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20 Oct 20

Today's Highlights
   - The migration is **still** in progress. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -Amos-Professional-AGA-Releases: This repository contain my enhancements to makes Francois Lionet Amos Professional handles Amiga AGA chipset. The global map of all known Amiga, MorphOS and AROS computers and their users.. 1874 Users, 6576 Amiga entries, 421 MorphOS entries, 224 Aros entries and growing.
    -Back2Roots Archive thread (Engligh Amiga Board): Following the upload to of the backup that I managed to create a few days after it went finally down there were left files not really related to back2roots because these were other mirrors contained in the back2roots FTP server.
    -Workbench Explorer Review by amigax5000: Today I am going to take a look at an updated version of a new file browsing tool which has appeared on AmigaOS 4.1 over the past few months, Workbench Explorer.
    -whdload_slaves: Source files for my whdload slaves.
    -The history of KCS: The history of KCS. Makers of the Power PC Board for the A500/600 & 2000.
    -Wayfarer: Wayfarer is the latest web browser for MorphOS, based on a recent branch of WebKit.
    -Total share: 30 years of personal computer market share figures: As always Jeremy Reimer over at ARSTechnica does a wonderful article on the subject.

2 Oct 20

Today's Highlights
   - The migration is **still** in progress. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -Video: Exploring The Abandoned Birthplace Of The 6502 And Commodore 64: Bill Hurd takes us on a tour of his old stomping grounds of MOS headquarters in Norristown, PA. A **MUST WATCH** {Warning... The video is a bit shaky}

    -Komoda & Amiga plus Commodore computers user's magazine: A magazine dedicated to retro gaming culture. Although our articles are usually focused around releases published on the Commodore home computers (Plus/4, VIC20, C16, C64, C128 and M68k, AOS 4.x, Aros, MOS) our primary goal is to refresh the amazing atmosphere of the 80/90s when the world was ruled by pixels and chip-music.
    -Amiga Calendar 2021: As an Amiga fan since the very beginning, this year, I decided to create my own tribute to Amiga creating a special 2021 calendar.
    -Soundcloud: Tom Rattigan presents Commodore's Amiga, 1985: Commodore CEO Thomas Rattigan presents the company's new Amiga microcomputer at a Boston Computer Society meeting on August 28. 1985.
    -Apollo Vampire V1200 Review: After months of being on the waiting list, I recently recieved my Apollo Vampire V1200V2 accelerator! Since then, my Amiga has had a new lease of life so I thought I’d write an update covering all the stuff I would have wanted to know while I was waiting for the package to arrive. What follows is a review/retrospective on my first month or so of usage of this card – I’ll cover the ordering experience, hardware, installation, updates and software and wrap up with my thoughts and reflections on the project.
    -Amigos Retro Gaming Network - Amigos: Everything Amiga / ARG Presents / Sprite Castle / Pixel Gaiden: Amigos Retro Gaming is a conversational, congenial series of podcasts about the computers and consoles of your youth. Includes Amigos: Everything Amiga, ARG Presents, Sprite Castle, and Pixel Gaiden!
    -EAB Thread: New dial-up Amiga BBS online!: Dial-Up Nights is a new dial-up only bulletin board, running Max's BBS on native Amiga NG hardware. The 'beta' version of the board is open 9pm - 6 am, and 24 hours at the weekends (UK time). (The plan is to increase to 24/7, depending on demand.) Amiga and general message banks, files. Door games to come. Call tonight!
    -Download Python for Other Platforms: PyAROS is a port to the Amiga Research OS.
    -Wiki: AmigaOS Manual: Python: The PythonOS manual on
    -Amiga Python Modules: Steven Solie article about Amiga Python Modules.
    -Amitools 0.5.0: Amitools is a collection of Python 3 tools that I've written to work with Amiga OS binaries and files on Mac OS X and all other *nix-like platforms supporting Python. Windows might work as well, but is heavily untested. However, patches are welcome. I focus with my tools on classic Amiga setups, i.e. a 680x0 based system with Amiga OS 1.x - 3.x running on it. However, this is an open project, so you can provide other Amiga support, too. The tools are mostly developer-oriented, so a background in Amiga programming will be very helpful.
    -Github: Amitools: The source files hosted on Github.
    -Github: python-lhafile: LHA archive support for Python.
    -Install Amiga OS 4.1 Final Edition on WinUAE: Thomas Rapp's step by step guide for installing AOS4.1 on Win UAE.
    -Winuae Configuration F.A.Q.: A good guide on setting up WinUAE.
    -Amiga Emulator Downloads: A nice listing of Amiga emulators.
    -Celebrating 5 years of Great job!! Here's to 25 more!!
    -DOS Benchmark Pack: This pack consists of a range of 3D and CPU benchmarks as well as tools. I made this because I want to make life easy for anyone new to DOS retro gaming. If you've built a DOS retro PC, how do you know that it performs like it should?
    -Manuferhi: Online store selling Mister FPGA, Mistica FPGA16, Sidi, Zemmix Neo and more.
    -How Commodore changed… PONG: Commodore’s contribution might have been obscured in history as “just one of the many PONG clones”, but it has to be said that the two systems it released, the 2000K and 3000H (also referred to as the TV Game series) were quite different as they were the first programmed systems to play PONG.
    -The first production RISC-V workstation?: No, not the RiscPC, a RISC-V PC. And, not counting the various one-offs, it appears to be the very first production RISC-V workstation available. SiFive is announcing the RISC-V PC at the Linley Group Fall Virtual Processor Conference, based on the Freedom U740 ("FU740") to be introduced at the same time next month.
    -Github: Amiga2000-remake: A recreation of the Amiga2000 motherboard using Sprint Layout.
    -Amiga Podcast: Polish Amiga Podcast site.
    -Amiga Java: Since Java Grinder (a Java byte-code compiler) already supports the Motorola 68000 CPU with the Sega Genesis I figured it shouldn't be too hard to extend the MC68000.cxx class to support the Commodore Amiga computer. More specifically, the original Amiga 1000.
    -The CIA Amiga BBS Powered by AMIGA 1200 w/DKB 1240!: After listening to an old school Modem connect, telnet in and enjoy yourself.
    -Getting The Amiga 500 Online – The You’re Not Stupid Guide: A good thread over at on the subject. Not everything was captured but it's one of the few remaining traces of the site left.

20 Sep 20

Today's Highlights
   - The migration is **still** in progress. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -How Emulate an Amiga 1200 on Your Linux PC or Raspberry Pi:Emulate your ultimate Amiga computer.
    -Amiga500 single power: This is a DCDC converter Module to fit in Rev. 6a+ Amiga 500 mainboards. It will be soldered onto the mainboard and one can then use a 12V barrel jack power supply with the Amiga 500. It can deliver upto 6A @ 5V and 500mA @ -12V. The 12V line is passed through. It also adds a power switch to the machine on the backside.
    -Amiga1200 single power: This is a DCDC converter Module to fit an Amiga 1200 mainboard. This design has not been finally tested yet.
    -An Adapter to retrofit a 2MB agnus into a 1MB Amiga 500/2000: This is an adapter board to retrofit a 2MB Agnus into an Amiga 500/2000 and also includes 2MB of chip ram.
    -Source to 256 channel Amiga music tracker made compilable: Source code to Symphonie found on Aminet.
    -Adapter to use the PicassoIV FlickerFixer without using the/a video slot:No free or missing video slot in your ECS/OCS system and want to fully use a PicassoIV? Then this adapter pcb comes to the rescue which replaces the PIV's FlickerFixer break off section. Important! The break off part of the PIV must be removed to use this in place off it! The design isn't proven yet but was created from the original schematics and PCB layout.
    -Listen to CD and Amiga audio out of the PicassoIV line output at the same time: This little gem was developed at Village Tronic Computer back in the day by a service technician, after the audio circuits of the PicassoIV was chiseled in stone and had some short comings. Using this board you can listen to CD and Amiga audio through the PIV audio output at the same time. The design is proven and working.
    -Recreation of PicassoIV FlickerFixer attachment/snap-off pcb for cards missing it: This is a recreation from original data of the small snap off PCB of the PicassoIV (PIV) Amiga RTG graphics card. I created this because often cards seem to be sold without this PCB and then the FlickerFixer/ScanDoubler of the card cannot be used. The design hasn't been proven yet but as said is created from the original schematics and PCB layout. This is a four layer PCB.
    -The Shadows Of Sergoth Amiga demo is now available!: The moment many of you have been waiting for is finally here! Our upcoming dungeon crawler for the Amiga gets a demo to give you a taste of all the hard work that has been done by Colin, TenShu and Mike over the past 18 months. Official release is expected for the end of the year/beginning of next with pre-orders opening in november. As usual boxed and digital editions will be available.
    -Floppy Disk Drive USB Emulator "OpenFlops" with FlashFloppy firmware pre-installed: The OpenFlops drive is an improvement on the Gotek design with extra features and easily accessible placement of header pins and connections for popular addons and mods such as OLED display, rotary encoder and "floppy disk noise" speakers. Fully plug and play and compatible as a complete Gotek upgrade or replacement. OpenFlops is an Open Hardware implementation of a floppy disk emulator, inspired from the ubiquitous Gotek hardware. It is designed to run the FlashFloppy firmware, which gives it several improvements over the original Gotek.
    -FlashFloppy: FlashFloppy is a floppy-drive emulator for the ubiquitous Gotek hardware. Connect to retro machines just like a real floppy drive but use disk images on a modern USB stick!
    -OpenFlops: OpenFlops is an Open Hardware implementation of such an emulator, inspired from the ubiquitous Gotek hardware. It is designed to run the FlashFloppy firmware, which gives it several improvements over the original Gotek.
    -Tiger Claw:TIGER CLAW is a relentless beat 'em up game developed by Lazycow and Saul Cross. Originally released exclusively on Commodore 64 cartridge by RGCD for backers of the C64 in Pixels Kickstarter (Fusion Retro Books, 2016), then ported to Windows, MacOS, Linux and the Commodore Amiga in 2018!
    -The Games That Weren't: Providing illustrated snapshots of unreleased games dating from 1975 to 2015, The Games That Weren't is Bitmap Books’ biggest and most ambitious book to date. It includes a wide range of titles from the Atari 2600 right up to the Sony PlayStation 4, by way of arcade, home computer, console, handheld and mobile platforms. Years in the making, it's packed to bursting point with exclusive content, in-depth interviews and much more besides.
    -Newly-Released Trove of Recordings from the 1980s Includes Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak: Over 200 hrs of unreleased recording talking about various subjects. The Amiga included.
    -Amiga, Warhol, Debbie Harry: The ultimate 1980s tech keynote: A pop artist, a pop star, and a dazzling computer make history—or at least give us a surprisingly endearing little moment.
    -Amiga Memory: Memory for the AmigaOne XE.

16 Sep 20

Today's Highlights
   - The migration is **still** in progress. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -AmigaLook: Beautify your Workbench: Hundreds of different backdrops, themes, icons and more to beautify your workbench.
    -Gaming on AmigaOS 4 Gaming on AmigaOS 4: So what am I doing here? The answer is that I want to make a brand new blog, a blog that only focuses on AmigaOS 4 and gaming. I will of course include some general AmigaOS 4 news now and then as well.
    -Void Demo Group Homepage: Thanks for visiting the homepage of Void! We’re an active Amiga demo group, founded back in 1995 by Powerslave and Griz in the United Kingdom. It’s now 2020 and we’re still here making productions for the Amiga.
    -Component Locator Chucky 1.2b (beta): Interactive component locater. A2000, A3000, A3630, A3660, A4000, ReAmiga 1200 & 3000.
    -Welcome to!: Welcome to Usenet's archive of product reviews for the Amiga computer. We have hundreds of reviews covering many kinds of hardware, software, and other products for the Amiga, both commercial and shareware/freeware.
    -Directory opus 4 Research Project: This site was dedicated to the m68k-amigaos builds of Directory Opus, which haven't been updated in 14 years. The mailing list has been deactivated today, and the site has had some obsolete and/or incomplete parts removed.
    -Amiga-Stuff: Various Amiga related resources. PD index, Hardware info, Crunchers, Archivers, Filesyste, Virus, Mod-Packers, Demos, C= Techtopics and more.
    -Amiga-Stuff Hardware: On these pages I try to collect information about components used in Amiga computers, Commodore computers, peripherals made by Commodore as well as components manufactured by Commodore. **GREAT Page!** CD List: List of Various CDs. 350+ Quite a few are Amiga related.
    -The Fred Fish Collection on CD ROM Volume 1.6 February 1993: Link to the entire collection.
    -History of DOpus: A wonderful writeup about the history of the Dopus.
    -Dongles for Amiga Scala MM: 'tis annoying how people will sell, or give away, their Scala software but not include the dongle along with it. Or, you lose your own dongle.
    -Cineware Retro Page: Defender of the Crown & Wings.
    -Github: Sodipodi: Sodipodi is general vector illustrating application for Linux/Unix and Windows. It uses W3C SVG as native file and in-memory image format and can do many neat things.
    -AmiKit XE (v11) Changelog: The Changelog about for AmiKit.
    -Power2People: Crowd funding support site.
    -AMOS Professional AGA (X version): Welcome on the AMOS Professional AGA mini-site! This website is dedicated to the project "AMOS Professional AGA" based on the François Lionet's "AMOS Professional Official" source code available here :
    -Github: AMOS-Professional-Official: The official source code of AMOS Professional on the Amiga.
    -AmiKIT Support Forum: AmiKIT Support Forum.
    -Expanding RAM on the Amiga 4000: How to expand the RAM on the A4000.
    -Amiga Developer Docs: From the Amiga Developer CD v2.1 (OS 3.5). Note: The complete Amiga Developer CD v2.1 (with much more material) can be purchased at Vesalia online.
    -Amiga Developer CD Hardware Manual Guide v2.1: The Amiga Developer CD Hardware Manual Guide v2.1.

12 Sep 20

Today's Highlights
   - The migration is **still** in progress. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links

27 Aug 20

Today's Highlights
   - The migration is **still** in progress. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -How Qnx Failed The Amiga: Back in 1997, the QNX (pronounced either Q-N-X or Q-nix) operating system was positioned to play a vital role in the ongoing development of the Amiga platform. Georgios Panayio provides historical background about the proposed relationship between the two projects and shows how QNX’s alleged breach of contract resulted in causing significant damage to the Amiga platform.
    -QNX partnering w/Phase 5 to make PowerPC computer: Canada based QSSL, which formerly were supposed to deliver the kernel for the next generation Amigas, with their QNX Neutrino kernel, today announced that they will instead partner with Phase 5 in order to port the Neutrino OS to Amigas equipped with Phase 5's PowerPC based PowerUP cards. Official CyberGraphX Homepage: VGR: The Solar System's premier source for Amiga Graphic Card and Expansion Info & News.
    -Lista de Monitores que aceitam 15 kHz: (Spanish) Big list of 15kHz monitors and other information.
    -List of modern monitors that support 15 kHz analog RGB signals : A list of modern flat panel (LCD, OLED) monitors that directly support analog 15 kHz signals through discrete RGB connectors (VGA, DVI-A, and/or SCART). (Note that Component video is actually YPrPb.)
    -Pvbcc: vbcc is a highly optimizing portable and retargetable ISO C compiler. It supports ISO C according to ISO/IEC 9899:1989 and a subset of the new standard ISO/IEC 9899:1999 (C99). This is the support site for Amiga (AmigaOS, MorphOS) and Atari (TOS, MiNT, Jaguar).
    -The Cult of Amiga Is Bringing an Obsolete Computer Into the 21st Century: Meet the dedicated few who are working in the shadows to keep an ancient suite of software alive, waiting for it to thrive again.
    -vAmiga: vAmiga emulates a Commodore Amiga 500, 1000 or 2000 on your Mac. Development begun in January 2019 and the emulator is currently in beta testing. Bug reports on GitHub are greatly appreciated..
    -Apollo PT-1201 : PT-1210 Mk1 is a Protracker Digital Turntable, that is, a computer program that will let you play your Amiga Protracker module files (.MOD) as if you were playing with CDJ turntables. Think of it as Traktor for the Protracker generation..
    -DiagROM: DiagROM is a diagnostic tool for the amiga computers. And it is to be used on defective machines, trying to help no-boot situations etc. You simply replace the Kickstart roms in the Amiga with the DiagROM. and when poweron. your Amiga will start a diagnostic software. It will try to dump info on the serialport (and actual menus etc aswell) while also trying on the screen.
    -Amiga Graphics Card Guide That You Need: The aim of this guide is to settle if Amiga is a computer or a console. As you can see in this guide the big-box Amiga computers had graphics cards for a long time. However, low-end Amigas also have several options for making that possible. Amiga computers aren’t limited by their custom chipset at all. It never was!
    -Githb: Minimal A501: Amiga 512kB memory expansion. Minimal cost efficient design.
    -Github: Modern Decompression Routines For Ancient Formats: This is a collection of decompression routines for old formats popular in the Amiga, Atari computers and some other systems from 80's and 90's as well as some that are currently used which were used in a some specific way in these old systems.

12 Aug 20

Today's Highlights
   - The migration is still in progress. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -Z3SDRAM V1.2: Homemade Z3 Ram Card. An update to original 1.0 design features 4-layer PCB, LDO-based 1.2V core voltage power supply instead of switching one, and a bunch of decoupling capacitors all over the back side of the card. Another useful addition is the 10M/100M Ethernet network adapter based on DM9000 chip from Davicom.
    -Github: DOpus 5: Source code for the original APL release version 5.82.
    -SourceForge: DOpus 5: Dopus5 for all Amiga platforms (AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and AROS). After acquiring the sources from the original authors (GPSoft) this project was started to coordinate the porting of the sources to all modern Amigaoid platforms like AmigaOS4, MorphOS, AROS as well as updating it for the original AmigaOS3 platform.
    -Dopus 5: Latest Nightly Builds: The nightly builds of dopus5 disabled at moment, but you can get "latest commit" ones from djbase's mirror.
    -Unofficial Picasso96: Official Picasso96 2.2. Get it here.
    -P96: Individual Computers official Picasso 96 Wiki.
    -Github: ApolloTeam AROS: Apollo Team AROS repository for active development of AROS for Vampire systems.
    -MCAmiga: A Midnight/Norton Commander style file manager for all Amiga Systems.
    -Apollo Accelerators Wiki: Welcome to the dedicated Wiki of the APOLLO-Team products: The Vampire boards (A500, A600, A1200, Standalone), the 68080 CPU, MC680x0 compatible & the SAGA Core.
    -Spray painting a computer case – a short HOW-TO: During my restorations, I’ve often found it impossible to bring back a computer case to its former glory without using a spray paint. I’ve mastered my retr0brighting skills to the max but sometimes the plastic is so unevenly yellowed that it cannot be retr0brighted evenly. Sometimes, some plastics become over retr0brighted. Very often there is a need to fill cracks or holes with a putty and spray painting it afterward is simply a must.
    -Advanced Serial Debugging Guide: AmigaOS documnet Wiki.
    -SANA-II Revision 7: SANA-II Network Device Driver Specification. AmigaOS documnet Wiki.
    -Janeway Amiga Scene Demo Search Engine: 50,000+ of demos. Screenshots, Info, Pics, Downloads and much more.

4 Aug 20

Today's Highlights
   - The migration is still in progress. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -ADF-Copy: ADF-Copy is a small hardware i developed which uses a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller to read and write non copy protected Amiga disks with an out of the box PC 3.5″ Floppy drive connected to the microcontroller which can be build with a few jumper wires on a breadboard with no additional component.
    -Crash And Burn: The Amiga ST Story: This issue’s story isn’t about technology. It’s about the people behind it. It’s a story of avarice, hatred and an unbridled lust for revenge that descended into a war of attrition.
    -The Andy Warhol Museum Amiga Exhibit : How does one reliably display digital artwork originally created by Andy Warhol on the Amiga 1000 in the 80s? A team from Carnegie Mellon University’s Computer Club successfully recovered digital Warhol images from floppy disks that had gone overlooked in the museum’s archives.
    -RNOPublisher: An easy-to-use PDF publishing program.
    -How to fix the A1200 motherboard timing bugs: This popular and often revised page details the timing/signal integrity fixes required to the Commodore (and Escom) A1200 motherboards to fix issues with some 3rd part accelerators.
    -All In One streams (AIOSTREAMS) : a pack of Python scripts for streaming video from various platforms. The target Operating Systems are AmigaOS 4, AmigaOS 3, MorphOS and AROS, but they work on other systems just fine.
    -GoADF!: An easy-to-use app that allow you to use ADF files in your Amiga computer. TONS of features!!
    -Amiga City: Welcome to Amiga City - the portal for the classic Commodore Amiga personal computer. If you are a fan of the Amiga you will find other people to chat with and maybe even add some website links and upload files for other fans to use.
    -Amiga power supply guide V1.13: Easily one the definitive sources of information on Amiga power suppies. Ian knocks it out of the park again!
    -Turn your Raspberry Pi into an Amiga!: Amiberry is an optimized Amiga emulator for ARM-based SoCs (such as the Raspberry Pi, Odroid XU4, ASUS Tinkerboard, etc.), that brings you the highest performance Amiga emulation. Be it a classic A500, A1200, CD32 or up to a high-end model equipped with a 68040 and a graphics card, we’ve got you covered.
    -Amiberry on Guthub: Optimized Amiga emulator for the Raspberry Pi and other ARM boards

27 Jul 20

Today's Highlights
   - The migration is still in progress. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -Amiga Samba Idiot's guide: This website sets out the steps you must take in order to share files stored on your Amiga computer with other computers on your network.
    -Insight to Commodore before Commodore: Interesting tidbits pulled from the 3000+ pg Report of The Royal Commission Appointed to Inquire Into The Failure of Atlantic Acceptance Corporation Limited back in 1969. All this hard work was done by Zube. The original report was courtesy of the Interlibrary Loan people at CSU and to The University of Calgary Law Library.
    -a314eth.device - SANA-II driver for A314: This SANA-II driver works by copying Ethernet frames back and forth between the Amiga and a virtual ethernet interface (tap0) on the Raspberry Pi. The Pi will, when configured properly, do network address translation (NAT) and route packets from the Amiga to the Internet.
    -Commodore: Creativity In The Classroom: {An official} Promotional video for the Commodore Amiga. They thought they'd have a chance against Apple in the educational market.

23 Jul 20

Today's Highlights
   - The migration is still in progress. There have been a few issues converting the code PHP & SQL code. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

Happy 35th Birthday Amiga!

Ahh what sweet dreams of what could have been. At least we have cake!
    -Amiga History - Launch Of Amiga: Watch the original unveiling back in 1985.
    -A1000 Wikipedia Page: The Wikipedia page on the computer that started it all.
    -Inside the Amiga 1000: Thirty-five {Twenty-five} years ago, Commodore released a revolutionary multimedia machine. We take a peek inside this classic computer to see what made the Amiga so amazing.
    -A1000 Review: From the Sep 1985 issue of Compute!
    -Commodore Amiga Amiga 1000 Unboxing Review: Hi guys, yet another Commodore Amiga review, this time its the Amiga 1000 from 1985, I really enjoyed making this video, hope you will too :-)

    New Links

    -RedPill, The Amiga Game Creator: REDPILL is a tool to empower people to create many games for Amiga without programming knowledge. Easy to use and at the same time allow to do complex things. Allows people to create 2D games with the true Amiga feeling! Supports both ECS and AGA Amigas, it is free and it is still in development.

22 Jul 20

Today's Highlights
   - The migration is still in progress. There have been a few issues converting the code PHP & SQL code. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links

16 Jul 20

Today's Highlights
   - Still working on the migration. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links

13 Jul 20

Today's Highlights
   - Still working on the migration. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links From **bizzaro land** comes signs of life from the mother ship. Since mid 2018 the home page has remain unchanged... Until now... Internet sleuths are quick to point out that these images are ones seen on various Colanto web pages and products. Stay tuned to see where this is going.
    -ApolloOS: Generation Amiga is reporting that a new open source AmigaOS has been released designed specifically for the Vampire without the legal entanglements of OS 3.X or the slower speeds of AROS 68k.

10 Jul 20

Today's Highlights
   - Still working on the migration. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -ignition v1.08: Achim Pankalla has been hard at work with improvements to everyones favorite modern spreadsheet application.
    -Agony: Yves Grolet of Psygnosis released a backup of his last Amiga hard drive which happened to contain the full source code for the game. (Non-commercial use only) Have fun porting!
    -Hollywood Designer 5.0: The manual is now online in both HTML or PFD format.
    -NEW HARDWARE: Power Supplies: for your A500,600 & 1200 are now available for preorder from Jens at Individual Computers.
    -NEW HARDWARE: Indivision AGA Mk3: for the A1200/400T is also available for preorder from Jens at Individual Computers. Here's hoping he adds the A4000D to the list.
    -NEW HARDWARE: A600 4MB Memory Expansion: is now available from AmiKit.

29 Jun 20

Today's Highlights
   - Still working on the migration. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -NEW HARDWARE: ZORRAM: A 8MB Zorro II auto-config ram card for your big box Amiga is available from AmiKit.
    -Amiga Joker: APC&TCP pleased to announce they are taking over the digitial distrobution of this game magazine.
    -Atheros WLAN Drivers: There are new drivers for the Atheros chipset for the Sam 440ep.
    -RetroMan Cave - Interview with Dave Haynie: A wonderful interview with Dave and as always he leaves you wanting MORE!
    -NEW HARDWARE: Akiko32: Have you ever wanted you own AGA replica Amiga in a miniITX format? Over two years in the making a board is in progress. Current prototype: miniITX, 030@14 mHz, AGA, Akiko chip, cd32/3.1.3 combined kickstart, IDE, 8MB, clockport, ATX power socket and a bunch more. Looks **REALLY** promising! Website coming soon.
    -Generation Amiga hits the 5,000,000 mark: Congratulations to one of my FAVORITE sites on the web!

22 Jun 20

Today's Highlights
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New Links

17 Jun 20

Today's Highlights
   - Still working on the migration. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -From Vultures to Vampires: The exciting new Kickstarter book from David John Pleasance and Trevor Dickinson covering the 25 years AFTER the demise of Commodore and the various attempts to keep our beloved computer alive.
    -IBrowse 2.5.3 Released: The team over at IBrowse are still hard at work and just released a new version improve performance on HTTPS connections.

12 Jun 20

Today's Highlights
   - Still working on the migration. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -From Vultures to Vampires: The exciting new Kickstarter book from David John Pleasance and Trevor Dickinson covering the 25 years AFTER the demise of Commodore and the various attempts to keep our beloved computer alive.
    -IBrowse 2.5.3 Released: The team over at IBrowse are still hard at work and just released a new version improve performance on HTTPS connections.

10 Jun 20

Today's Highlights
   - Still working on the migration. In the meantime here are some more links for your reading pleasure!

New Links
    -Thai on Amiga: MorphOS and AmigaOS do not have any specific facilities to support Thai language. The reason for this is that no Thai people use these operating systems and there are very few non native speakers. I want to use Thai.
    -Flash based ROM Replacement: A flash based replacement for the hard to obtain 27C400 EPROM.
    -New Super Buster Chip: New Amiga 390539-11 Super Buster Chip for A4000 & A4000T.
    -Dale Got Married - Amiga Design Team Photo 2007: Dale Luck, my old friend (Carl Sassenrath) and Amiga computer collaborator got married last week, and Dale and Rosemarie have headed out to Kauai for the honeymoon (not to be heard from since.) We all wish them the very best in the years ahead.
    -BareED: BareED is a RAM based and pixel oriented (not character!) Amiga related text editor..
    -Paradise: Paradise allows to transfer files, directories and ADF's (Amiga disk images) between an Amiga and a PC using the parallel ports and a special cable (A ParNet cable with a little modification, not so hard to build).
    -How To Use CrossDOS On Your Amiga: You know you can read and write MS-DOS formatted floppy disks on your Amiga drives? You know IBM Compatible machines CANNOT read/write Amiga disks in their drives? What CrossDOS does is install a device driver on your Amiga and allow you to read and write MS-DOS formatted floppy disks.

9 Jun 20

Today's Highlights
   - Well today it finally happened... After 19+ year of a statically generated site I bit the bullet and began the switchover to a fully dynamically generated site. (Crowd Funding & Top 10) While I have been working quietly on this for the past few months, obviously there are still a few things I need to tweak. Until then... Here are some new links for you.

New Links
    -Amithlon: An emulation based system allowing users to run AmigaOS 3.9 on regulation x86 PC systems, without the overhead of having to load an underlying operating system, unlike WinUAE, UAE, or AmigaXL. This is amithlon's linux kernel project.
    -AmiSSL 4.6: This is version 4.6 of the open-source based AmiSSL library for Amiga based operating systems.
    -Micromac Speedy Accelerator: A accelerator upgrade product that increases the clock speed of olde Macs. This board can be used on your Amiga too.
    -Dave's Amiga Hardware Page: Overclocking since 1975! TONS of information on making your Amiga go faster!
    -Advanced Serial Debugging Guide: The definitive guide.
    -Backups on the Amiga X5000: Markround spent a few days researching and implementing a backup strategy that’s ideal for his needs and hopefully there will be something of use to other Amiga owners too.
    -Rob the Nerd Clockport Splitter: A nice project that adds additional clockports to your A1200.

1 Jun 2020
Today's Highlights
   - A site I like to see.
    - Focused on preserving Amiga related books and source code, Amiga Source Preservation has been busy finding and asking for permission to release them under the Creative Commons license for all of us to enjoy. They have currently liberated 16 books and over 100+ program source codes (Quarterback, Frodo, Hippoplayer, Shapeshifter just to name a few). With a name like "Amiga Source" they have my seal of approval!!

29 May 2020
Today's Highlights
   - Catching up on some interesting stories.
    - The INCREDIBLE developers over at CS Labs have finally launched the beta version of their accelerator for the A1200. Please welcome the Warp1260. Still in development is the Warp4060 for the A4000. I can't wait but until then here are a few videos for your viewing pleasure. (youtube)
      - Unboxing, Installing, Gameplay, Quake @ 105MHz

Looking good! (pic from website)

    - Next is Hese and his first batch of redesigned A4000 ATX form factor motherboards (rev 1.1). Some of the upgrades include
      - Onboard Fast RAM support up to 112MB (Meutoxo)
      - Kickstart ROM support up to 4MB (Romy)
      - PC PS/2 keyboard & mouse support
      - Support for native Amiga and PC floppy drives
      - Power connectors for two case fans

Very impressive! Now let me plug in a Warp4060 and I'm S-O-L-D!! (video from youtube) Click here for more pics.

    - Not to be outdone John "Chucky" Hertell over at ReAmiga has released rev 1.5 of his redesigned A1200 motherboard. Some of his latest upgrades include
      - Improvements to various video signal outputs
      - Improvements the mouse circuitry
      - Redesigned to allow all chips to be socketed and much more

    - An open source flicker fixer for Amiga 500/2000 is being developed. While it's currently in its initial state of development, the project looks very promising!

A work in progress. (pic from website)

    - While anything from Hyperion is always a surprise, I'm happy to see they released AmigaOS 3.1.4.(.1) release notes and locale extras ( All I can say is "don't stop now!"

4 May 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Some good news to report.
    - SUCCESS! The AMIGA 2020 - A documentary film by Steven Fletcher has met its goal. Hope you reserved your copy!

    - After a few months of silence there's a thread over at discussing some new developemts in CS-Lab s.c. line of '060 accelerators for the A500 & 1200. Personally I can't wait till the A4000 version is finished. Fingers crossed!

    - Say what you will about PDFs or ebooks but I'm always excited when I can get my hands on some real paper. Edwin Th. Van Den Oosterkamp has released a book called Classic AmigaOS Programming: An introduction. It covers the basics of programming with C and assembly language for those who have programmed before or need a refresher. This will look good on my bookshelf.

27 Apr 2020
Today's Highlights
  - This weekend the Amiga made the front page of Slashdot again. The incredible developer KK/Altair posted a new video of his progress on tis MIND BLOWING Doom clone for a stock A500. If you missed the beginings of this story from last year you can follow his progress on the EAB message board.
    - Youtube - Dread Ep 02 - "Doom" clone for Amiga 500 - Laying out the map...
    - Youtube - Dread Ep 01 - Making "Doom" clone for Amiga 500

  - Amitopia has a wonderful article about An actual REAL physical Amiga parts and repair store located in Spain. - This is my dream business!!

20 Apr 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Software news & updates.
    - Hollywood Designer: The wonderful multimedia-orientated program language and presentation creator has just been updated to v5.0.
    - ImageFX 4.5 Studio: The folks at A-Eon have made ImageFX 4.5 for OS3.x available from either the AMIStore App Store or AmiSphere.
    - RNOXfer: A graphical FTP client with support for SSL/TLS protocols and lots of options is now at v1.0.
    - Abiword & Gnumeric: Both of these programs have been updated for use under AmiCygnix.

13 Apr 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Sad news. Computer pioneer John Conway has passed away at the age of 82. While his work in mathematics was very influential, he is best known for his program Game of Life.
    - ARS Techniac: John Conway, inventor of the Game of Life, has died of COVID-19.
    - The Guardian: John Horton Conway: the world's most charismatic mathematician .
    - Gamasutra: Obituary: Mathematician and Game of Life creator John Conway has passed away.
    - Slashdot: John Conway, Game of Life Author, Dies At 82 of COVID-19.
    - Numberphile (Youtube): Life, Death and the Monster (John Conway).
    - Or you can download an Amiga version and play it yourself.

In memoriam, John Conway (pic from Numberphile & video from youtube)

25 Mar 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Have you ever wanted to play Amiga games on-line with people from around the world but neither your Amiga OS or the game was ever designed to do this? Well want no more. The friendly people over at the AmigaLive Project have created a package called AmigaLive that is used in conjunction with FS-UAE software that will do just that. It supports up to 4 players and lots of games are available. Check it out!.


22 Mar 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Been a few days since the last post and I'm exited to share a new Amiga Kickstarter documentary called Amiga 2020 - A documentary film by Steven Fletcher. If his names seems familiar it's because it should. Back in 2018 he released the wonderful documentary called The Commodore Story. Since that time he has been attending events all across Europe and combined with celebrating the Amiga's 35th birthday he wants to document this magical moment in time.

Amiga 2020: Steven Fletcher - Director.

10 Mar 2020
Today's Highlights
  - One of the things I have planned after I finish the site upgrade is to focus on bringing togeher the various bits of Amiga information scattered to the four winds and compiling them easy to find comprehensive sources of information. Take for example this list of 'all the Amiga custom chips & chipset names'. There are more than a dozen really good sources but none have all of them in one spot. Most of these names are found on your typical chip listing, but some are so 'rare' that I have added the specific link used. So for my first attempt here are all the names I could find compiled into one 'hopefully close to being' a complete list.

   Note: Use this Big Old List as a guide because I'm sure it's **NOT 100% accurate**, but hey it's a start. Let me know if you find any HUGE mistakes.

Who knew there were so many... Click the pic or view the text version. Enjoy!

9 Mar 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Two things today.
    - I can't belive that it's been 5 years since the Amiga's 30th Anniversary Event held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The event was crowd founded on Kickstarter and was a GREAT success. While I didn't attend, I did get a T-Shirt. So if you were like me and missed out hopefully you can make it to the Silicon Valley Amiga 35th: A celebration of the Past for the Future event being held on June 6th and 7th in the heart of Silicon Valley. Several Amiga personalities are scheduled to attend including Dale Luck, RJ Mical, and Trevor Dickinson. The show floor will consist of "Before Commodore" Amiga artifacts (some of which have not been seen publicly for more than 30 years), displays of Commodore Amigas, and next-generation Amigas. Tickets are on sale now at Eventbrite.

Long live the Amiga!

    - And while I'm slowly and quietly working on the complete rewrite of the site, I have updated the SEARCH module to give better results. Try it and see what you find. **NOTE** Quite a few of the links are dead so for now you'll have to manually search for them on Don't worry the new site will do this automatically for you. Happy searching!

8 Mar 2020
Today's Highlights
  - I'm surprised I haven't see this news in more places.
    - Back in 2016 when I first came across the MNT VA2000 video card for Zorro based Amigas, I was impressed and I've kept an eye on it ever since. In August MNT Research talked about their successor called the MNT ZZ9000 which added a faster processor, 1GB of DDR3 ram, USB ports and a Enthernet port just to name a few. And now I'm excited to see some review videos finally being posted on youtube. Time to retire my old Retina BLT Z3 card.

MNT ZZ9900. WOW!!

5 Mar 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Evolution of a banner.
    -I know this is silly but I finally updated the old JPG banner with a modern vector based one. It's not perfect but it's close enough for me. I only wish I could remember who sent me the originial so I could give them credit.

20 years. 3 Banners

2 Mar 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Added a few *new* sites to the main link database and make some progress on the AmigaSource V2.0 site.

28 Feb 2020
Today's Highlights
  - From the: More is better department.
    - Exciting news for us here in the states. Rob posted on English Amiga Board that he has opened a new Amiga store called Right now he is catering to the classic market and has a nice selection of books and Amiga accessories. I wish him all the best!!

    -And here's another interesting posting over at English Amiga Board about a new type of accelerator. Mike Sterling is designing a FPGA based accelerator that could be used on any type Amiga computer. The current protype is running on an Amiga 500 and is looking very impressive. You can read a bit more over at forums.

Phone Me NOW!!!

25 Feb 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Couple bits of interest
    - On a sad note former Amiga OS developer Daren Greenwald passed away earlier this month. While his name may not have been as recognizable as others, his work certainly was. Daren is credited for increasing the compatibility of software after OS 2.x was released, various hardware drivers, reworking the Console driver, getting the PCMCIA to work on the A600 and so much more. Our deepest sympathies go out to his wife and children.

In memoriam, Darren Greenwald (pic from reddit)

    -On a happier note, at least to me, is back *again* from oblivion. As reported back on 3 Feb, GenerationAmiga made its first updates in 7 months only to go dark again a few days later. Editor and founder, Jimmy Proost, tells of a massive DMCA attack launched by Phase 5 and Amiga technologies UG that took them completely off-line. After much rework on the back end he removed everything that could be considered a violation and the site is up and running again.

    -NEWS FLASH the TABOR is delayed! In his latest blog Trevor states that due to the coronovirus the anticipated shipping date could be pushed back to 3rd quarter 2020. Personally I like the discussion over at Will they use this delay to offer the same bundle to more people?

Matthew Leaman informed me that, due to factory shutdowns, several of his new classic Amiga hardware products have not been shipped or are now greatly behind schedule. A-EON Technology's A1222 early Adopter development and release schedule has similarly been affected and Matthew thinks the delays could push production into the third quarter of this year
...Only two more weeks...

11 Feb 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Sorry in advance to being cynical but at this point I don't know why I even bother to get my hopes up in the slightest over anything that happens on the legal side of the Amiga world. The recent talks between Colanto and Hyperion collapsed into what I believe is shown by the picture below. I need to realize that *at this point* the possibility of any type of compromise or cooperation in the *epic cluster* that is the Amiga legal saga is utterly hopeless.

   It's hard to believe that it's been over 25 years since Commodore went bankrupt and people are still fighting tooth and nail for the a little slice of the pie while in the end there will be no one left to serve it to. I know I'll never find out what their motivation is but at least this much is clear... There's still no end in sight but I'm going to keep sticking around it if happens to show up!

Here we go again...

4 Feb 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Hats off to Swizpig for doing an OUTSTANDING job of porting the first person shooter Gloom to Linux and windows. The software is still a 'work in progress'. You can't yet change weapons or take damage but the game play is very smooth.


3 Feb 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Lots of activity over the past two weeks but here are the three that stand out to me. The first one is from Amiga-News-de reporting a newly submitted joint request between Hyperion and Colanto asking the judge to extend a 7 Feb 2020 deadline due to "Business representatives of Hyperion, Cloanto, and C-A Acquisitions, Inc. have been engaged in several days of intensive face-to-face settlement discussions in Europe geared toward a global resolution of all claims [...]. Hyperion, Cloanto, and C-A Acquisitions, Inc. are finalizing changes to a negotiated term sheet, which they anticipate will soon be executed." Is it just me or should more people talking about this while being cautiously optimistic? Oh well, as always in Amigaland... Two more weeks.

  -The second one is an update to an Amiga specific package for the IDE Atom created by Alper Sonmez. For those not familiar, the package "provides complete syntax highlighting for the AmigaOS API symbols (also provides complete auto-complete snippets with links to online documentations for functions)." The latest update has a "menu that can create a full fetched, multi platform (thanks to SDI headers) and ready to compile Amiga library source code on the fly." You can read a bit more from Alper himself at Very nice!!

The Amiga Package for Atom

  -And the third one is Generation is finally back after a 6 month hiatus. Don't know why the pause but I'm happy they're back!

18 Jan 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Well it has been a long time coming but I have finally thrown my hat back in the ring and hopped on the A1222 bandwagon, and to tell you the truth I'm actually really excited. Only time will tell how this system plays out. Fingers crossed!!.

  - And to make my life a bit simpler I added a new table on the left hand side just for Tabor/A1222 links. Hope this helps someone else out too.

16 Jan 2020
Today's Highlights
  - A few highlights to take note of.
    - After 2 long weeks AEON has finally launched their A1222 Early adopter program website. For a relatively small price you can pre-order the 'AAA Bundle' from AmiKit which consists of

      - ImageFX 4.5 Studio for OS3 (CD)
      - PPaint 7.3c OS3/OS4 (CD)
      - AmigaSYS (CD) for use on UAE **(requires licensed Kick ROM image-not included)
      - mouse (Black with logo/USB and PS2 compatible)
      - mouse mat
      - Viva Amiga Extended Remix movie (digital download available when movie released)
      - Serial key to register on for software updates

       This also gets you on the list for the first batch of 100 motherboards to be released at a reduced price. The expected ship date is 2nd Qtr 2020. Fingers crossed!

    - The source code for Horny, the midi sequencer, can be found here. Good to see there is some development still going on.

10 Jan 2020
Today's Highlights
  - More sad news to report. It was announced today that on 7 January Neil Peart, the drummer and lyricist of the worlds BEST progressive rock band Rush, passed at the age of 67 due to brain cancer.

Friday, January 10th, 2020
Neil Peart

It is with broken hearts and the deepest sadness that we must share the terrible news that on Tuesday our friend, soul brother and band mate of over 45 years, Neil, has lost his incredibly brave three and a half year battle with brain cancer (Glioblastoma). We ask that friends, fans, and media alike understandably respect the family's need for privacy and peace at this extremely painful and difficult time. Those wishing to express their condolences can choose a cancer research group or charity of their choice and make a donation in Neil Peart's name. Rest in peace brother. Neil Peart September 12, 1952 - January 7, 2020

   After the departure of the original drummer John Rutsey in 1974, Neil quickly changed the tone and direction of the band from a rock trio to progressive music legends. Along with bassist Geddy Lee and guitarist Alex Lifeson, they made the most incredible music for more than 40 years.

   As a young boy my discovery of Moving Pictures launched my life long love afair with the Bass guitar and countless hours trying to be like them. Their music was the sound track of my youth and has been with me ever since. Thank you for bringing so much joy to the lives of everyone who had the pleasure to embrace your lyrics and become one with the music!

The Professor.
(Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

1 Jan 2020
Today's Highlights
  - Wishing everyone the BEST in 2020 from the whole AmigaSource family.

Happy New Year!

Previous years will be restored soon.

Go Cats!

Western Carolina University - Go Catamounts

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