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  • 17 Aug 24: ZZAP! Live 2024, Kenilworth CV8 1ED, UK
  • 15 Sep 24: Passione Amiga day (4th year), Spoleto, IT
  • 21 Sep 24: Belgain Amiga Club Retro Computer Meeting, Antwerpen (LinkerOever), BE
  • 25-27 Oct 24: AmiWest 2024 (37th Year), Sacramento, CA, USA
  • 1-3 Nov 24: MicroAlchimie VIII , Clérieux, FR

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  • AMI Tech-Gazette (9: May 24)
  • Commodore Free (98: Feb 24)
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    31 Dec 18
    Today's Highlights
      - I hope everyone had a good Christmas and all the best to us in 2019!

    Holidays 2018. Thank you everyone!

    23 Dec 18
    Today's Highlights
      - I debated about adding this to the front page but since it hit the front pages of Slashdot a few days ago I figured 'what the heck'...
       - Slashdot - Rare Amiga Bought on eBay For $2,500
       - EuroGamer - This Amiga 3000 has quite the history, but it needs some TLC.
       - EBay - Unique and historically important working Psygnosis Amiga 3000

    15 Dec 18
    Today's Highlights
      - I love it when the Amiga makes the front page of!
        - Slashdot - Was Commodore's Amiga 'A Computer Ahead of Its Time'?
        - Gizmodo - The Commodore Amiga Was A Computer Ahead Of Its Time
        - YouTube - MST3K: PC vs. Mac - Crow and Tom Servo Throw Down

    10 Dec 18
    Today's Highlights
      - From everyone here at, we wish you all the best this Holiday Season!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    28 Nov 18
    Today's Highlights
      - Quick updates!
        - The multi talented Andy Broad has released the latest version of his WONDERFUL drawing program SketchBlock. Now available on AMIStore.
        - Forbes - The First Next-Generation, 68K-Based Amiga In Decades Booted Up Yesterday.
        - HotHardware -It's Alive! Commodore Amiga Reborn As Vampire V4 Standalone Boots For The First Time.
        - HotHardware - Revitalization Of Commodore's Amiga Continues With Exciting New Retro Hardware.
        - ElectronicsIsFun - GuruNet A parallel port Ethernet adapter for your

    16 Nov 2018
    Today's Highlights
      - Look what I got today... Mmmmmmmmmmm......

    I have the BEST wife EVER!!

    8-11 Nov 2018
    Today's Highlights
      - A little adventure I went on thanks to my BEAUTIFUL wife!!

    Jason Bonham

    That's What She Said with the BEST rock counselor EVER - Tim DiDuro

    6 Nov 2018
    Today's Highlights
      - Follow along with long time Amiga user Mark Round and his adventures with his new X5000. I can ensure you it is well worth your time!! Let's add this to the small but growing list of other wonderful X5000 blogs out there.
        -Amigaone X5000 Blog - Adventures with a Next Generation Amiga
        -Epsilon's Amiga Blog

    29 Oct 2018
    Today's Highlights
      - Everyone hold on to your Halloween candy. Our favorite zombie computer company looks to be back from the dead. Amiga inc is again a 'company of good standings' with the state of Delaware after 'someone' paid off a $500,000 tax debt.

      - NEWS FLASH - The cryptic ROT-13 string found in the source of has been updated too.

        "Nf ybat nf crbcyr xrcg jbeelvat gung gur znpuvarf jrer gnxvat bire, gurl jbhyqa'g abgvpr jung jnf ernyyl unccravat."

        "As long as people kept worrying that the machines were taking over, they wouldn't notice what was really happening."

      - And anyone want to venture a guess to the the meaning of this? Are we finally going to see Snowman Maker 3 released before Christmas? Off to the kitchen to get some more popcorn!

    22 Oct 2018
    Today's Highlights
      - Another interesting and sorely needed hardware project from KIPPER2K. Replacement keyboards for the A500, A600 & 1200.
       - You can preorder from Amiga on the Lake
       - Indie Retro News - Kipper2K pre-orders for Cherry MX keyboards for the A500, A600 and A1200

    15 Oct 2018
    Today's Highlights
      - Another successful AmiWest is in the books. Here are a few links for viewing pleasure.
       - Amiwest Devcon 2018 videos - Over 4+ hrs. (Linked from Amigaworld)
       - Amiwest 2018 - The main site.
       - SACC Amiwest page - Sacramento Amiga Computer Club.
       - Amiga Developer - Dedicated to all aspects of Amiga software development.

    4 Oct 2018
    Today's Highlights
      - Lots to catch up on... In no specific order...
      - The Checkmate A1500 kickstarter project has been successfully funded!! Congratulations Steve!!

      - Very happy news. Last month one of my favorite websites, Generation Amiga, had closed it doors forever but in surprising twist I see it's back from the dead!

      - And from the "Where did this come from department???" The guys over at Hyperion have given us the biggest update to AOS 3.1 in decades. Behold AOS 3.1.4. Here are a few highlights.
        - 20+ Kickstart ROMs
        - Large disk support
        - Updated Diskdoctor
        - Updated CLI/Shell
        - Reworked printer drivers
        - And a whole bunch more!

        - BONUS - We, the Amiga community, have made the front page of Slashdot again!

    1-31 Sep 18
    Today's Highlights
      - Lets just call the whole month of September a draw due to Hurricane Florance.

    28 Aug 18
    Today's Highlights
      - Today is the day! Here is the link for the Checkmate A1500 Kickstarter project. It's only a few hours old and already 25% funded. Better get one before their all gone!

    27 Aug 18
    Today's Highlights
      - Tomorrow Steve Jones will be kicking off his Kickstarter launch party for the Checkmate A1500. So what is it you ask? From the website "This is a re imagining of an Amiga product from the late 80's brought up to date for the modern retro computer fan that can hold a number of Amiga and PC motherboards".

      The current design is able to accept the following motherboards.
        - A500
        - A600/1200
        - A1222 Tabor (from AEON)
        - Mini/Micro ATX
        - Raspberry Pi model b's

      More links for your viewing pleasure
        - YouTube - The Amiga 1500 Story | Commodore Vs Checkmate Digital
        - The launch will also be lived streamed on YouTube

    23 Aug 18
    Today's Highlights
       - WOW!! Hese posted on Amibay his latest Amiga motherboard project. Say hello to the A4000TX ATX Amiga motherboard

      - A4000TX ATX motherboard, the first Amiga based motherboard in ATX form factor (actually a hybrid ATX/EATX form factor). A4000TX is an A4000cr motherboard and daughterboard embedded together with a few additional features.

      - The motherboard is fully hand-routed like the A4000+ Alice motherboard was.

      - The specifications of the A4000TX Lisa rev 1.0:
        - fits into (E)ATX case
        - uses standard ATX power supply
        - Amiga AGA custom chipset
        - CPU slot connector for accelerator cards
        - on-board 68030 CPU
        - on-board 68882 FPU
        - 16 MB Fast RAM
        - 2 MB Chip RAM
        - four full-length Zorro III slots
        - three ISA slots
        - extended video slot
        - 3.5" IDE port
        - internal floppy port
        - PS/2 keyboard port supporting Amiga and PC keyboards (PC work in progress)
        - PS/2 mouse port (work in progress)
        - Amiga mouse and joystick ports
        - serial and parallel ports
        - 15-pin VGA port with 15kHz RGB output
        - 24-pin breakout header with full RGB port support (for external scandoublers, genlocks, SCART cables, etc..)
        - 3.5mm stereo jack
        - on-board RTC with battery

      - Another link to the story on

      I WANT ONE NOW!!!

    22 Aug 18
    Today's Highlights
      - 3Dprinting service Custom Amiga Designs is happy to announce their NEW Website for your hard to find Amiga needs.

    31 Jul 18
    Today's Highlights
      - Amiga made the front page of Slashdot! Commodore's Amiga Is Being Revived In Newly Updated Hardware

      - More from Hot Hardware

    15 Jul 18
    Today's Highlights
      - MNT is now taking preorders for the successor to its VA2000 graphics card the ZZ9000

      - ZZ9000 is the successor to the VA2000 Amiga graphics card. But it can do more than just graphics: based on the Xilinx ZYNQ XC7Z020 chip, it features not only a powerful 7-series FPGA, but also 2 ARM Cortex-A9 cores and DDR3 memory.

      - Here are a few of the specifications.
        - RTG: Up to 1920x1080 FHD screen resolution at 8bit 256-colors "Chunky", 16bit or 32bit color depths
        - Includes enhanced VA2000CX Amiga native video passthrough functionality with AGA support ("scandoubler")
        - Dual 666MHz ARM Cortex A9 coprocessors to offload computing tasks like JPEG, MP3 decoding and graphics acceleration
        - 1GB DDR3 RAM
        - Ethernet interface: Get your Amiga online
        - SD Card interface
        - USB debug serial port
        - For Amiga 2000, 3000 and 4000 (Zorro 2/3 compatible)
        - Drivers, firmware and schematics will be open sourced
        - Includes all necessary cables and metal slot bracket

    23 Jun 18
    Today's Highlights
      - While not Amiga related, exciting news on the Commodore 128 front. Stefany Allaire is creating the successor called the c256Foenix.

      - A great article from Retro Game network about the C256

    31 May 18
    Today's Highlights
      - Let's celebrate International Amiga Day. (link from 2017)

    This is GREAT!
    Pic linked from

      - Happy Birthday Jay Miner.

    20 May 18
    Today's Highlights
       - Amiga Round Table has returned!

    5 May 18
    Today's Highlights
       - Spent most of the day working on the back end. Things are really starting to come together!

    1 Apr 18
    Today's Highlights
      - No April fools here. It's a real update!!
        - ars Technica - Part 12 of the Jeremy Reimers OUTSTANDING History of the Amiga. A MUST read!!!
        - Indigogo - New crowdfunding compatible case for the Amiga 500 & Plus.
        - The The Commodore Story movie has finally been released.
        - Tower 57 has been released.
        - Congratulations!! Amiga Future turns 20.

    29 Mar 18
    Today's Highlights
      - WOW!! Two new projects to recreate the A4000 motherboard

      - Paul Rezendes launched a Gofundme project for an Amiga 4000 Replica motherboard with Schematics. PLEASE DONATE!!!

      - Another A4000 motherboard project based on the cost reduction version. ( thread)

      Direct link to 26 pics of the board.

    1 Jan 18
    Today's Highlights
      - Happy New Year!

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