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Listing of all past and present companies dedicated to the Amiga.

  Abacus Publishing
  Author: Abacus Publishing   Date Verified: 2015-01-30
  If you're an Amiga fanatic, you owe it to yourself to check into our widely known collection of Amiga books. When the Amiga was easier to find, so were are books - we were the number one Amiga book publisher. We still have an ample supply of books if you're looking for hard to find Amiga information.
  Date of Archive: 2003-10-10    
  ACT -- Albrecht Computer Technik
  Author: A.C.T.   Date Verified: 2015-01-30
  A.C.T. was founded in 1994 by Marc Albrecht. The main target was to develop and support Amiga audio hard- and software. while the former business areas (support and service for various computer platforms) remained important to guarantee financial flexibility. In 1996 the partnership with SEK'D and the official continuation of development for "Samplitude Amiga" widened up the product range and A.C.T. became market leader for audio hard- and software on the Amiga market. also the Prelude sound card. ewewwwe
  Date of Archive: 2006-10-18    
  Amiga Inc.'s Home Page
  Author: Amiga Inc.   Date Verified: 2015-01-31
  Amiga's Home Page.. What else is there to say??
  apex designs
  Author: apex designs   Date Verified: 2015-01-31
  Developers of the games Payback, Frontal Assault, Fire Power and 6-Tris. GREAT PROGRAMS!!!
  Author: Audiolabs   Date Verified:
  AudioLabs specializes in development of non linear editing and DSP software for desktop audio. The firm was established in late 1997. We focus on Motorola 680x0 and PowerPC CPUs, in single processor or dual processor architectures. The operating system of choice is AmigaOS. Latest development, the ProStationAudio non-linear editing / DSP enviroment, is recognized as the reference audio product for the AmigaOS/Draco/NewtekFlyer platforms.
  Author: bplan   Date Verified:
  Makers of the "soon to be released" Pegasos PPC mainboard.
  Author: Colanto   Date Verified:
  Long time Amiga company. They bring us many products such as Amiga Forever, Amifa Explorer and Personal paint.
  Darkage Software
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Software retailors located in Italy.
  Deneban Software
  Author: Deneban Software   Date Verified:
  Deneban Software, founded in 1995, produces high quality shareware and freeware to the Amiga community. Our modest shareware fees make Deneban Software releases attractive additions to any Amiga user's library. All shareware is designed to be run and browsed by unregistered users such that they can experience the software's capabilities and determine whether they wish to register. Our freeware application scripts are designed to bring new utility to your major Amiga applications. Authors of BackDrop - Randomly cycles the Workbench Window image, HP DeskJet Controller - Controls HP DeskJet printers from a Workbench GUI window
  Author: Elbox   Date Verified:
  Long time Amiga hardware manufacturer. Makers of the Mediator, tower systems, soon to released PPC G3/G4 accelerators, interfaces and more!
  ELSAT S.C. Multimedia & Video
  Author: ELSAT   Date Verified:
  AMIGA Peripheral maker. - Video decomression systems, Video monitoring systems and logo generators,
  Author: Escena   Date Verified:
  Makers of a forhtcomming G3 accelerator.
  Author: Eternity   Date Verified:
  We are specialiced on Amiga for many years and therefore we have a lot of experience with the large variety of all Amiga hard- and software available. We want to keep in contact with Amiga users and still keep on developing new products to show the capabilties of this great Computer. They are shown on exhibitions like Computer98 - held in Cologne/Germany, Infomedia in Belgium or lately on Home Electronics World. You can always visit our shop in Frechen (near Cologne) or ask special AMIGA related questions and get support via E-mail or via ourhotline.
  Author: Fastech Public Relations   Date Verified:
  Fastech is a new company, dedicated to bringing the latest in technology to existing equipment. With locations in Silicon Valley, and Germany, we have an international team of experts in all areas of technology, design, software engineering, and marketing. Planning on making the Amiga Super Expansion System.
  Haage & Partner
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Makers of Storm C, Storm Wizard, PowerASM, WarpUP, AmigaWriter, ArtEffect and much, much more!! Current developers of Amis OS 3.5 and 3.9. Distributers of the Wacom drawing tablet.
  Author: HiSoft   Date Verified:
  Former long time Amiga Software developer. Now sells windows/mac items. Still some Amiga related items of the site.
  IAT Manufacturing
  Author: IAT Manufacturing   Date Verified:
  IAT Manufacturing specialises in the development of custom Amgia, Amiga Linux and UNIX powered computational devices. This Site also host to the Impulse Project. The Impulse Project is an exiting development brought to you by IAT Manufacturing and Alternate Approach. It represents the development of a multiprocessing system built around the Motorola ColdFire series of integrated MPU's. Impulse Units are currently in the final design phase.
  Author: INCAGOLD   Date Verified:
  PC & moble games developer. Authors of Micro Scooter Challenge, PaintBall Heroes, Midnight Racing and more! Hyperion Entertainment has entered into a comprehensive license agreement which will see many of IncaGold’s current and future entertainment software titles converted for the Amiga, Linux and Macintosh platforms.
  Individual Computers
  Author: J. Schoenfeld   Date Verified:
  .. for creative minds .. Makers of ISDN Surfer and X-Surf Ethernet, IDE-fix, Graffiti, catweasel and more. . I have an X-Surf and I love it!!! Good software support.
  Author: IOSPIRIT   Date Verified:
  Makers of IOUSB (USB drivers for OS 3.x and 4.X), fxSCAN (The All-In-One-scanning-package from IOSPIRIT. Includes an improved and powerful OCR (optical character recognition), fast PDF-export, an impressive user-interface, image-processing-, scanning-, copying- and conversionfunctions), VHI Studio (Record videoclips, put a webcam into the internet, create timelapse-animations or single shots, optimize your photos, download your pictures from your digicam or just watch TV (depending on the hardware even up to 9 channels in an overview!) and fxPAINT(The multitalent among the graphicsprograms. Incl. PPC-support, conversion-, cataloging-, webfunctions and much much more. More than 80 effects!!)
  Author: Jacek Strzelczyk   Date Verified:
  Polish Amiga dealer and software developer.
  Author: Javosoft   Date Verified:
  Amiga, Casablanca/2, and PC hardware. Located in Prague
  Kicksoft Ltd
  Author: Ray McCarthy   Date Verified:
  Kicksoft ltd supply a range of serious quality commercial software and serious Shareware for the amiga range. Kicksoft has grown from the succesful amiga user group KICKSTART in England.
  Author: Matay   Date Verified:
  Makers of the Prometheus Zorro-->PCI board. Good support found here,
  Author: Merlancia   Date Verified:
  Amiga Sales- Welcome to Merlancia Industries, the nation's premier Amiga retailer, developer, and distributions firm. We stock all current Amiga products, as well as many older products that are not available anywhere else. We can repair any Amiga product. Loacted in the USA
  Mic Tinker
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  An engineer with an Amiga mission… Designer of the BoXeR, Siamese PCI and Access. In development: AA+ Chip Set and the MMC Machines. Mick Tinker is a design engineer concentrating on the design of motherboards based around Amiga technology. I wish him the best of the luck!!!
  Nexus Development
  Author: Nexus Development   Date Verified:
  Nexus Development is a software house born in 1999. Actually is formed only by me, Emanuele Cesaroni (, only coder and head project of PuzzleBOBS which is the first important videogame for me, and during its developing some persons helped me a lot to end the work. Makes of PuzzleBOBS
  Author: Stefan Blixth   Date Verified:
  Authors of OnyxBase, FileCleaner, 8SVXtoXXX, TIPic. And MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! Games, Graphics, Sound, Utilites and more! (Check them out!)
  Author: R.E.D.Group   Date Verified:
  Software company. Authors of MAKETAGBASE-used to create bases for tags and methods for BOOPSI and MUI classes. CPRFIX - A patch for CPR, the SAS/C v6.58 debugger. MAHJONGGTILES - Mahjongg tile game and more
  Redmond Cable
  Author: Redmond Cable Corp   Date Verified:
  So you never thought you would run into someone who, outside your user group, knew what AD Pro, Video Toasters, Flyers, Parnet or GVP image F/X stuff was used for, eh? Not only do we know what that stuff is but we excel at supplying cables that give you the ability to use those terrific, I mean isn't it...well let's see, how about VISCORP computers. Well, whatever their called this week, we have the cables. YES THEY DO!!!
  rmb digitaltechnik
  Author: rbm   Date Verified:
  Makers of the Towerhawk, IOBlix ethernet card, Quadport, ScanQuix 5, Ultraconv 4 fxPaint.
  Author: Ruksun Software Technologies   Date Verified:
  Still in Business?? Makers of Amiga Anywhereand windows ce software for mobile and wireless devices, wireless payment services, multi-user server architecture, e-commerce, interactive gaming, internet-related utilities and web-based online services
  Author: Technomages   Date Verified:
  Technomages is a leading edge web design and software development company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We provide a wide range of exceptional Internet services at affordable prices. Technomages is proud to annouce our new Amiga Anywhere web site where you can purchase our fun and exciting software titles!
  The Faces of Mars
  Author: Patrick Henz   Date Verified:
  Faces of Mars are developing CD-ROMs for the Amiga platform - Faces of mars 2001, Formula 1 Manager enhanced, PSV Eindhoven Manager, Amiga Toons, Lights over Mars 2.0, neo B4s voyages, Almost Real, Brave New World, Videotracker 2.0, Racing, Scorpius, Paranoia and more!!
  The Turboprint Homepage
  Author: IrseeSoft   Date Verified:
  Turboprint is a complete replacement for the Amiga OS printer drivers. It adds many new printer drivers, e.g. for the latest colour inkjet printers. Built in "intelligence" ensures optimum output without complicated setup. Compatible to your existing Amiga software: "Printing as usual" - just in TurboPrint's perfect quality! It comes with a 24 bit "printer.device" that improves print speed and quality. Up to 16 million colours are reproduced (24bit support! ). Vibrant colours & finest dithering: our "TrueMatch " colour management system ensures optimal colour reproduction. Individual control of brightness, sharpness, contrast and saturation. Site in English, French and German
  Author: Thendic   Date Verified:
  Makers of the Pegasos PPC computer runnning Morph OS, Smartcard readers, wireless solutions, and more. Located in France
  Author: Trecision   Date Verified:
  Trecision is Italy's most experienced videogame developer, Trecision's first title was released in 1991 for PC and Amiga, it was called Profezia. Below you can find more information about the most recent titles developed by Trecision. The company was founded in 1991 and in 2000 Trecision completed the acquisition of two other Italian development houses, Pixelstorm Games and Motherbrain Entertainment, thus becoming Italy's leading creator of videogames for consoles, PC and wireless market. Designers of Nightlong by ClickBoom
  Author: VERNALELEM   Date Verified:
  Due to a recent large quantity purchase, we're making Motorola 68060 CPUs affordable within the Amiga, Atari, and video editing markets -- they're even cheap enough to pick up a spare. Save hundreds by buying directly from us.
  Author: Electronic Teacher, Golem, LocalePL…   Date Verified:
  Polish Amiga software developers
  Author: Zoltan Hunt   Date Verified:
  ZEE4: making the 'net work for you. Makers of applications for AmigaAnywhere & web design services.
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