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AMIGA 2020 - A documentary film by Steven Fletcher
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Scan - Defrag - Format - Partition - Repair - Mount - Read - Write

  Author: Armin Obersteiner   Date Verified:
  `cdwrite' is a program to write cds, using libscsi for direct device access. It supports both HP Surestore 4020i and simmilar (e.g., Philips CDD2000), as well as Yamaha cdr-100 and cdr-102. It supports `emulated write', which means that the cd writer does the whole process with it's write laser turned off. Use this option until you are confident both you and the hardware know what you are doing. This program can be used to write audio and data disks, also with multiple tracks and/or sessions.
  DISKMASTER2 Official Homepage
  Author: Rudolph Riedel   Date Verified:
  DiskMaster II is simply one of the very best directory utilities ever, even on a system not lacking good tools of this kind as the Amiga. It is something that is not very common among nowadays applications: -it is fast even on slower processors. -it is short and very memory-resource friendly. -it is easy to use. -it is easy to configurate in a hardly limited way. -It comes for free
  FileMorph II
  Author: Denis Desjardins   Date Verified:
  FileMorph II is a snazy utility that manipulates file names and text. It is primarily used for renaming many files at once or it can modify text across several files. Here are a few applications: Append number sequences fo file names for animations, Convert AmigaDOS file names to other naming conventions such as 8 character names and 3 letter extentions, Remove spaces or other characters in file names, Add or remove prefixes and/or suffixes, Search and replace text within several files. And more!!
  Home of Pint
  Author: Jörg Strohmeyer   Date Verified:
  Download the latest version of Smart Filesystem 1.195 - 20 May 2002. Site also contains several other utilities.
  Author: n/a   Date Verified:
  This is the support page for the latest public version of MakeCD. MakeCD is a program to write CDs. ""MakeCD is the best CD writer software for the Amiga!"" Lots of GOOD info on this page!!
  Nordic Global Inc
  Author: Nordic Global Inc.   Date Verified:
  Nordic Global Inc. are the producers and distributors of various AmigaOS software packages. This web site is the official support site for all our software. Our software is distributed as shareware, i.e. a demo version, is freely available for download, and a full version is available upon registration. Our Amiga software includes:AmiWin, Dayton, Miami (Deluxe and SSL), ppp.device, ReOrg and more.
  Smart Filesystem
  Author: John Hendrikx   Date Verified:
  SFS will be a new filesystem for your Amiga. SFS was designed from scratch and during its development we've looked at a lot of other filesystems around to try and combine the best features of all of these filesystems into SFS. Currently SFS is already very functional and it is already being tested by a few people.
  Star'z Kickin' Web Page
  Author: Star'z   Date Verified:
  Support for my Amiga Software. UNd64 is designed to augment C-64 emulators and/or real C-64's by giving you access to files stored in various types of archives from different sources. NT70 A monitor driver that lets you have 72hz screens on non-multiscan monitors--WITH a vertical hold ;) AddFreq - Adds an automatic filerequester to CLI commands used with it if no command line parameters are given. Pfix - Workaround for a problem with the file manager "ordering." CheckFast - Sets WARN condition or resets your Amiga if no fastmem is found. Useful for owners of the Apollo A620 and several math library patches
  The ADFlib Page
  Author: The ADFlib Page   Date Verified:
  A free, portable and open implementation of the Amiga filesystem. The ADFlib is a portable C library designed to manage Amiga formatted devices like harddisks and ZIP disks, or dump files of this kind of media via the .ADF format. The API permit you to : mount/unmount/create a device (real one or a dump file), mount / unmount / create a volume (partition), create / open / close / delete / rename / undel a file and more
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