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Don't know what it is? What it does? Or what to do with it? Maybe you will find it here. A listing of sites for a specific piece or general hardware info.

  A1200 Hardware FAQ
  Author: Warren Block   Date Verified:
  After putting together a much fancier document for the A4000 (the Amiga 4000 Hardware Guide), it was suggested that something similar was needed for the A1200. Additionally, I kept seeing the same questions asked over and over in comp.sys.amiga.hardware, and it seemed like a FAQ might help both those asking and answering the questions. Maybe it'll just change all the answers to say "Read the FAQ, you moron." Nah. Amiga people are more polite than that. They'd say "PLEASE read the FAQ, you moron.
  A500 Power board
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  The A500 Power Board works just like a regular 512K memory expansion for Amiga 500. And just when you thought this was all, the Power Board brings the world of PC to your Amiga. Mounted on the Power Board is a NEC V30 16-bit microprocessor which will run MS-Dos up to version 6.22. The Power Board software will turn your Amiga 500 into a PC, using the Amiga 500's built-in ports for input and output, and the Amiga's custom chips for video emulation. Complete with SoundBlaster emulation.
  All about the Amiga 3000
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Everything you always wanted to know about the Amiga 3000 but you where afraid to ask because no one would know the answer. Articles - Pin layout of the video slot and Zorro slots, Memory setup, The A3000 custom chips, SCSI examples, Motherboard jumpers, The 3640 board, Colours during power-on and MUCH MORE!! GREAT PAGE!
  AMAX Home Page
  Author: Reginal Cross   Date Verified:
  The Apple Macintosh (c) Emulator for Amiga (c) personal computer.
  Amiga 4000 Hardware Guide
  Author: Warren Block   Date Verified:
  The BEST guide for just about EVERYTHING about the Amiga 4000. GREAT!!!!!!!
  Amiga CD32
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Information site on the CD32. History, Pictures and Screenshots more.
  Amiga CD32 Information Station
  Author: Amiga CD32 Information Station   Date Verified:
  Information site about the CD32. Games, Specs, Emulation, Pictures, Downloads, history and more! Have a surf around and see what was, what is and what could have been with this funky (if weird looking) console.
  Amiga CD32 Zone
  Author: Amiga CD32 Zone   Date Verified:
  A VERY good site with CD32 History and Information.
  Amiga Center
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Hardware, software and repair center. Located in France
  Amiga Coldfire
  Author: Amiga Coldfire   Date Verified:
  Willkommen auf den Informationsseiten zum Thema "Amiga und ColdFire". Gedacht ist diese Seite in erster Linie für Neugierige und Interessenten, die sich über die Möglichkeit eines Einsatzes der Motorola ColdFire Prozessoren in Amiga System informieren möchten. (Site in German)
  Amiga Frame Grabber Project
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Features: digitizes single video full frames with 768x575 pixels true colour, with scart and cinch connectors for usage with any CVBS source, works (theoretically) independent from the video system, signal processing is performed by the Amiga, preview in 5 seconds per frame on Workbench (in 12 seconds at colour)
  Amiga Hareware Info
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  A couple of links for the Zorro 2/3, power supply.
  Amiga Hints
  Author: Robert Davis   Date Verified:
  Lots of Amiga Hardware hints, tips and links!
  Amiga NG
  Author: Vincent Perkins   Date Verified:
  If your a fist time visitors, this site is dictated to covering all information on the next generation of Amiga`s. With the imminent arrival of the Amiga One, Amiga OS 4.X and Amiga DE, the future of Amiga has never looked healthier. All these products need a web site to report on them, and this is just one of them. AmigaNG started way back in Feb 1999 to cover news on the Amiga MCC (later cancelled), it is now one of the longest running next generation site. Its not official, and is not sponsor, but is done out of momentum. Enjoy the site.
  Amiga Products
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  A complete listing of all the products from Amiga!!!
  Amiga Technical Notes
  Author: Calum Tsang   Date Verified:
  Info on various Amiga tech subjects. A2090, A2620/30, A3000 Tech notes, A570 FAQ and lots more!!!
  Amiga USB Central
  Author: Michael Böhmer   Date Verified:
  Purpose of this page. This page is intended as an collection of useful information for all who want to implement USB to the Amiga hardware. It will focus primarily on hardware issues. If you know other sources of information on USB on the Amiga, please feel free to contact me. If you are interested in the hardware part, if you want to develop drivers for USB devices, please feel free to contact me. If you know other people working on USB hardware projects, please feel free to contact me.
  Amiga's in Home Automation?
  Author: Jim Hines   Date Verified:
  This article is not to promote the Amiga in anyway, nor do I work for Amiga Inc. It is also not meant to be a comparison with other systems, although a few comparisons may be used to make a point. I am simply a more-than-happy user who wants to share my experiences with using the Amiga in a home automation (HA) environment.

  Author: AmigaJoystics   Date Verified:
  Welcome to, a site dedicated to. Amiga Joysticks!. Amiga joysticks to suit everyone! Amiga Joysticks also work with the Atari - Amstrad - Vic20 - C64.
  AmigaOne, latest news, links and information
  Author: Sigurbjörn "Sibbi" B. Lárusson   Date Verified:
  The AmigaOne news/links and info page is an attempt to gather all information regarding the AmigaOne in one place, including hardware specifications, hardware support, Linux and OS 4 installation and any other relevant tidbits. News which affect the AmigaOne are also posted there, and registered users can discuss them by leaving comments.
  AmiMPC - Amiga MPEG Car
  Author: Paul Qureshi   Date Verified:
  In car MP3 player based on an Amiga 1200 and MAS Player Pro.
  Author: Amipuzas   Date Verified:
  Welcome to Amipuzas Webpage. Bienvenidos a la página web de Amipuzas. Amipuza's Solutions have some cool Amiga products, and more to come in a short time, we are a little company formed in spain with people really talented developing for the Amiga, if you are interested in some of our range of Amiga products. Makers of the Prostick and Puzastick joysticks
  AmiWorld On-Line
  Author: Emanuele "SpawnPPC"   Date Verified:
  AmiWorld On-Line - The BEST Italian Amiga WEB Magazine
  AMPlifier LCD Output
  Author: Kato   Date Verified:
  LCD-Ausgabe is an expansion for MelodyNG and even plain Amigas. The goal of this hardware is the display and control of AMPlifier without using a screen. Time played, name, ID-3 Tags etc. is additionally visable at a 4x40 Dot-Char Display (picvue). Another possibility besides connecting it to Melody's controll bus is the use of Amiga's build-in Parallelport (as shown above)
  Apollo A1240 and A1260 crash fix
  Author: Dave   Date Verified:
  The apollo accelerator cards for the Amiga A1200 are very good cards but on certain revisions of motherboards will refuse to work. The main problem boards are the Rev 1 D.4 and Rev 2B. To make these accelerators work a small modification needs doing to the motherboard. Exactly how involved this will be really depends on your motherboard and the revision of Budgie installed on your motherboard.
  Apollo cards
  Author: steffan nilsson   Date Verified:
  Here you will find information about Apollo cards.
  Apollo turboboards for A3000/4000
  Author: Glen   Date Verified:
  Do you have an Apollo 4040/4060 or a 3040/4060 and having trouble with it ? I had, and found virtually NO help on the net, and only ONE page actually containing anything useable at all, please visit it for more info, you find it here
  Big Book of Amiga Hardware
  Author: Ian Chapman   Date Verified:
  One of the BEST places on the web to fing information on just about EVERY AMIGA and device pertaining to it!! GREAT!!!!!
  BlizzardPPC overclock place
  Author: Giorgio Signori   Date Verified:
  GREAT site to find articles, beachmarks and information about overclocking your PPC.
  Catweasel Advanced Floppy Controller
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Catweasel is a new floppycontroller that works with standard PC-diskdrives. The controller handles MS-Dos and Amiga-disks, no matter if they're DD or HD formatted. A strength of the Catweasel controller is reading and writing extraneous formats: Macintosh, Atari 10/11 sector disks and commodore 1581 disks can be used in a standard 3,5" low-cost drive (*). The controller is a standard 8-bit ISA card that fits into any PC you like: It has been successfully tested in old XT computers as well as in double-pentium pro boards. The BeBox and the Dec Alpha AXP 064 board with EISA bridge also work fine. (Lots of information!)
  Catweasel Floppy Read/Write Tools
  Author: Tim Mann   Date Verified:
  The Catweasel floppy disk controller is an add-in card for the PC or Amiga. It uses specialized hardware, not a standard floppy disk controller chip, and it can be programmed to read and write just about any disk format. The Catweasel MK3 has two connectors and plugs into either the PCI bus of a PC or the Zorro bus of an Amiga, the older MK2 plugs only into an Amiga, and the original MK1 or Catweasel ISA plugs into the ISA bus of a PC. I've written a set of programs for use with the Catweasel MK1 and MK3. My programs run on Linux, Windows 95, or MS-DOS (but not on the Amiga -- sorry).
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Your one stop source for CD32 informatiom. The machine, timeline, games directory, forums, cheats, chat, FAQ and more!!!
  CD32 Allianz
  Author: CD32 Allianz   Date Verified:
  German Language CD32 site. Articles, Downloads, Devloper Software, Hardware Information and more!
  CD32 Information
  Author: Ian Stedman   Date Verified:
  From this page you can find detailed technical information on the CD32. Some of the information within these pages was obtained from the CD32 service manual and is used with permission from Amiga Inc
  CD32 Source
  Author: CD32 Source   Date Verified:
  Great site for Amiga CD32 information!! News, Messageboard, Released Game & Other Titles, Unreleased Games, Downloads, Reviews, Gallery, Polls and more!
  Cherry Amiga Cybo@rd
  Author: Compcity   Date Verified:
  With the new Amiga computers to arrive soon, and lots of standard PC keyboards in use on existing Amiga computers with keyboard interfaces, AMIthlon machines, etc. we figured it was time for a 'real' Amiga keyboard. However, the costs of producing such a device for the relatively small Amiga market are tremendous.

  Author:   Date Verified:
  Welcome to Your online store and information resource for CMD hardware and software products, GEOS software, and other fine hardware and software products exclusively for your Commodore 64 and 128 computers, all from Click Here Software Co.
  Collection Notes from Dave Haynie
  Author: Dave Haynie   Date Verified:
  What you have here is the first set of documents from old Commodore that I managed to assemble. This is definitely a work in progress, and it doesn't progress fast. Much of the Amiga stuff was done on Amigas, but unfortunately at different times. So I didn't necessarily still have the programs necessary to read and convert some of this documentation to ASCII and/or the portable document format (PDF, Adobe's Acrobat format, as close as you're likely to get to a universal format).
  Commodore A4091 SCSI Adaptor
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  This page was added specifically because so many people appear not to actually have any documentation on the 4091. I know, because I'm the one who had to answer all the queries in #amiga on IRC :) The 4091 was licensed to DKB who built it for a while as well. This documentation refers specifically to the Commodore version as I'm not sure what changes DKB made to the design (if any.)
  Commodore One Reconfigurable Computer
  Author: Commodore One   Date Verified:
  The Commodore One computer is a 2002 enhanced adaptation of the Commodore 64 -the most sold of any computer model (Guiness book of World Records) While retaining almost all of the original's capabilities the Commodore One adds modern features, interfacing and capabilities and fills a sorely needed gap in the hobbyist computer market. The estimated price will be only $200 USD.
  Author: CommodoreOne   Date Verified:
  A web page for Jeri Ellsworth homebrew CommodoreOne. A homemade C=64 meets Amiga computer. I got a chance to meet her and see a demonstration of her system at Amiwet 2001. Wonderfl person!! If I could have bought one a CommodoreOne right there I would have!!! What I saw blew me away!!!
  CommodoreOne Overview
  Author: go64   Date Verified:
  CommodoreOne Overview. Here is a General Overview of the features of the Commodore One as of 1/21/2002. Some features may change slightly as development progresses. What it is: The Commodore One computer is a 2002 enhanced adaptation of the Commodore 64 -the most sold of any computer model (Guiness book of World Records) While retaining almost all of the original's capabilities the Commodore One adds modern features, interfacing and capabilities and fills a sorely needed gap in the hobbyist computer market. The estimated price will be only $200 USD.
  CommodreOne Mirror Site
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  CommodreOne Mirror Site.
  Computer Graphics
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Papers On Computer Graphics
  Contents of directory hard/hack: Selfmade hardware
  Author: Aminet   Date Verified:
  Aminet's Selfmade hardware directory listing! Need I say more?
  Creative Development
  Author: Massimo Mancini   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the homepage of Creative Development. On the following pages you will find information about us and our products. Makers of UltraBUS - the best way to add USB to your classic Amiga. Site in German and English
  Author: CSA   Date Verified:
  CSA designs, develops and manufactures award winning peripherals for the PC computer, the Commodore Amiga computer, specialized 68000 based computers, Educational computer products and kits for the electronics hobbyist and enthusiast. Makers of the Derringer 030.
  CyberGraphx Home Page
  Author: VGR   Date Verified:
  CyberGraphX was designed to define an independant graphics standard for Amiga graphic boards. We also wanted to continue our development of Workbench emulations. We included all our knowledge of more than 3 years of graphics board software development for that Amiga which includes Workbench emulation for the Visiona, Domino, PicassoII and now the CyberVision64, CyberVision64/3D, BlizzardVisionPPC and CyberVisionPPC.
  CyberStorm MKII Upgrade Page
  Author: Bill   Date Verified:
  NOTE ** archived copy from *** This page exists because of the problems I came up against when trying to upgrade my Amiga A4000T from a 68040/40MHz Cyberstorm MKII from Phase 5 to a 68060. I emailed Software Hut where I ordered my 4000T/CSMK2 almost 2 years ago, but all they wanted to do to help me was to sell me a MK3 board. As a college student, I don't have that kind of money, and I thought it a silly solution since MK2 boards were also sold with 060s on them. So I emailed Phase 5's support email address, as found on their web site, as the MKII owner's manual says "In case of an upgrade of your MK II 040/40ERC ERC [why the double ERC I don't know] to a 68060 processor, which we are quite prepared to do for you..." on an insert for the 040 version of the board.
  Cyberstorm PPC - High Performance Section
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  There are a few things you can do to get the most out of your CS PPC, many simply entail turning on all of the features Phase5 created for you. Some are strangely omitted by the documentation; others are just easy to overlook. Some apply equally well to the Blizzard PPC range, some don't. And some, well, some are better left to those with two CS PPCs, but only one Amiga. This page is intended to happily cover everyone.
  Dave's Amiga Hardware Page
  Author: Dave   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the Amiga Hardware Resource and Overclocking page. This site is constantly updated. Visit regularly for the latest Amiga hardware and overclocking ideas and experiences. This site is optimised for Amigas using Ibrowse or Aweb at 1024x768 resolution. Pages on this site may look untidy at lower resolutions. This website is proudly compiled using the KISS principle! GREAT SITE!!!! Lots of links!!!
  Author: DCE   Date Verified:
  Large Germany Amiga company. The current manufactures of the Phase 5 line of components. Sales and service of all products. Cyberstorm, Blizzard, Cybervision, Bvision and more.
  Delfina Hacker HQ
  Author: Miloslaw Smyk   Date Verified:
  This page is going to be a general resource for people interested in the Amiga sound board called Delfina. This Zorro-II card among many interesting things features fully programmable Motorola 56002 DSP running at 40MHz, what BTW was a good enough reason for me to purchase the board. But despite the fact that 5600x is the single most popular DSP line in the world, and that quite some Delfinas (in both Classic and Lite variety) have been sold by their maker, not many programs as yet have appeared that exploit the potential available.
  dfx:Amiga - PC floppy interface
  Author: dfx   Date Verified:
  Compatible with Amithlon, WinUAE, Classic Amigas, hopefully AmigaOne. There will be 2 options available: Dfx with Option 1 Classic Amigas to enable PC HD floppies as DF0: (requires KS3.0,020 or >) DFx with Option 2 Amithlon/WinUAE able to read and write Amiga floppies. How it Works: Pass thru PCB with 34Way Header on one side and 34Way Socket on the Other. Also Uses 5V power from the floppy connector which is also passed thru. The chip polls at 2 sec intervals to test for disk insertion. Hopefully Amithlon can make use of this feature so that when the Disk Requestor comes up it will auto read like a true amiga.
  DIY A1200 Tower guide
  Author: Stefan Öggemar   Date Verified:
  Why build an A1200 Tower? I built my A1200 tower because I needed more room, the standard A1200 case was so filled with stuff that it got overheated all the time. Well today I haven't got that problem anymore. As almost every A1200 owner I want to use several harddrives and a CD-ROM drive to, but there isn't enough room in the standard case. And with more than one harddrive and turboboard you need a more powerful PSU than the standard one.
  ELSAT S.C. Multimedia & Video
  Author: ELSAT   Date Verified:
  AMIGA Peripheral maker. - Video decomression systems, Video monitoring systems and logo generators,
  Ethernet on the Amiga!
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Ok--people on csa.* have been asking with increasing frequency how they can get ethernet on their Amigas. This page is an attempt to make life easy for everyone so people can be directed here and this question does not need to be answered many times a day.
  FAQ on PP&S 040
  Author: Tim Salazar   Date Verified:
  This is a new FAQ. It has changed from my last PPI 040 FAQ. I now use RomTagMem to get full contiguous ram. The PPI 040 originally separated 2meg at the 2meg to 4meg address to the 16bit address and split the ram into 3 pieces. IE. if you had 16meg you got 2meg 32bit, 2meg 16bit, and 12meg 32.
  Graffiti Card Info
  Author: Jens Schonfeld   Date Verified:
  Graffiti changes the Amiga bitplaned graphics into a chunky pixel mode. I.e. one byte in memory represents a single pixel. The value of a byte selects it's colour. The colour palette is 256 out of 262144 at a time. Possible resolutions are 640x256 (hires version only), 320x256, 160x256 and 80x256. In each mode, 256 colours are available, interlacing doubles the vertical resolution.
  Hardware Book
  Author: Joakim Ögren   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the Hardware Book. Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions. GREAT!!!!
  Hardware Drivers
  Author: Paul Martin   Date Verified:
  Here is a collection of Hardware Drivers for various Amiga boards. Although this software is downloaded from my server I cannot be held responsible if you Amiga stops working/dies/blows up/your sister goes weird etc. after using any of these drivers. Most are downloadable from the manufacturers own homepages. I just thought it would be better to put them all in one place.
  Hardware link collection
  Author: Carsten Raas   Date Verified:
  100's of links
  Hardware patch for the vmc isdn blaster
  Author: Michael Boehmer   Date Verified:
  On this page, a hardware patch for the vmc isdn blaster is presented. This patch corrects some of the bugs in the PALces, which lead to strange effects when one tries to use the hyperCOM 3i expansion module.
  How to make the Phase 5 CV64/3D ScanDoubler work in the A2000 / A3000 video slot
  Author: Stéphane Guillard   Date Verified:
  Phase 5 (German manufacturer of superior quality Amiga hardware extensions) was making, a few years ago, a graphics board called the CyberVision 64/3D (based on the S3/Virge chipset). This board came without a scandoubler (a system which would enable viewing 15 KHz original screenmodes on the >31 KHz monitor connected to the CV64/3D). Such a system was proposed as an option : the CV64/3D Scandoubler. Here it is, sitting in the A2000 video slot : The board was able to run in Zorro II (Amiga 2000, 3000, 3000T bus technology) and Zorro III (Amiga 4000, 4000T). But the scandoubler module was only made to fit the specifically enhanced video slot of the A4000/4000T, and would not even mechanically fit in the A2000/3000 video slot.
  ibm Power PC Page
  Author: ibm   Date Verified:
  IBM's scalable PowerPC architecture provides a common programming platform for the network. It's what makes IBM PowerPC microprocessors and embedded processors ideally suited for high-end workstations, data storage and servers... wired hubs, routers, and switches... as well as hand-held communications devices and other pervasive computing applications.
  Author: Michael Boehmer   Date Verified:
  ICY is an I²C controller card suitable for all Amiga models equipped with a Zorro II / III compatible bus. Though there are several other external I²C adaptors for the Amiga, I decided to design an internal I²C adaptor for the Zorro bus system.
  Improving Your Amiga's Performance
  Author: dhomas trenn   Date Verified:
  Optimization for Accelerators. The Tale of the Oxyron, the Cyber and the Matthias
  Individual Computers
  Author: J. Schoenfeld   Date Verified:
  .. for creative minds .. Makers of ISDN Surfer and X-Surf Ethernet, IDE-fix, Graffiti, catweasel and more. . I have an X-Surf and I love it!!! Good software support.
  InfraBox - Infrared Harware Thing
  Author: Leon Woestenberg   Date Verified:
  InfraBox is a hardware module that can send and receive infrared remote control signals. It connects to your computer, providing you with a powerful way to control your home entertainment equipment by software. As it can receive as well, you can also control your computer with a remote control commander. Currently, the module is available: for Amiga computers where it connects to the 2nd gameport. Download the Amiga InfraFace software for free.
  Installing the Ateo Bus and Expansion cards in an A1200 Power Tower
  Author: Sam Byford   Date Verified:
  Here at Kickstart we are big fans of the excellent range of Amiga hardware that was available from the French Amiga developers, Ateo Concepts, and we have many happy users of this system. They provided one of the most economic and simplest ways of having a graphics card in an Amiga 1200 tower using their superb Pixel64 card on the Ateo Bus Board system. There is also a range of other expansion cards that includes such cards as a Fast Serial and Parallel cards, Ethernet cards and a SCSI card. We have decided to include this installation Guide on our web site, just to show you all how simple and rewarding a purchase it is. (by Greg May - Revised by Sam Byford))
  Author: ITHNet   Date Verified:
  Makers of the ISDN Master II card
  Author: Kato   Date Verified:
  Inofrmation of AMPlifier 2, Octamed SS and Twister 1200 and more!
  Kolla Ink Solutions
  Author: Kolla Ink Solutions   Date Verified:
  Tired of PCI solutions that dont fit inside Your desktop A3000 or A4000 without using a chainsaw on Your case? Wait no longer! Kolla Ink Solutions presents to You the Kolla PCI expansion that fits inside Your Amiga and is fun to play with. Using one of the unused and obsolete ISA slots as mount point it sits really well inside, unlike other solutions.
  Author: Christian Entrup   Date Verified:
  Amiga light mixer. Features -- max. 96 Dim-Channels, max. 64 Switch-Channels, max. 8 Strobe-Channels, analogoue output 0V-10V, GUI surface on own screen, multitasking, each LJ can define his own XLight environment, 32 programms with 48 scenes ( =1536 scenes ), groups of 32 programms can be saved on hard disk, 16 extra buttons for 16 programms to show a programm
  Mai Logic
  Author: Marketing   Date Verified:
  Makers of the the new Amiga PPC motherboard
  Author: Matay   Date Verified:
  Makers of the Prometheus Zorro-->PCI board. Good support found here,
  Mediator PCI 1200 SX
  Author: Elbox   Date Verified:
  The Mediator is a PCI implementation for connecting PCI devices in Amiga computers, allowing expansion of Amiga with all kinds of industry standard hardware products like graphic, sound, network, USB, TV tuner, ISDN and MPEG-2 hardware decoder PCI cards. Moreover, the Mediator PCI busboard is ready for SharkPPC PCI cards based on the latest PowerPC G3 and G4 processors.
  Author: Kato   Date Verified:
  About -- DigitalIO is an expansion for MelodyNG. Like all our NG stuff DigitalIO may be used via Zorro 1200 plus Melody1200, soon. Using this board Melody1200 is working fine for Zorro machines, too. DigitalIO makes use of an A-LAN Controller. It offers digital input and output and even allows networking these devices. The final fuctionality is not decided up to now. DigitalIO offers golden RCAs / CINCH (Twistend-Pair) and even TOSHLINK (optical, fibre) in- and outputs.
  Melody CDTV
  Author: Kato   Date Verified:
  Melody 1200 CDTV, short name Melody CDTV, is based on Melody 1200 Series. We've got the intention to take Melody 1200 PRO only as it's the only one capable playing MPEG Layer-3 with the 68000 used at CDTV.
  Melody Z2
  Author: Kato   Date Verified:
  Amiga sound card. Features - Use of 16/18bit technics, high samplerate of 44.1KSPS, usable in all Amigas with Zorro2 expansionbus, Surface Mounting Technologie for better, performance, pass-through of the traditional output of the Amiga or other source, full metall golden RCA connectors, help for synchronisation when playing MPEG-Video-films. And MUCH MORE!!!
  Author: Kato   Date Verified:
  Amiga 1200 sound card. Features -- Usage of high performance 20 bit HIFI CODEC, high samplerates of 44.1kHz und 48kHz, does not disable the use of modern CPUs, may get used together with RS232/V24 board for the same connector (Hypercom needs small modification while our board doesn't for sure), Playback and Recording at the same time (Full-Duplex). And MUCH MORE!!
  Montek Electronics
  Author: Montek Electronics   Date Verified:
  We are Canada's best online source for Electronic kits, gizmos and gadgets. We have electronics kits for students, hobbyists, DJs, VJs, audiophiles, guitarists, the security conscious, the budding spy and more. Thet sell refurbished A1200's. Nice site!!!
  Motorola's Microprcessor Homepage!
  Author: Motorola   Date Verified:
  Name the Motorla CPU and you will find information on it! GREAT PAGE!
  New Amiga Joystick
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  You want a new and ellegant joystick for your Amiga? It's heavy, ensuring it won't tip over in all but the most extreme cases. The buttons are almost identical to the ones in the arcade in look and feel. (They click! Woo hoo!) This joystick was made originally for the Dreamcast console, but now we can make it for the Amiga, we have some here working which makes full use of the cd32 pad buttons (all) with no emulation, drivers etc... the joystick comes with 12 months of warranty and is in alluminium.
  Next Generation Amiga Hardware & Software Guide
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  A comprehensive list of hardware compatible (or not) with the Amiga One. Listed by Device, Manufacture, Category Type, AOS4 Status and Linux Status.
  Opalvision Users Web Site
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Info on the ROASTER CHIP revealed ! - Opalvision Technical Reference Bulletin. Old info from OpalTechVideo Procesor from inside , pictures and chip numbers. The complete Arexx pack for Opalvision
  Author: Pegasos-uk   Date Verified:
  Welcome to Pegasos UK Ltd. The official Pegasos/MorphOS Reseller for the United Kingdom. Here you can buy and find information and support related to the Pegasos computer platform and the MorphOS operating system. Feel free to explore this brand new site, suggestions are also welcomed as we want to make this site as friendly as possible for everyone, to achieve this the site has been optimized to be displayed on a resolution of 1024x768 on any browser, but it should be ok also in 800x600.
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  Welcome to, the official information source and sales channel for the North American continent for the Pegasos computer motherboard and MorphOS operating system, both created by Genesi SARL.

  Author:   Date Verified:
  Welcome to, the official information source and sales channel for the Australian continent for the Pegasos computer motherboard and MorphOS operating system, both created by Genesi SARL. List of Compatible hardware, specifications and compatible software can be found here.
  Petsoff LP
  Author: Petsoff LP   Date Verified:
  Makers of the powerful Delfina soundboard with a DSP (digital signal processor) for the ZII bus, DblScan - a PAL/NTSC upgrader for VGA/SVGA/Multisync monitors
  Author: RCR   Date Verified:
  The Poseidon USB stack was developed for the Subway (for A1200s) and Highway (for Zorro II machine) from EB3. Poseidon also supports the DCE G-Rex (with a Ganymede1, Io1 & Callisto1) along with the Thylacine & Spider cards. The on-board USB ports on the Pegasos motherboard under MorphOS is alos supported. Developers can contact the Poseidon author here.
  Prelude Support Page
  Author: Marc Albrecht and Thomas Wenzel   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the support side of the prelude soundcard by ACT. The pages have been completly reworked to give a faster overview of all our products, the software you need and to give all answers to your questions. The Prelude Z-II is a Zorro-II soundcard for all Amiga computers with a free Zorro-II slot. The card can also be used with any Amiga 500 with a special adaptor or tower housed Amiga 1200 with Zorro-II/III board without any problems.
  Prometheus support page
  Author: Prometheus support page   Date Verified:
  Prometheus is a Zorro III to PCI bridge for Amiga computers developed and produced by Matay. You can find support files and documentation here. Remember - this is not an official page. If you have any questions or suggestions, write to webmaster.
  Retina & Altais support page
  Author: Retina   Date Verified:
  Overview and support page for Macro Systems Retina and Altis video cards thanks for the people at VGR. Download Retina Emu - RTG/Wb emulation software by Macro Systems.

  Author:   Date Verified:
  Makers of Yami - A mouse interface for Amiga and Atari users and Project Palm - A home page for Amiga and Palm PDA users. (Site in English and German)
  Author: Rob   Date Verified:
  These pages are dedicated to supporting the Amiga Siamese System developed by Siamese Systems Ltd (previously known as HiQ Ltd). The purpose of these pages are to promote the Siamese System, whilst "telling it like it is". By this I mean no hype, no bullshit - just the facts as I see them. I would like to make it clear that I have no connection with Siamese Systems Ltd, but I simply believe in this excellent product. Unfortunately it seems that Steve has given up on the Amiga market and Paul has lost interest, now concentrating his efforts on Photogenics 4.x.
  Author: Kato   Date Verified:
  Maybe it's known Amiga3000 and Tower make use of ZIPs for expanding their on-board memory. These chips got quite expensive today or are even no longer available. This poor state is fixed when using SIMMfonie. It's a simple mechanical adaptor which enables the use of standart PS/2-SIMMs as the better replacement (like used in A4000).
  Author: Sonnet   Date Verified:
  (Note this will work with the A3640 card) Plug the Sonnet QuadDoubler™ processor upgrade card into a Macintosh Quadra or Centris and double your computer's speed. The QuadDoubler features a high-quality Motorola 68040 processor with FPU, ideally suited for graphic applications, spreadsheets, web browsing, and complex mathematical calculations.
  Author: Startup-Sequence   Date Verified:
  American Amiga repair company. Bench rate is $35.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. Most repairs are $35.00 plus parts. Turnaround is usually about 2 days from reciept of your item. We service Amiga and PC Hardware. THANKS! On September 1st, we will have been in business for 1 whole year! :) We have gained several new customers this past year. We appreciate your continued business. All prices on this page are 10% off during August and September. David & Eldor.
  Subway & Highyway USB
  Author: Michael Böhmer & Harald Frank   Date Verified:
  Getting Amiga and USB together. For quite some time it was not possible to use common USB devices with the Amiga. The missing part was on the one hand a hardware USB controller and on the other hand the USB stack. This has changed since the Amiga trade show 2001 in Cologne, Germany. Meanwhile we can offer two tailormade USB controller solutions for the Amiga computer series: SUBWAY: Clockport controller for Amiga 1200 compatible clockports HIGHWAY: Zorro II controller card for "big" Amigas. (site in English and German)
  Sunrize Industries Audio
  Author: Sunrize Industries Audio   Date Verified:
  We've been using the AD516 card manufactured by Sunrize Industries for all of our recording work here at EMRL since 1996. At that point, it was already out of date, with Sunrize having stopped production and closed up shop in 1994, shortly after Commodore went bankrupt. AD516/AD1012/Studio16 Frequently Asked Questions
  Technical Notes…
  Author: Calum Tsang   Date Verified:
  Various links on computer information. Networking, Sony monitors and more.
  Terra Soft Solutions
  Author: Terra Soft Solutions   Date Verified:
  Based at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Loveland, Colorado, Terra Soft Solutions®, Inc. is a privately held corporation whose primary market position is the delivery of integrated PowerPC Linux solutions while advancing the usership of Linux and supporting open source software development. Since its inception in January of 1999, Terra Soft Solutions® has gained international recognition for its award winning PowerPC Linux distribution Yellow Dog Linux(tm). Used by home users, code developers, systems administrators, researchers, and scientists --YDL is the defacto PowerPC Linux distribution. Distributor and integrated reseller for Mai Logic's Teron series motherboards, Terra Soft is proud to be the first to provide fully supported, integrated, commercially available and reasonably priced PowerPC Linux ATX solutions.
  the Amiga Coldfire project
  Author: Coldfire   Date Verified:
  Welcome to the web site for the Amiga Coldfire project.. This project is designed to bring the power of Motorola`s new V4 Coldfire to the Amiga, The V4 Colfire is a super fast 68060 compatible, low power CPU running at 220Mhz, Almost three times the speed of the fastest 68060, The projects goal is to make a CPU upgrade for the Amiga range of computers.
  The Commodore CDTV Information Center
  Author: The Commodore CDTV Information Center   Date Verified:
  This site is dedocated to the Commodore CDTV computer, With information on all known upgrades, CD-Rom`s and prototypes.
  The Ninjaw's Amiga CD32 Page
  Author: Ninjaw   Date Verified:
  GREAT page for CD32 information. Game reviews, Gallery, Docs, Game lists and MUCH MORE!!!
  The Siamese System
  Author: Paul Nolan   Date Verified:
  GREAT page for information on the Siamese system
  The Unofficial Blizzard 1260 Page
  Author: Dario Manzoni   Date Verified:
  This page is dedicated to Phase 5's Blizzard 1260 expansion for the Amiga 1200. I'm fed up! The Amiga community seems to ignore the "poor" A1200 users! So this page is born to spread informations around POWER A1200 users.
  The Unofficial Boxer Support Site
  Author: Darron Cox   Date Verified:
  This site is going through some very major cosmetic and factual restructuring. In other words a "Total Revamp". I expect to have the new site up and running shortly along with a new site location, no more annoying Tripod Banners and a new Domain Name for the Site. Your support is most appreciated and your emails most encouraging. This should be the last and final resting place for the BoXer Support Site. Please bare with me…
  The UnOfficial GVP-M A4060/A2060 Page
  Author: Greg Donner   Date Verified:
  I've started this page in an effort to find and provide other GVP-M A4060/A2060 users with as many answers and resources as possible for these unsupported and mysterious 68060 accelerator cards for the Amiga 4000 and 2000 respectively. On June 9, 1999, I bought a refurbished Amiga 4000 (desktop) from Software Hut that came pre-configured with a GVP-M A4060 accelerator. Although the A4060 is a good accelerator, I have encountered some bugs and limitations that I am hoping my hosting this page will solve.
  Author: Support   Date Verified:
  Thylacine is a Zorro 2 Amiga USB 1.1 Card. This Card is designed and manufactured in Australia. Thylacine is a USB 1.1 Card for Amiga 2000, 3000 & 4000.
  Author: Thomas Graff Thøger   Date Verified:
  TigerTronics is an Amiga dedicated one-man company. The sole purpose of TigerTronics is to create good and stable Amiga peripherals at a reasonable price. Due to my financials TigerTronics have to be run as a parttime job, sharing time with my job as a programmer. This makes development somewhat slower, but ensures that I do not run out of money for the developments.
  Tips & tricks for the GVP-m G-Force 2040/2060 accelerator board
  Author: Stéphane Guillard   Date Verified:
  Tips & tricks for the GVP-m G-Force 2040/2060 accelerator board (also known as TekMagic 2060/060) -
  Tom Amiga Hardware-Software Page
  Author: Tom Duin   Date Verified:
  This page is about overclocking the Amiga BlizzardPPC board from Phase5. Once on the internet, i visit various site's from people who overclocked their boards. Since July 22 1999, i'am the happy owner of a BlizzardPPC board with upclocked 68060 66,66Mhz !
  Tom's Hardware Guide
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  One of the BEST places on the web to get the latest information of what's happening in the computer industry, Reviews, benchmarks, guides and more!!
  Tom-D-Tek's AMIGA Hack Page
  Author: Tom Weeks   Date Verified:
  If you are a red boxxing, pHrAcK wanna-B, this is NOT the place for you... This area is dedicated to AMIGA hardware hacks that appreciate the finer points of creating/modifying hardware systems; for people who KNOW and wish to learn... not for war dial'n, cell phone hack'n kids! >8v/ MANY, MANY hardware hack resources. LOTS of REPAIR/TECH TIPS!!!!
  Total Impact
  Author: Total Impact   Date Verified:
  Thank you for visiting Total Impact, home of high performance PowerPC Linux based computer solutions. Please follow the adjacent links for product sheets, online technical manuals and current application notes
  Twister 1200
  Author: Kato   Date Verified:
  Twister1200 is a very fast serial interface (HighEnd) for use at Amiga 1200. Up to our knowledge Twister 1200 is the only expansion for Amiga supporting FIFO based automatic flow control. (The receiver is able to hold the transfer if the sender is too fast). Different to chipset and other expansions the well known "hardware buffer overrun" message is obsolete.
  Unified Amiga USB Development Effort
  Author: Robert Tsien   Date Verified:
  There are a number of seperate USB developments on the Amiga. As the USB system software is quite an involved piece of software, it would be wise not to reinvent the wheel several times over. This is a call to unite everyone who is working on the USB system software for the Amiga to merge our efforts into an open usb system software.
  Author: Kato   Date Verified:
  Unity alias Zorro1200 is an Autoconfig(TM) board for Amiga. It makes it possible to use Melody1200 and other expansions initially done for A1200's clock port for ZorroII/III Computers. A special property is variable bus speed. It's possible to run expansions nearly as slow as in A1200 but it's even possible to go up to twice that speed known from old Zorro boards like Melody-Z2 or Prelude.
  Unofficial Amiga Mediator support website
  Author: Sam Thomas   Date Verified:
  Home to the (unofficial) Amiga Mediator support website. Everything you ever need to know or wanted for your Mediator. Very nice page!!
  Author: Vernalelm   Date Verified:
  Due to a recent large quantity purchase, we're making Motorola 68060 CPUs affordable within the Amiga, Atari, and video editing markets -- they're even cheap enough to pick up a spare. Save hundreds by buying directly from us. We have a large quantity of 50MHz chips in stock, ready to ship. Quantity discounts are available; dealer & manufacturer inquiries welcome.
  Author: VillageTronic   Date Verified:
  The former makers of the Picasso video board. They seem to no longer support the Amiga or Picasso board.
  Vision Factory Development
  Author: VGR   Date Verified:
  The Solar System's premier source for Amiga Graphic Card and Expansion Info & News!!! Home page for CyberGraphX created by Vision Factory Development. INCREDIBLE SITE!!!
  VSS - VF Sound System
  Author: Ference Valenta   Date Verified:
  VSS. Features: 4 stereo analog input channel, 10 channel digitally controlled mixer, 20bit/48KHz/99dB high quality, delta-sygma analog codec, Hardware MPEG audio 1-2-2.5, layer 3 decoding , Hardware ADPCM decoding, 8k or 32k on-board cache memory, Special bus for future expansions, (Fast serial port, USB, etc..)
  Welcome to Marcel DeVoe's Amiga Web Page
  Author: Marcel DeVoe   Date Verified:
  I am an Amiga aficionado and love my A4000D (Desktop) computer. After getting requests on various projects that I and my nephew have done (especially overclocking) on our mostly similar Amigas, I decided to put up these pages to answer most of the questions (and also so I won't have to keep emailing and posting over and over again to various newsgroups, especially comp.sys.amiga.hardware ;-) But mostly I have also created these web pages dedicated (by many requests) to what seems to interest Amiga owners the most with their systems, OVERCLOCKING. In this day, upgrading is imperative, especially the NEED for SPEEED.
  Welcome to the Bill's Hacks, Inc. home page.
  Author: Bill Toner   Date Verified:
  Bill's Hack Page
  Welcome to the official Disk2FDI project page!
  Author: Vincent & Sonia Joguin   Date Verified:
  Disk2FDI is a utility running under DOS to create Formatted Disk Image (FDI) files from actual floppy disks. Please note that it will NOT work under Windows NT, 2000, and XP. It is the first program to allow Amiga-formatted disks reading on a standard PC, although it requires 2 disk drives to work. This was previously thought to be impossible. Disk2FDI is also able to create standard ADF files that can be directly used with Amiga emulators, ST files that can be directly used with Atari ST emulators, and IMG files from PC disks.
  Welcome to the OpalVision Genlock FAQ
  Author: Julian Knight   Date Verified:
  I am compiling this list because although I've had an OpalVision card for a long time, I never have got round to getting the S-VGA Genlock I wanted - I was always waiting for the rest of the Opal suite to appear! Yes I know - a mug! Well, as the OpalVision mailing list started to go quiet for a while, I thought I had better try and capture peoples experiences with Genlocks and the OpalVision and this FAQ is the result.
  Author: Thendic-France   Date Verified:
  Homepage for Thendic-France's Pegasos Duall G3/G4 Motherboard. Designed to run MorphOS.
  Zip Drive Support by iomega
  Author: iomega   Date Verified:
  Iomega® endorses and supports the use of their products with only those operating systems listed on the product's retail packaging. Any operating system not listed on the retail packaging or in the product documentation may or may not have been tested or be compatible with the Iomega product. At this time, Iomega does not support the use of its products with the Amiga computer. If you are using Iomega products with an operating system not supported by Iomega, Iomega can not guarantee technical support or warranty services for these products. However, in response to customer requests, Iomega may provide some limited troubleshooting for unsupported systems at the assumed risk of the user.
  _int2 & _int6 for the A3000 & A3000T
  Author: vgr   Date Verified:
  GREAT PAGE for A3000/T tech. information. How to install the missing _int2 & _int6 line. Pictures and more!!
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