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  • 31 Mar - 2 Apr 23: RESETKÁNÍ 2023, Brno–Královo Pole, CZ
  • 7-10 Apr 23: Revision 2023, Saarbrücken, DE
  • 8-9 Apr 23: Commodore Users Europe 1st Hackathon, Helmond, NL
  • 15-16 Apr 23: The Commodore Los Angeles Super Show, Los Angeles, CA, US
  • 1-2 Jul 23: Kickstart - Amiga UK Show, Nottingham, UK
  • 6-7 Oct 23: Amiga38, Mönchengladbach, GR
  • 12-15 Oct 23: AmiWest 2023 Sacramento, CA, US

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    22 Dec 17
    Today's Highlights
      - From everyone here at, we wish you all the best this Holiday Season!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    16 Dec 17
    Today's Highlights
      You did it Son!!!

    WCU 2017 Fall Graduation
    WCU 2017 Fall Graduation

    you did it!!!
    You did it!!!

    A proud Mom and Dad!
    A VERY proud Mom and Dad!

    31 Jul 17
    Today's Highlights
      Phase one: A complete rewrite of the current site. *DONE*
      Phase two: Coding the new user (adding sites) and admin (front page generator) interface. *IN-PROGRESS*

    28 Jul 17
    Today's Highlights
      Well I don't believe it either but after 17 years I've actually found someone willing to help me rewrite the site. The best part is we're starting this weekend!!

    Fingers crossed!!

    31 May 17
    Today's Highlights
      Let's celebrate International Amiga Day.

    This is GREAT!
    Pic from from

      Happy Birthday Jay Miner.

    28 May 17
    Today's Highlights
      Apollo Team Accelerator News

      Amigakit is stocking the new Accelerators.

    17 May 17
    Today's Highlights
      Yes I'm still here...

      Pacific Commodore Expo June 9-10 in Seattle Wa. USA.

      New Amiga OS 3.1 User manual book.

      AmiWest 2017. Be there or be square.

      AmiCloud. Cloud storage for your Amiga and other OSs.

      The Commodore Story - another film on Kickstarter.

      Always keep up withthe latest Vampire news!

    This is GREAT!
    Don't you wish you had a cup this cool?

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