux Amiga Show   Date Verified:
  See you in 2003! The Benelux Amiga Show is planned for April 2003 in Rotterdam. for more information: Remember the 2001 event?
  The Benelux Pegasos Show
  Author: The Benelux Pegasos Show   Date Verified:
  See you in 2003! The Benelux Pegasos Show is planned for April 2003 in Rotterdam for more information: Remember the 2001 event?
  Vintage Computer Festival
  Author: VCF   Date Verified:
  The mission of the Vintage Computer Festival is to promote the preservation of "obsolete" computers by offering people a chance to experience the technologies, people and stories that embody the remarkable tale of the computer revolution. Through our event and the Vintage Technology Cooperative Resource Center--our publicly accessible archive of computer hardware, software and literature--we promote interest in researching and documenting the history of the computer. Above all, we promote the fun of playing with old computers.
  WOA Show Nov 2002 transcripts
  Author: Andreas Loong   Date Verified:
  WOA Show Nov 2002 transcripts.
  WOASE sound & video files (2002)
  Author: ACG Göteborg   Date Verified:
  Here we go. Below is a list of files for your pleasure. Please pick a mirror that is geographically close to you, if possible. Since very few seems to bother using mirrors, I've now enforced bandwidth restriction on mp3 and avi files. [AmigaOne][transcript] - [Fleecy Moss][transcript] - [Amiga OS4][transcript] - [Q&A session] - [WOA 2002 movie, use a MIRROR! ] - Please note this file is 600MB. readme
  World of Amiga 2002 pictures and show report.
  Author: Ian Steadman   Date Verified:
  World of Amiga 2002 pictures and show report. Show report later, dinner time!
  World of Amiga South East (WOASE)
  Author: Mick Sutton   Date Verified:
  On the 2nd of Novemember 2002 The World Of Amiga 2002 show will take place, to find out more about the show select a subject from the navbar at the top and bottom of the page. (ed. CRAP is this one a bit late)
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